Two Islands in Turkey Now For Sale: Will They Attract Buyers?

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Anyone with an unlimited cash supply might be interested to know that two islands in Turkey are now up for sale. Turkish newspapers report that new online ads show one island sits off the southwestern Mugla coastline while the other lies near the western Balikesir region.

Both coastlines are part of the famed Turkish riviera, that stretches from the northern Aegean round to the eastern Mediterranean Antalya region. International and Turkish yachts sail designated routes within the riviera from the May to October period.

Such a rare addition to Turkey’s real estate portfolio needs careful marketing aimed at an international audience because the million-price bracket narrows the potential market.

Islands for sale in Turkey

Karaca: Entering the market with a staggering price tag of 36 million USD, Karaca stretches for 78 acres and includes three houses in need of repair and renovation. Sitting nearest to the Marmaris district, the current owner, a Turkish businessperson living in America has handed marketing over to an Istanbul based company.

Buying the island in 1980 to build a luxury seven-star hotel, his plans were thwarted three years later, because of protection status. While current laws prohibit a new hotel, the company says authorisation is in place to build a marina, restaurant, and new houses.

islands for sale in Turkey

Cicek: This Aegean island named flower enters the market at a lower price of 20 million USD. Sitting 230 metres from the Ayvalik coastline, three owners purchased it in 2002. Covering just over 26 hectares, buyers will get three houses alongside an array of olive and fruit orchards, and a mini forest.

Rent a Turkish Island

Anyone hesitant to stump up that amount but who still wants to experience private island living can also rent. Gokce Gemile sitting off Fethiye’s Mediterranean coast is showing three villas for rent, but they also take complete bookings for a secluded retreat.

Promising 100% privacy, it is marketed as the ideal destination for someone who wants complete solitude. One week’s rental during high season will set you back £26,000, but this retreat also comes with unrivalled luxury amenities.

Renters choosing to cash out of the rat race will receive a concierge team, housekeeping services, 24-hour security, access to water sports equipment, and skippered days out at sea. For extra cash, you can also organise helicopter transfers, hairdressers, private yoga sessions, chef and much more.

Sovalye Island in the Fethiye Gulf

However, if you need to stick to a lower budget, a good alternative is Fethiye’s Sovalye island. Although there are million-dollar properties for sale, a small selection of hotels offers bed-and-breakfast from around 700 lira per night. Sitting just off the coastline of Calis beach, this island is pedestrianised and takes only 45 minutes to walk end to end. Otherwise, it can be circled within just 2 hours in a canoe.

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