Is Zillow an International Property Website?

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Unfortunately, many USA people are disappointed to discover that Zillow isn’t an international website for real estate listings. Zillow, the USA’s leading online real estate and rental marketplace, was founded in 2006 by Rich Barton and Lloyd Frink. It provides an extensive database of homes, apartments, and other real estate properties via the website and real estate app.

Zillow is the ultimate in property portals with various functions like home value calculators, interactive maps, mortgage calculators, and real estate agent directories. They have an app, and Zillow Group provides up-to-date reports on local housing market trends, pricing fluctuations, and inventory levels.

The Zillow Group is an invaluable USA resource for homebuyers, sellers, and curious browsers, thanks to their extensive listings, property values, insights, and user-friendly features. However, Zillow Group only boasts an impressive and regularly updated database of real estate listings across the United States, and Canada. So, what are the alternatives if you want to buy property abroad?

Alternatives to Zillow Group for International Property

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Is there a Zillow Equivalent in Europe?

Several real estate websites and platforms are equivalent to the Zillow Group. These websites provide property listings and market information to buy, sell, or rent real estate across Europe. Idealista, one of the largest and most well-known Spanish real estate websites, easily matches Zillow with many apartments, houses, and commercial properties for sale. Users enjoy information on local real estate markets and trends and search for listings that include virtual tours. They also extend into Italy and Portugal if a European home is your idea of a wise property investment.

Fotocasa is restricted to Spain, one of the top property destinations for UK buyers; however, in recent years, more nationalities have flocked there. They display many property listings and essential details to search for properties, calculate mortgage payments, and find real estate agents. Habitaclia is another website for Spanish property, but their translations are severely lacking, as are Pisos. These are a few options, but there are better players in the real estate market when looking at international property listings. (Read – Can Foreigners buy property in Europe?)

Rightmove – The UK Equivalent of Zillow

In the United Kingdom, one name stands out as the UK alternative to the Zillow Group, and they offer both UK property listings and many other countries abroad. Rightmove has an impressive sales history, listing everything from property developers to luxury properties, virtual tours, rental listings and more. Launched in 2000, they are the UK’s largest and most popular property portal for buyers, sellers, renters, and estate agents. While Zillow is the USA king, Rightmove is the UK Queen.

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Rightmove was co-founded by the UK’s largest estate agencies, including Countrywide, Connells, and Halifax. They created a single platform offering comprehensive property listings, replacing multiple websites or newspaper classifieds. One of Rightmove’s early successes was securing local and global partnerships with estate agents. Rightmove’s user-friendly website design and intuitive search tools make house hunting easy. The website quickly set standards for how property portals should function.

Rightmove’s continued success is attributed to features and tools designed to effectively serve buyers and sellers. They also provide information about neighbourhoods, schools, transport links, and local amenities. The “House Prices” section is valuable for understanding market trends, and the website features informative guides on various aspects of buying, selling, and renting properties.

Rightmove’s extensive reach has made it the most dominant UK property portal with millions of monthly users, ensuring it wouldn’t pay for Zillow to enter the marketplace.  While Rightmove has changed the industry, the website also impacted traditional estate agents. They had to adapt to new customer expectations and online platforms.

Rightmove’s pricing structure for estate agents has been a point of contention, with some agents arguing that the platform’s fees can be substantial. So, Rightmove has introduced several pricing options and packages for estate agents, allowing them to choose plans that best suit their needs and budgets. Rightmove has also worked on collaborating with industry stakeholders, including estate agents and regulators, to address concerns and foster cooperative environments.

They have also been exploring video and 3D tours to offer users immersive property viewing experiences. While Rightmove is dominant, the website faces competition from other platforms, including Zoopla, On The Market, and Prime Location. In addition to the UK, Rightmove also impacted international real estate. It is indeed a worthy opponent to the Zillow Group.

Other International Websites for Overseas Property

So, aside from Zillow; searching for international homes for sale is exciting, offering the prospect of investment, a new life abroad, or a vacation home in a stunning location. The internet has made this process significantly more accessible, providing several websites that connect buyers with international properties and rental listings.

Realtor International: Realtor International is an extension of the renowned, offering international property listings. This platform is connected to the National Association of Realtors, ensuring data accuracy and insights. Realtor International sources listings directly from Multiple Listing Services (MLS), providing up-to-date property information and comprehensive insights, trends, and data about international property. They also connect users with qualified international real estate agents, making buying a home overseas more straightforward.

Zoopla Overseas: Zoopla is another prominent UK property portal, and its overseas section, Zoopla Overseas, offers diverse selections of international properties. Zoopla Overseas features properties in various countries, catering to different tastes and budgets. Explore properties through interactive maps, making understanding a property’s location and surroundings easier. In addition, house hunters can read many informative articles on international property topics.

Property Finder: Property Finder, a leading property Middle East website, is excellent for properties in the Gulf region. The platform specialises in properties in the Middle East, offering listings in countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. Property Finder provides valuable insights into local trends in the Middle East.

Immobiliare: Immobiliare is an Italian property website ideal for those interested in properties in Italy. It’s an invaluable resource for individuals seeking to invest in or relocate to this stunning Mediterranean country. Immobiliare displays many properties, from historical Italian villas to coastal apartments.

Lamudi: Lamudi, a global property platform with listings in multiple countries across Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America, operates in emerging markets and offers international property listings. The platform publishes information about International real estate markets, local regulations, and lifestyle in each country it covers.

The Move Channel: The Move Channel is a comprehensive international property portal offering properties in various countries. It’s a valuable resource for international buyers looking for diverse options. The Move Channel features properties in popular locations across Europe, the Americas, Asia, and more. Users customise property searches based on criteria such as price, property type, and location. The platform also provides reports and analysis.

Expatistan: Expatistan is a unique website that helps individuals estimate living costs in different cities worldwide. While it’s not a property listing website, it’s valuable for considering a move abroad. In various cities, Expatistan provides data on the cost of living, including housing, food, transportation, and more.

Tips for Searching for Overseas Property

Whether you’re looking for a second home, an investment opportunity, or a new life in a different country, the process can be exciting and challenging. However, as much as Zillow and other websites give great information, this is not a process to be taken lightly.

Defining Your Purpose: Before diving into your international property search, explaining your purpose and basic details is essential. Are you seeking a vacation home, an investment property, a retirement destination, or a new place to call home? Your objective will significantly influence your search criteria and the regions you explore. If you’re searching for a vacation property, consider proximity to tourist attractions, local amenities, and rental potential.

Investors should focus on areas with potential appreciation, solid rental markets, and a favourable legal and tax environment. When looking for a place to retire, consider climate, healthcare facilities, and overall cost of living. If you plan to move permanently, research immigration and visa requirements and quality of life factors like education, healthcare, and local culture.

Setting Your Budget: Consider the financial details once you define your purpose. Determine how much you can afford and be realistic about your financial capabilities. Consider the property’s purchase price and associated costs like taxes, legal fees, and ongoing maintenance expenses.

Remember exchange rates can significantly impact your budget, especially when buying in a foreign currency. Be aware of any local financial regulations that may affect your ability to purchase property as a foreign buyer. By all means, investigate the availability of financing options for international buyers, but be prepared to make a substantial down payment.

Location: Selecting the right location is crucial. It’s not just about the country; it’s also about the specific region or city within that country. Is the location easily accessible by air or other means of transportation? Proximity to international airports can be essential. Different countries have varying regulations regarding property ownership by foreigners, so check them out thoroughly.  Your preferred area’s climate, culture, and lifestyle should align with your preferences and objectives. Also research the region’s real estate market to assess potential for appreciation and rental income.

Research: Effective research is the foundation of a successful international property search. Contact local real estate agents for their in-depth knowledge and invaluable guidance. Stay informed about property values and economic stability in the region. Consult with legal professionals experienced in international real estate transactions. They navigate the legal complexities of cross-border purchases. If you’re investing, analyse the potential for property appreciation based on historical data.

Evaluating Properties: Whenever possible, visit the properties in person to inspect their condition and surroundings. Inspect the structural integrity, plumbing, electrical systems, and any potential renovation or repair needs. Review all property documentation, including titles, permits, and ownership records. Ensure there are no legal disputes or encumbrances. Understand the property taxes and any additional fees associated with ownership, as these can vary significantly from one location to another. Assess the local neighbourhood for safety, amenities, and quality of life.

Legal Considerations: Consult with experts well-versed in local property laws and regulations to ensure secure transactions. Understand tax implications in both your home country and the country where you’re buying property. Be mindful of currency exchange rates when transferring funds for the purchase, and work with local real estate professionals to negotiate terms and create legally binding contracts.

Closing the Deal: Verify the property’s title and ownership details and use a local attorney for legal transactions. Make necessary payments and secure financing by the agreed terms, if applicable. Complete the documentation required to legally transfer the property to your name. Settle any outstanding taxes, fees, or closing costs related to the transaction.

Managing the Property: If the property is a vacation rental or investment, consider hiring a local property management company to oversee maintenance and guest services. Maintain local contacts, including real estate agents, attorneys, and contractors. Stay informed about tax obligations in your home country and the location of your international property. Also develop strategies for managing currency exchange rates if you receive rental income in different currencies.

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So, we hope we have answered whether Zillow is international and given you some helpful advice. Searching for property abroad can be rewarding. However, it’s essential to approach the process with thorough research, careful evaluation, and an understanding of the legal complexities involved.

Whether your goal is to own a second home, invest in global real estate, or find a new place to call home, international property ownership can open doors to exciting opportunities around the world, and that is where we can step in.

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