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If you are looking to move to Alicante, there are some things you should consider. There are stunning areas to consider in Alicante, including Daya Vieja and Castalla. No matter what type of lifestyle, in whatever kind of location, you wish to lead in Alicante, you can do so.

However, you also need to consider what style of home where you wish to live. Your budget will influence this decision, as will the area you wish to live. Of course, you should look to find a home that fulfils your dreams and make you feel at home. If you want to lead the luxury life in Spain, Alicante villas are the ideal option.

Daya Vieja offers sunshine

If you are looking for a fantastic reason to buy a villa in the Daya Vieja region of Alicante, the micro climate is a huge factor to consider. This area welcomes more sunlight than any other destination in Costa Blanca. If sunshine is vital to you when buying a villa, Daya Vieja has everything you need.

As you would expect from a tiny village, this is a quiet resort. If you would prefer to avoid Benidorm and what it offers, preferring a quiet homelife, a villa in Daya Vielja will ensure you feel at home. However, when you venture out, you are assured of fantastic fresh local cuisine.

Restaurants such as La Caña, Casa Campisano and Los Quincenos are all highly regarded. The latter is known for welcoming guests from great distances, and booking is recommended.

Castallan climate is held in high regard

With the World Health Organisation recommending the Castalla climate as one of the most equitable in the world, it is natural people flock to this destination. Alicante is within easy reach when you are looking for a livelier destination, but Castalla offers plenty for residents. The Costa Blanca cuisine is the leading delicacy here but there are influences from the Celts, Romans, Greeks and Iberians.

Villas are different from houses

If you wonder whether there is a difference between villas and houses, the answer is yes, and it isn’t just about the price. Villas often look similar to family homes, but they offer so much more. As you’d expect from a luxury setting, a villa is usually larger and has features like gardens and courtyards. If you are fortunate or make a great decision, your villa may even have a vineyard!

Given the temperature and pleasant weather in Alicante, you’ll likely want to have a water feature at your property. A pool is an excellent addition, and villas often have a fountain or signature piece that captures attention in your premises.

There is no denying villas offer a higher level of privacy and elegance. For many people, villas combine the best features of a hotel, but add privacy and not having to deal with other guests or people. This outcome is often worth investing more money, as it will provide you with the result that makes you feel at home.

In some villas, you can even arrange maid service. For property owners looking to get as close to the hotel experience while staying in the comfort of their own home, a villa is likely to be the best option.

Looking for elegance at home? Choose a villa

While luxury and elegance are considerable reasons to opt for a villa, for many people, the size and number of rooms are critical. It may be you are keen for as many family members and friends to join you in your Alicante villa. You may think there is scope to make money back by letting some of the rooms in the villa. It is not uncommon for some villas to have more than ten bedrooms, but of course, there is something for everyone, so think about what size of the villa will best suit your needs.

While buying a villa is often more expensive than buying a house, there may be additional monthly or quarterly costs to consider too. This money is used to maintain and improve the general grounds in and around the villa. If you are looking to buy a villa, make sure you allocate sufficient funds to the process, both up-front and for the lifetime of the property.

If you are looking to live a luxury life in Spain, contact Spot Blue, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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