Investing in Luxury International Real Estate: A Home Buyers Guide

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The luxury international real estate market stands in a league of its own. Such is its diversity, from oceanfront mansions for sale to ranches to a prestigious condominium, anyone looking to invest should do research first. Whether it is a Mediterranean townhouse or a highlands cottage, this is not the time to make financial mistakes, especially with budgets for million-dollar homes.

As an overseas estate-agent, we have many luxury properties for sale on our books. Our agents can also advise further over the phone. We connect buyers and sellers, who are always happy with our services. In the meantime, here is our advice about luxury homes for sale around the world.

Luxury International Real Estate

1: Define Luxury

One mistake many homebuyers, who are new to the overseas property market make, is to assume standards are set throughout the world. This couldn’t be further from the case. While a prestige beachfront condominium may be opulent in Turkey, in other countries, it slots into mainstream property listings. Someone coming from the Middle-East could even overvalue that affluent mansion in Thailand. The definition of luxury real estate varies from country to country, and we suggest reviewing portfolios from various countries to know how much each market differs in terms of value for money.

2: Location and Lifestyle Matter

When doing your home search, also consider locations. A luxury home isn’t unparalleled if it sits in a budget or middle-class town. Any good real estate agent will testify that the place makes a vast difference to the value of the property.

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Consider the French Riviera. With breath-taking views, even the name evokes a luxury lifestyle, especially when buying in locations with elegance like Saint Tropez, a stopping off point for millionaire mega yachts. Likewise, gated waterfront homes on the Bosphorus in Istanbul are the country’s most expensive luxury property, more so than a prestigious mansion in the Aegean. Destinations must revolve around an exquisite lifestyle for an investment to pay off.

3: Real Estate Features

Individual features must appear in a home for it to join the upper end of the market. Consider villas for sale. These typically include a stunning view, jacuzzi baths, gourmet kitchen, en-suite bathrooms for all bedrooms, walk-in wardrobes, a dressing room, and the use of quality materials in the construction such as granite. Most luxury estates also feature a swimming pool, which is the focus of outdoor areas. Regardless of what it includes, the crucial decider is space. From the moment, you walk in the door, to the top floor, all rooms should be spacious. Budget homes usually compromise on this, but not in the luxury market.

4: Buying Procedures and Purchasing Costs

When buying a home overseas, every country differs with the buying process. Some like Turkey are easy to navigate while others require setting up a company, and title deeds take longer to go through. When you choose us as an estate agent, we outline the process and handle each step. We also inform you beforehand of the extra costs because likewise, they vary from country to country. Knowing what the process is and what additional charges to pay is a critical factor before signing a contract and handing over a deposit.

5: Upkeep and Maintenance

Considering each home for sale is unique, once you spot one with potential, work out yearly running costs. Most people are surprised at how much it can amount up to. Many penthouses have an onsite management team that will take care of things like cleaning and repairs but when buying, the owner takes on 100 percent responsibility.

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A large acre home will require the upkeep of the expansive gardens, which will be an additional cost for anyone who is not green-fingered. Likewise, for estate homes boasting of large swimming pools, that need careful monitoring for chemicals—also factor in a budget for unexpected repairs and decoration needs.

6: Citizenship by Investment

Dependent on budget, whichever country you choose, check eligibility for citizenship by investment scheme. Otherwise known as a golden visa, many countries run it, including Spain, Portugal, and Turkey. In the latter’s case, the only requirement is that you keep the property for at least three years. If you plan to live abroad eventually, these schemes grant many citizenship rights and prove more advantageous than residency visas.

7: Start Your Property Search

Our real estate listings include beautiful homes for sale in many countries. Think about a luxury mansion near a marina, a family-home renovated penthouse, a country-club luxury villa, somewhere in a gated community, or a beach home near the seaside, it is on the market. Each featured listing includes photos, location, home features and contact details to find out more via phone or email, and to arrange a viewing. Browse our international properties here, or contact us with your budget and lifestyle requirements, and we can send details of luxury listings via email.

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About Us: We are Spot Blue, and we have helped thousands of buyers buy residential properties across the globe. Our record of real estate sales speaks for its self, alongside our professional service and local knowledge. Whether you are looking at relocation to a foreign country or would like to own a second home, get in touch today to find out more about investing in luxury international real estate.

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