Properties for sale in Bracknell, Berkshire, United Kingdom

Berkshire in England is located in the Greater London Metropolitan area. It’s the administrative core of the Borough of Bracknell Forest, Bracknell is a significant town and civil parish. Bracknell has a culture that is welcoming and is a healthy place to live. It’s also listed as one of Berkshire’s best places to live.

Are you ready to invest in property for sale in Bracknell, Berkshire, United Kingdom, with that in mind?

History of Bracknell, Berkshire, United Kingdom:
This once small village in the Windsor Forest, Bracknell reacted to England’s need for additional housing after the Second World War and it became a New Town. After a few decades the town centre has been reborn as The Lexicon. This involved a significant regeneration system, constructing upmarket stores and outdoor seating eateries, and sprucing up some local landmarks. It’s a former hunting ground for kings and queens outside Bracknell’s parks, while the royal family frequently visits Ascot Racecourse on the east side of the area.

What is there to do near Bracknell, Berkshire, United Kingdom?

Lily Hill Park:
Lily Hill Park is a Green Flag Park of 56 acres northeast of Bracknell. It’s a former country estate with restored Victorian landscaping. The park is home to some English oaks that are up to 500 years old. In addition to the ancient woodland, there is an array of mature trees, wildflower and hay meadows, and a variety of hardy-hybrid rhododendrons and azaleas that were planted back in the 1920s, are some of the surviving ornamental plantings from the Victorian era. You’ll also experience a pretty orchard, a yew stroll, Edwardian water garden, a boardwalk pond, and Lily Hill House by strolling around Lily Hill Park.

Stanlake Park Wine Estate:
The largest vineyard in Berkshire is about ten minutes from Bracknell’s centre, outside the village of Twyford. The winery was established in 1979; it’s situated on a historical estate around a beautiful Elizabethan manor house dating from the 16th century. More than ten grape varieties are growing in Stanlake Park’s 25 acres, as you’ll discover on a walk. Before seeing where the grapes are pressed, being showed the fermentation tanks, the barrel room, the fizz room, and finally the bottling line, you will be shown the vines in the walled garden. You can try a different wine at each stage.

South Hill Park:
Another inviting Green Flag Park is the old Birch Hill estate in the south of Bracknell. The estate’s glorious Italianate mansion of the 18th century is still standing and is used by the South Hill Park Arts Centre. You will come across a rose garden, a graceful formal Italian garden, a unique toddler garden, plenty of sculptures and deep oak, sweet chestnut, lime, and birch woods in the refined parkland. As well as an informative nature trail with quirky wood carvings, four marked trails take you around the estate.

The Lexicon
Over the last decade, Bracknell has gone through one of the largest urban regenerations in the UK.
Some £240m has been invested in this project, adding 70 new shops and restaurants and restoring the town’s high street and buildings. With a new 12-screen cinema and lots of modern outdoor dining terraces at Pizza Express, Nando’s, Wagamama, and Prezzo. The Lexicon is designed to be a community space, hosting live outdoor music, exhibitions, children’s activities, and seasonal events. Special events take place during Easter, summer holidays, Christmas and New Year.

Swinley Forest:
This large tract of woodland is also a remnant of the Windsor Forest and forms Bracknell’s southern border. Now mainly a modern Scots pine plantation, the Swinley Forest is still managed in the Crown Estate’s hands. Man-made earthwork mounds that go back to training grounds constructed just before the Napoleonic Wars, the forest contains gently rolling hills. A scene in Swinley Forest from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I was filmed requiring 160 trees to be cut down. Understandably, it hit the headlines at the time.

Tally Ho Stables:
Tally Ho Stables provides lessons and hacks for riders of all levels of experience, and there may not be a better place to saddle up than Windsor Great Park. It will provide all your equipment, and you will have a well-behaved horse to ride through some beautiful and sometimes challenging scenery. Unique evening rides are a perfect way to spend a summer evening, and you will be in the company of an experienced and trained ride leader, so there is no need to feel unsure about this delightful experience.

Caesar’s Camp:
A 20-minute walk from the Look Out Discover Centre into the Swinley Forest will take you to the Iron Age hill fort covering 17 acres. Caesar’s Camp is a name given throughout the country to several Iron Age sites and has no apparent connection to the Romans. The vertical rows of earthwork ramparts that built the defenses are easy to find. The council has set up interpretation panels that demonstrate Iron Age society and the potential political and commercial activity at Caesar’s Camp.

Dinton Pastures Country Park:
The park provides boat hire from March to September, consisting of seven lakes, meadows, cafes, a play park and an 18-hole golf course. If you already have some experience, the list of boats for hire includes canoes, kata-kanus, and kayaks, as well as sailing boats. There’s an incredible amount of nature to see on a stroll or bike ride all year round.

There are different places to play golf within a ten-minute radius of the centre of Bracknell. For instance, Lavender Park Golf Centre has a nine-hole par 3, just the newcomer’s ticket, as is Bird Hills; 18-hole par 72. Keen golfers will have their interest spiked with properties for sale in Bracknell, Berkshire, United Kingdom, simply due to its location to the fairways.

What is Bracknell, Berkshire, United Kingdom like?
Investment in Bracknell property is a prime opportunity in the heart of the London commuter belt and the Silicon Valley of the United Kingdom, an emerging market with world-class industrial occupiers and massive demand for tenants. Thanks to the large-scale regeneration and multinational technology firms driving skilled demand, Bracknell should be on the radar of any investor. Bracknell is a prime commuting location that has a great deal to offer working professionals looking for a vibrant, affordable market, closely connected with the capital, Heathrow Airport, and other primary destinations across the South East. Real estate for sale in Bracknell, Berkshire, United Kingdom provides a solid investment.
With analysts expecting a population of 141,000 by 2039, Bracknell is in the midst of rapid growth. Jobs figures remain high amid this tremendous growth, with just 2.5% of the population unemployed and about 55% in managerial or directorial positions. Bracknell property investment is an opportunity for developers to benefit from two tenant bases: an ultra-skilled domestic workforce and those commuting to the capital. The radical regeneration project the town centre is currently undergoing is a crucial factor in Bracknell’s development. The large-scale project aims to improve critical programmes for transport, infrastructure, healthcare, and education while creating iconic new residential, commercial, and retail spaces.

What type of property can you buy in Bracknell, Berkshire, United Kingdom?
There is a range of types of real estate for sale in Bracknell, Berkshire, United Kingdom. You can purchase a studio, apartment, flat, townhouse, terrace property, semi-detached house, detached home, bungalow, cottage, and farmhouse. Plus, new builds and off-plan properties.

What are the properties for sale in Bracknell, Berkshire, United Kingdom like?
To meet the demands of a busy city lifestyle, ideally planned properties have been developed. If you want to buy an apartment, underground parking is on offer within a specific, gated community that ensures resident security. World-class transport links ensure that you are linked in the UK to main destinations. Luxury properties for sale in Bracknell, Berkshire, United Kingdom with spacious interiors are modern in style. Open-plan architecture creates spaces that are light and airy. Large picture windows and patio doors bring in the outside world. Modern and clean lines deliver elegant kitchen and bathroom designs. To optimise space, bedrooms can have built-in wardrobes. These homes give the buyer an enriched lifestyle in a busy area, mixing work and home life in a fabulous setting.

Where are the properties for sale in Bracknell, Berkshire, United Kingdom?
These high-quality homes are located in a great location; they are within easy walking distance from the following; Bracknell Train Station & The Lexicon (16 minutes) and Arlington Square (9 minutes). You can reach the following on the train; Wokingham in 6 minutes, Reading in 20 minutes, and London Paddington in 45 minutes. You can drive to the following; Wokingham in 6 minutes, Reading in 18 minutes, and Heathrow in 29 minutes.

Why buy property for sale in Bracknell, Berkshire, United Kingdom?
At the heart of the booming technology sector of the UK, Bracknell is a prime investment hotspot.
Global brands, including Honda, Dell, and Waitrose, are driven by local jobs. The technology industry is rising two times faster than the UK economy. Average yields are 10 % higher, and property prices are 13 % higher in Bracknell than in Reading. Ideal for travelling professionals, just 20 minutes from Reading and 56 minutes from London. Around 2020 and 2022, PwC expects the South-East to experience growth of about 3.3 % annually, corresponding to a rise in house prices from £318,000 to £369,000. In the next five years, these unique assets are expected to grow by 17 %, and now buyers can save up to £ 10,000 on SDLT.

Why are people investing in Bracknell, Berkshire, United Kingdom?
For London Leavers; to set up new homes, two Berkshire towns have been listed as top sites. Recent research conducted by real estate investment firms shows that rising capital rates are driving people out of town. The study indicates that they are heading to areas where massive regeneration is taking place and wanting to make use of the Crossrail rail service. The towns mentioned in the study as the location to live are Bracknell and Slough. Both cities have hundreds of millions of pounds spent on large structures of growth. Bracknell’s Lexicon is cited as a significant attraction, and Slough is now undergoing a significant regeneration project of £ 1 billion over 15 years. Other ventures are also attracting individuals to Slough, such as Western Rail Links to Heathrow (WRAtH), which will ensure people can get to Heathrow Airport in just six minutes. This alone will entice overseas buyers of property for sale in Bracknell, Berkshire, United Kingdom.

Why are people moving to Bracknell, Berkshire, United Kingdom?
A significant draw is the Lexicon, including such notable names as Fenwick, Waitrose, Matalan, among many others. The city is also tipped to become one of the country’s top centres for technology companies. With 16.2 %, it is now home to one of the largest proportions of individuals working by the UK’s biggest firms, double the UK average. Bracknell’s lower house prices are far lower than the surrounding city, but not cheap at an average of £ 362,338, with wealthy Ascot coming in at a whopping £826,804. The future is undoubtedly bright for Bracknell.
As smaller pockets of the country begin to regenerate and emerge as significant industrial, retail, and technology hubs with serious potential for fast, steady growth well into the future, London is losing its appeal. Foreign buyers of property for sale in Bracknell, Berkshire, United Kingdom could not select a better hotspot. London was simple in its prime, but now the city is beginning to lose its charm; having reached a peak, it seems like many distinct and entirely unexpected places are starting to reap the benefits, so investors need to do their homework to ensure that the best new hotspots are being explored.
A £300 million scheme, and a massive rise in housing is planned for around Bracknell town centre. This rise in living in the town centre would add vitality and encourage real urban living with additional growth. A big part of ensuring that the city centre serves the needs of its people, tourists, and businesses will be new cultural events, recreational events, hotels, high-quality offices, and residences.

Properties for Sale in Bracknell, Berkshire, United Kingdom:
Bracknell features a diverse array of properties, catering to those looking for the quiet of the suburbs, the beauty of woodland surroundings, or the ease of urban amenities. Reflecting the varied charm and appeal of Berkshire, the property market in Bracknell offers something to suit different lifestyles and budgets. Whether you are in search of a cosy suburban home, a property nestled in leafy environments, or a place with easy access to local facilities, Bracknell ensures a range of choices for potential homeowners.