Is North Cyprus a Good Place to Live?

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We think North Cyprus is a good place to live. In recent years, North Cyprus has risen to the ranks of international locations for ex-pats to consider. In addition, some clients who originally bought homes in Turkey later moved to North Cyprus for an alternative lifestyle, but with those Turkish vibes they love and adore. So when looking at places to live, North Cyprus has much to offer. To chat with an agent about North Cyprus and what the region offers anyone considering living there, call us today, and we will be happy to answer questions. Otherwise, let’s look at reasons North Cyprus should be on your list of potential places for relocation.

Why North Cyprus is a Good Place to Live

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1: Low Crime Rate

One aspect that makes North Cyprus stand out is its low crime rates. This is partly due to the low population count and a solid cultural network; hence people watch out for each other. Of course, crime rises in big cities, much like anywhere else, but all customers who know North Cyprus love the safety.

2: Idyllic Beachside Lifestyle

Over 120 miles of golden sands, secluded coves, and sheltered bays, gently lapped by clear waters, form north Cyprus. There are several distinct kinds of beaches in North Cyprus. These range from well-kept North Cyprus hotel beaches and immaculate beach clubs to kilometres of raw, untamed sandy beaches on the stunning and unspoiled Karpaz peninsula.

3: Mediterranean Climate

We are talking about idyllic weather that easily lures people to consider living in North Cyprus. Think of typical Mediterranean summers of hot days and cool evenings. Combined with short winters, ex-pats still say they are better than their home country. In the coldest months, December and January, temperatures drop to around 15 degrees Celsius, but this warms up from February onwards.

4: Public and Private Health Insurance

Ex-pats who sign up for the North Cyprus public health insurance scheme can use public hospitals with a 20% discount on treatment and an ambulance if needed. Some ex-pats do this, while others opt for private health insurance. With local doctor appointments, ex-pats can pay as they go. Most private hospitals include English-speaking staff. Regardless of what you choose, expect good healthcare for your family.

5: Easy Home Buying Process

Like the UK, the property buying process is remarkable, which gives English buyers peace of mind. Most conveyancing lawyers in North Cyprus have also trained in the UK and speak excellent English. With prices in GBP and low legal fees, the appeal for British buyers is easy to see. Once you receive permission to buy, granted with a clean criminal record, you can obtain the deeds and put the keys in the door. When you purchase property through us, we give a step-by-step explanation of the process and the additional purchasing fees so you always remain fully knowledgeable and in charge of your purchase.

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6: Interesting Culture

The Turkish Cypriot culture is unique and great fun to learn about. Even if you have lived in Turkey, don’t assume you are already familiar because Turkish Cypriot culture combines Turkish beliefs with the Mediterranean and even British behaviours. The culture holds people to high standards, integrity, and strong influences on family networks. Their cultural heritage stretches back 9000 years, and they are proud of it. Let’s not forget festivals like Famagusta Culture, Art and Tourism, Kyrenia Culture and Art, Girne Olive Vineyard, Cyprus Raki, Cyprus Theatre, Northern Cyprus Bellapais Classical Music, Nicosia Youth Carnival, and Famagusta Youth Festival.

7: Economy with Potential

North Cyprus’s economy is based on a free market system, and although it suffered in the global depression of 2008, it bounced back, and the future looks promising. Over the last five years, tourism has risen as the tourism board has extended their promotions to international markets. They have a strong export industry of citrus fruits, potatoes, wheat, barley, and tobacco. North Cyprus has also invested heavily in the future through communication technology and electrical engineering.

8: Attractions and Places to Visit

Regardless of where our customers move, we always recommend that the best way to get to know North Cyprus is by exploring the main attractions and sites of interest. Kyrenia piques everyone’s interest, from the castle to restaurants, the main port, and architecture. In other parts, the 13th-century Pelabis church, a few minutes from Nicosia, also earns fame as a top tourist attraction. So spend your free time exploring, and settling into life in Northern Cyprus will be easy.

9: Delicious Regional Cuisine

Ex-pats fed up with a fast-food lifestyle should prepare a delicious cuisine full of local, homegrown, fresh produce. The regional cuisine is typically Mediterranean which experts say is the world’s best diet for healthy living. In addition, the cooking incorporates flavours from Turkey, Italy, and the Balkan countries; hence ex-pats have the best of both worlds. Who said eating healthy had to be boring?

10: Banking and Financial Services

The banking structure of North Cyprus is the same as Turkey. Commercial banks and international bank branches abide by the local Central Bank’s regulations, and most offer foreign currency exchange services. Some have ATMs which accept all major credit cards. Expect a well-organized and efficient financial sector with strong linkages to numerous foreign institutions, including HSBC, Barclays, and NatWest. In Northern Cyprus banks, ex-pats can open accounts in British Pounds, US Dollars, Euros, and the currency of North Cyprus, the Turkish Lira.

11: Property Prices and Return on Investment

Of course, affordable home prices are a big reason people live in North Cyprus. See for yourself here in our portfolio of apartments and villas for sale. Low prices project much potential for return on investment because of a scarcity of development land.

12: English Speaking Locals and Friendly Ex-pats

We always advise our clients to try and learn one word a day about the country they plan to live in. However, most locals of North Cyprus speak English, so it is easy to get about. Also, sign up for lessons and learn as you go. Another great source of information on living in North Cyprus is existing ex-pat communities, and most people find it easy to settle in.

13: Low Cost of Living

Lastly, the low cost of living easily attracts interest. Foreign people in Northern Cyprus live at a fraction of the costs in their home country. This makes their money go further and frees them up to make real estate or banking investments for their future.

Also, About Living in North Cyprus

Places to Live in North Cyprus: Overall, Cyprus is beautiful, but in this article, we focus on towns in North Cyprus. Many potential ex-pats looking to live overseas choose the North, wanting to know about towns, cities, and villages so they can make an informed decision.

About Us: We hope we have given lots of helpful information about whether North Cyprus is an good place to live. We are Spot Blue and have helped many people relocate or become holiday homeowners in other countries. To know about our portfolio or buying property abroad, call us today, and one of our advisors will be happy to chat more about living in North Cyprus.

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