Properties for sale in Berkshire, United Kingdom

Berkshire is Britain at its finest, there is no doubt. This great location is a county in southern England. It occupies the valleys of the middle Thames and is to the west of London. Berkshire is fast becoming one of the best places to live in the UK and property for sale in Berkshire, United Kingdom is selling faster than hot cakes!

What is Berkshire in the United Kingdom like?
If you like the outdoor life surrounded by nature, can walk out of your front door on the weekends and enjoy the naturally beautiful environment Berkshire offers you. You will regularly see a fawn crossing the lanes and wildlife creeping in to your garden. Walking and cycling is a pleasure in Berkshire and the locals offer you a friendly welcome especially if you are new to the area. If you are making the move to Berkshire and investing in real estate for sale in Berkshire, UK you will be welcomed with a smile in to this lovely county. If you are searching for somewhere to live, that offers a slice of England with beautiful woodland, lanes and pastures it can be found in Berkshire.
It’s easy to get to London and you can also visit Bath, Bristol and Southampton within an hour’s drive.
Birmingham, Cardiff and Exeter are just a two hour drive away. Gatwick and Heathrow are also conveniently situated close by. Commuters are flocking to Berkshire especially to the towns of Slough and Bracknell. Both of these towns have been hailed as the place to move to, for a comfortable lifestyle in the countryside, but still close enough to commute to London for work. However, the property market in Berkshire is flourishing and those who live and work in London, are ploughing their cash into property for sale in Berkshire, United Kingdom and making the move to set up home there.

What is Berkshire, United Kingdom famous for?
Its full title is actually Berkshire Royal County due to the fact that Windsor Castle is there. A favourite with the Queen and the Royal family. Beautiful Highclere Castle is also located in Berkshire, more commonly known to us as the location of where Downton Abbey is filmed.

What is there to do in Berkshire, United Kingdom?
If you are a foodie you are in for a real treat. There are some amazing gastro eateries and some famous chefs have restaurants there too. The Fat Duck of Heston Blumenthal, The Vineyard of Daniel Galmiche and The Waterside Inn of Michel Roux. There are plenty of pubs that appeal to everyone, including keen real ale drinkers, those who just want a quiet drink, and those who are in the party mood. There is nightlife if you want it and you don’t need to travel to London for a good night out!
The Reading Festival is a three day event that usually takes place in August each year. This is where you can see top acts performing and there are lots of other activities’ going on too.

Horse racing is huge in Berkshire with both Ascot Race Course and Newbury located there.
Shopping in Berkshire offers market town shops to the huge shopping centres that can be found in the large towns such as Reading Oracle. This is a large shopping and leisure mall on the site of a 17 th century workhouse which is found on the banks of the River Kennet. Berkshires Christmas Markets are a joy and shoppers travel from afar to visit them. Basically, all the shopping you need can be found in Berkshire without travelling to nearby London. Berkshire, UK offers a an enriched lifestyle and overseas buyers of property for sale in Berkshire, United Kingdom are splashing their cash in to key ready homes and off plan projects. Why are they choosing Berkshire? One reason is the new Crossrail.

What will Crossrail do for Berkshire, United Kingdom?
Slowly, the long-awaited Crossrail project is coming closer to completion. Reading now has the trains that will operate on the line when it is fully expected to be finished in October 2021. The services have not yet changed, but TFL will take over the stopping services formerly operated by the Great Western Railway from Reading to London Paddington from mid-December. The new step towards the delivery of the Crossrail project is the Elizabeth Line to Reading trains. The residents of Reading, Twyford, Maidenhead and Slough are going to get the same service. Nevertheless, there are a range of advantages to the service coming to Reading, Berkshire, beyond making the London Underground map.
The Elizabeth Line will see Crossrail stretch through Berkshire. It is a modern underground railway from Shenfield in Essex to Reading in the west running beneath central London. The Elizabeth Line will be the latest underground and overground route and is expected to be completely open at some time in 2021/2022. In 2019, the line was due to open, but has been significantly delayed. The cost has ballooned and it now looks like introducing it could cost more than £18 billion.
Reading is now officially on the Tube map of London. The new TFL Elizabeth Line trains will operate between Reading and Paddington on stop services. They also stop at Twyford, Maidenhead and Slough.
Crossrail fares offer faster travel to Central London on the Elizabeth line to Reading, and a number of Berkshire stations are now on the London Tube map.
At the moment, most passengers get the train to London Paddington on the Reading line and then have additional trips across London. It has been proposed that Crossrail’s service would be able to get people from Reading to central London in 45 minutes. Crossrail can take them even deeper into the area.

How will Crossrail change the value of house process in Berkshire, UK?
People living in regions along the Crossrail path are seeing a reasonably robust rise in the value of their homes. In 2015, homeowners were expected to see a 43% rise in the value of their home by the end of 2020. We will have to see if that works out, but for people who do not want the immense cost of living in London, Crossrail and its easy connexion to the city would be seen as an attractive option.
The best places for London Leavers; is Slough and Reading. This is, of course, fantastic news for people who already own houses, and even less good news for people who are trying to purchase homes, because it is likely that house prices and demand will increase.

How Crossrail will benefit commuters in Berkshire, United Kingdom
Stations around Berkshire as a whole are going to be changed. Station enhancement work is being delivered by TFL and Network Rail as part of the programme. This implies new lifts, exits, enhanced systems of information, signage and waiting rooms. New footbridge bridges over the track have also been seen at Langley and Taplow Stations. Large innovations will alter Slough in a positive way forever.
Crossrail is expected to increase the rail capacity of Central London by 10%, especially attracting more large companies in the city centre of Reading. In 2017, property experts expected that Reading and Slough will be home to massive companies. The town is already home to some huge companies, as well as Slough and Maidenhead, and more could follow in modern offices.
Around the train stations, thousands of new homes are being built in Berkshire. Eventually, plans will see over 1,000 homes constructed right next to Reading Station. The Thames Quarter construction is well underway on the other side of the railway lines, and two enormous housing developments are planned on the former Royal Mail site and the Reading Station Shopping Park. In Slough and Maidenhead, related ventures are taking place. Many of the new homes are thought to be picked up by people living in London who want to make use of public transport connexions. Both of these projects feature retail and office space, so further employment is also possible.
Much of the conversation about Crossrail is about how fast it is going to be to get to London. This goes both ways, though, as it ensures that the big boys in the city will be able to get on the line quickly to the cities, which is sure to help the local economy. Might Crossrail put an end to the huge IDR queues?
There will be fewer cars on the M4.
The relatively low number of parking spaces relative to the large number of homes is a feature of the new developments planned for Berkshire towns. The premise is that the people who live there will have most of the things on their doorstep that they like, so they won’t need vehicles. It could mean that people could either start leaving their cars at home or even get rid of them if, and it’s a major if, other items like bus facilities are improved with improved access to London by rail.

What property can you buy in Berkshire, United Kingdom?
There is a range of real estate for sale in Berkshire, United Kingdom. You can purchase a studio, apartment, flat, townhouse, terrace property, semi-detached house, detached home, bungalow, cottage and farmhouse. Plus, new builds and off plan properties. Perfectly designed properties have been built to fulfil the demands of a busy city lifestyle. Commuters will benefit from excellent transport links to ensure that they are linked to key destinations around the UK and the world.

What are the properties like in Berkshire, United Kingdom?
Some properties are literally just 100m away from Crossrail, these properties for sale in Berkshire, United Kingdom will provide easy access to London and other destinations throughout the UK.
Apartments are designed for the young professionals who may not want to live and work in the capital.
It gives them an opportunity to have a calmer home life environment outside of bustling London. Real estate in Berkshire, UK for sale usually starts from two to three bedroom properties ideal for singletons, couples and families. They are open plan in design, with spacious interiors and the layout offers bright and airy living spaces. Huge picture windows and sliding patio doors bring the outside in to the living spaces. If the property has a balcony, (some of the apartments and luxury apartments have the benefit of a balcony) it can be accessed from the patio doors. On warm days you can throw open the patio doors and let the sunlight flood into your home.
Bright and functional kitchens are modern in design, and bathrooms offer sleek and clean lines. Some bedrooms boast built-in wardrobes to make maximum use of space. These wonderful homes offer the buyer an enhanced lifestyle in beautiful Berkshire. Once you invest here you can live close to open green fields and have the best of both worlds – a home in delightful and peaceful surroundings, but also, be close to vibrant London made easier by the new Crossrail project. If you choose an apartment for example in Berkshire, UK to live in, you will have the benefit from being in apartment blocks within a residential, gated community. Landscaped garden areas are ideal to meet your friends within the complex for a chat. Secure underground parking is an added bonus to these fabulous homes for sale in Berkshire, United Kingdom. This gives owners confidence and security that their homes are protected when they are not there. These homes are near to shops, banks, markets and some are just 100m away from Crossrail, making these property for sale in Berkshire, United Kingdom unique.
This is an opportunity, to make a solid investment in the delightful county of Berkshire in the United Kingdom. Crossrail is increasing property prices and investment in the county is desirable. If you currently live in London but would benefit from moving away from the lively capital, you couldn’t invest in a better location. Offer your family a residential lifestyle in a safe environment in the countryside in Berkshire, England and you can commute easily to London for work.

Properties for Sale in Berkshire, United Kingdom:
Berkshire presents a varied selection of properties, ideal for those seeking a serene countryside house, a delightful riverside residence, or the convenience of urban life. Mirroring the eclectic charm and attractiveness of the region, the property market in Berkshire offers something for every taste and budget. Whether you’re looking for the tranquility of pastoral settings, the scenic views along the Thames, or proximity to bustling town centres, Berkshire provides an array of options to meet all your lifestyle needs.