apartments for sale in Manchester, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

Manchester is akin to receiving a warm hug, yes it’s a sprawling city but it’s homely too. Sitting in a prime position in the heart of North West England is this atmospheric city with commanding historic buildings, offering a warm and friendly welcome to anyone who visits. It also happens to be one of the favourite cities in the UK that people want to relocate too, why is that? Maybe it’s the pulsating economy, growing stronger every day or is it that big corporations are relocating there from London? Possibly it’s the amount of investment that is being pumped into the city. Definitely it’s the amazing array of apartments for sale in Manchester, UK that are attracting an audience from near and far.

    It’s not only local investors that are ploughing their cash into this area, foreigners are also spending wads of money buying Elizabeth Tower apartments for sale in Manchester, UK for their children to stay in whilst at university. The universities in Manchester of which there are four at this present time, are referred to as excellent and the amenities in and around the Manchester area suit student life to the ground. There is so much to do in this bustling city but as already said it’s not a soulless city, it’s warm and inviting and embraces its students who go there to study. Many students make Manchester their home after graduating for a variety of reasons. Its thriving economy is enticing big businesses’ such as the BBC to relocate from London to Manchester, plus it’s evident that money is being spent in vast amounts of investment across the board.

    Students once graduated can see that Manchester is going places and as they know it so well having spent at least the last 3 years of their life here, why bother moving, why not stay in this city they know so well and kick start their future career here. However, before they get to that stage they need to study hard and first and foremost they need somewhere to live. Student apartments for sale in Deansgate, Manchester, UK make for the perfect setting for students to live whilst they study. Deansgate is one of the main roads in central Manchester and it’s also one of the oldest thoroughfares in the city. Deansgate runs from south of the city centre of Manchester right through to the north, it’s in the hub of city life and this is why it’s perfect for student accommodation. In Deansgate you will find large department stores and many businesses have set up home in old landmark buildings, which are now rather grand offices. Manchester Cathedral is located here as well as The Beetham Tower and John Ryland’s Library.

    Beetham Tower is indeed a landmark in Manchester, it stands at 171 metres high with outstanding panoramic views that you can see the Irish Sea and Snowdonia. The beautiful building of John Ryland’s Library was built in the late Victorian era but is decidedly gothic in design. This Library is open 7 days a week and has been open since 1900. Deansgate offers much to the buyers of flats for sale in Deansgate, Manchester, UK it’s a great area and people flock to it to shop, reside and socialise.

    Apartments for sale in Elizabeth Tower, Deansgate, Manchester, UK offers 484 student apartments with a choice of one, two or three bedrooms. They have breathtaking views over the city of Manchester as well as fabulous amenities. Within this striking building is a swimming pool, outside seating areas where students can meet up with friends, Wi-Fi and a fully equipped gym. The location couldn’t be better situated its ideal for students to live there in a safe and comfortable environment. Investors will be interested to learn that with its city centre location, excellent capital appreciation is forecast and there is a minimum of 7% rental yield with management options if required.

    This investment in flats for sale in Elizabeth Tower, Deansgate, Manchester, UK is a life time investment opportunity. Manchester is one of the preferred universities in the UK that student opt for. They travel from all over the UK and thousands of foreign students attend Manchester Universities too. There is a wide range of cultures that come together to study, plus these young people are our future and deserve to live, study and work in a safe community.

    These Deansgate apartments for sale in Manchester, UK are forming part of a new neighbourhood and are situated in the south west of Manchester’s city centre. A wide variety of retail outlets will sell their wares there and the area will become a mecca for leisure activities. Students can meet friends to enjoy some well-deserved time out, have a drink, something to eat and just kick back and chill. This location is superb due to its proximity to the city centre of Manchester, all the main transportation routes, and is within easy walking distance to all the attractions Manchester has to offer. Everything is literally on these apartments doorstep, the location couldn’t be any better for our youth of today.

    Whether you are in investor or you are considering buying one of these real estate apartments for sale in Elizabeth Tower, Deansgate, Manchester, UK for your own child whilst they study, you couldn’t be offered a more lucrative investment. If you are a parent buying, you will be able to sell quickly at the end of your child’s education at university if you so desire. Although you may decide to keep it and rent out to other students because the rental fees offer a good monthly income.

    Investors will buy several real estate flats in Deansgate, Manchester, UK simply because this investment is a great opportunity to invest in solid real estate. These properties are unique and this will set the standard for further student accommodation spiking the interest of UK and foreign investors worldwide.

    Foreign investors will value their children’s safety in a foreign country more so. They will ensure their offspring are living in a comfortable and safe environment within a city centre and will be happy to pay the going rates for a property such as these. Manchester offers a friendly community, and some say its student culture rivals London, and some also say its better. Manchester has a mixed culture who respect each other’s beliefs and live happily alongside each other. Students can live in Elizabeth Tower in Deansgate, Manchester, UK and will have complete, freedom of movement using the excellent transport network.

    What do the apartments look like? In all honesty they scream luxury and not only that, the facilities are second to none and property for sale in Elizabeth Tower, Deansgate, Manchester, UK will be highly sought after and one of the most desirable places to reside. This tower will be called home by the students who live there, and it’s a well-known fact if you are happy where you live, you are happy with your life and will be more productive. This is the beginning of a student’s adult life and from here they begin to carve out their career for their future. We want our young people to be happy and live in a healthy environment for a feeling of well-being and here in Elizabeth Tower, Deansgate, Manchester, UK, they will have just that.

    There is a great choice of apartments for sale in Deansgate, Manchester, UK starting from 1 and 2 bedroom apartments/flats plus 2 and 3 bedroom duplex apartments/ flats are for sale too. They range in size from 55 square metres for the 1 bedroom apartment and from 83 square metres for the 2 bedroom apartment. The 2 bedroom duplex is from 131 square metres and the 3 bedroom duplex starts from 140 square metres.

    The 2 bedroom apartments are projected to have a growth of 81% over a 5 year period. These apartments offer a desirable investment to anyone who is looking for an investment opportunity with high level rental returns. In Manchester city centre alone, the council are keen for more developments offering at least 2 bedroom flats for sale in Deansgate, Manchester, UK. Manchester is becoming one of the most attractive cities to live in, as well as it being one of the most affordable and I must add it is also one of the friendliest. The choice of bedrooms in this development means a number of students can live together for example in a 3 bedroom duplex. The rental fee is split 3 ways with the investor usually charging a fee per room.

    Why buy in Elizabeth Tower, Deansgate, Manchester, UK? Simply, it’s a great deal, buyers need only put down a 20% deposit and during this time you can expect to see around 20% capital growth whilst construction takes place. This low deposit will attract prospective buyers and to add a further desire to invest, this developer is offering an exclusive payment plan. If that doesn’t spike your interest in apartments for sale in Elizabeth Tower, Deansgate, Manchester, UK, I don’t know what will!

    Elizabeth Tower will become an important landmark in Manchester, it will dominate its skyline for sure. But most importantly, it will offer excellent properties for sale in Deansgate, Manchester, UK with superb facilities in the centre of this vibrant city.

    What else does Manchester have to offer? Let’s begin with:

    Shopping, whether you want leading store names, big brand names or if you are lucky enough, designer labels you can find it in Manchester city centre. There are some large shopping malls both in the centre and just on the outskirts where you can find retail outlets.

    Manchester has produced many big names in the world of music and throughout the year many concerts are held and all the major music stars play in Manchester. Music lovers come from far and wide to see their favourite musicians play here. If you want something more to match your music genre, head to anyone of the live music events at a number of bars and clubs, you won’t be disappointed. The music scene in Manchester is eclectic and I can guarantee you will find a regular haunt where you can listen to your choice of music, to soothe your soul.

    Comedy clubs are springing up across the city with well know comedians playing there. Budding wannabes take advantage of open mike nights and generally they go down a storm. Manchester as a city has a great sense of humour and these nights are always well received by the locals.

    Cafes, bars and restaurants are in generous supply in Manchester whether you are looking for an upbeat atmosphere or somewhere you can chill and relax, you are spoilt for choice. Cuisine offers a great mix of international dishes with a wide range of tasty fayre on offer, to tingle your taste buds. Everything from burger bars, Caribbean, Chinese, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Thai and Vietnamese. All you can eat buffet bars operate throughout the city and offer delicious and inexpensive meals ideal for the average cash strapped student.

    Art Galleries, museums and Science Centres are scattered around the city along with walking tours for those who are new to this upbeat and lively area. For those who enjoy parks there are plenty of green areas along with walking, biking and hiking trails. Sunny weekends can be spent at the pretty parks where students are able to revise and relax. Keen sports fans have a range of activities where they can either take part, or be a spectator.

    Investing in property for sale in Elizabeth Tower, Deansgate, Manchester, UK provides a profitable investment, a low deposit whilst building is under way and, an attractive payment plan. But perhaps more importantly, it offers a comfortable (more luxury than comfortable) and safe location for students whilst studying at university. Investors already have the imposing Elizabeth Tower on their radar and will be snapping up this real estate in Deansgate, Manchester, UK for sale.