Do You Get Residency if You Buy Property in Turkey?

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On occasions, we have had foreign house buyers ask if you get residency when buying property in Turkey. Of course, it is understandable to ask this question since having residency makes life so much easier when you are a property owner. However, residency and real estate purchases are entirely separate and not connected.

You can rent property in Turkey and get residency. Additionally, owning property does not automatically entitle you to residency. You still must go through the residency permit application process and prove that you are eligible to apply. This article looks at real estate purchases, how to get a residence permit, and how foreign house buyers can acquire Turkish citizenship.

Getting Residency and Buying Property in Turkey

do you get residency if you buy property in turkey

1: How to Apply for Turkish Residency

Residency allows foreigners to stay in Turkey for longer than three months, which is the period allowed on a tourist visa. Please note residency does not entitle you to work or own a business because you need an additional permit. First, start by collecting all relevant residency paperwork and make sure you fulfil the criteria to apply for a residence permit. You need to obtain…..

  • Passport Copies
  • Four biometric photographs
  • Documents that prove you can financially support yourself for the duration of the residence permitFor those under 65’s, proof of health insurance. (For the first residence permit application, you can only buy private health insurance, but you can enrol in the Turkish government’s SGK system for renewal applications.)
  • Proof of address. If foreigners rent property in Turkey, this is a contract. The contract also needs to be notarised. The title deeds and confirmation from the local nufus office if you own property.


Once you have these, go to the official government website ( to get a residency visa permit in Turkey. Fill in the visa application form, requiring your full name, date of birth, parents’ names, nationality, and contact information. They will confirm the supporting documents needed for a residence permit and direct you to make an appointment at the local Directorate General of Migration Management building.

Foreigners also need receipts for the payment of residence permits and cards. Pay at the local tax office, then hand them over with your other supporting residency documents. (Prices increase every year) Once approved, you will receive your residency card through the local PTT office. The first application for foreigners entitles you to a one-year residence permit, while the second application for a permit in Turkey can renew for two years.

2: How to Buy Property in Turkey

Buying property is a more drawn-out process in Turkey, but if you use our services as a real estate agent, we handle most of the work and guide you through buying real estate with peace of mind. The general outline for purchasing property is….

Budget and Requirements. Decide how much you want to spend on a property. Don’t forget to factor in the closing costs, which average at roughly 8% of the purchase value. Also, set down the criteria of what you are looking for in a property. For example, the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, sea view, terrace, private garden, pool, etc.

Viewing Property for Sale: Search our portfolio of apartments and villas for sale in the best areas of Turkey, including Istanbul, Antalya, Fethiye, and Bodrum. When you spot a property that catches your attention, use the contact details to find out more via email or telephone. You can also arrange to view properties through us, in which we show you properties that suit your budget and criteria in your chosen destination. (Speak with an agent about viewing trips.)

live in antalya turkey

Start the Buying Process: Once you have found the home of your dreams, you will pay a deposit and sign a contract. We will also help you get a tax number and open a bank account. Finally, we complete the procedures for obtaining an appraisal form and making an application to the title deeds office.

Sign for the Deeds: When they are ready, we will take you to the title deeds office, along with an official translator, where you will sign for the tapu deeds of your new apartment or villa and take possessions of the keys. At this point, we also help to either get utility names transferred or connected to your name.

3: Getting Turkish Citizenship Through Real Estate

Suppose you are looking at Turkey as a long-term living destination for you and your family or want to enjoy a Turkish passport’s benefits. In that case, the Turkish citizenship by investment programme is also worth considering, rather than residency. The only requirement is to purchase property worth USD 400,000 or more and pledge to keep it for at least three years. This article talks in-depth about Turkish citizenship by real estate investment processes. The benefits of Turkish citizenship are…

1: The citizen’s rights to work

2: Opt into the government healthcare and retirement scheme

3: One-time application

4: Enjoy a beautiful climate and landscapes

5:  Enjoy the rich Turkish culture full of hospitality

6: Make an ideal property investment.

7: By law, the application extends to family, including spouse and children

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Pros and Cons of Living in Turkey: If you are thinking of living in Turkey, it is a wise decision. To find proof, look at thousands of expats living in small communities across the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts and enormous cities like Istanbul and Izmir. While some expats have completely sold up in their home country and plan to live here for the rest of their lives, others rent a property to stay for a few years.

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