City Gears up for Istanbul Shopping Fest

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Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey, is gearing up for its annual shopping fest running from the 1st to the 16th of July. This will be the seventh year of showcasing the ultimate experience in a city responsible for much of the trade, business, tourism, education and finances industries of the country.

Sponsored by major brand names such as Turkish Airlines and Coca-cola, the Turkish associations of Travel Agents (TURSAB) has also placed their logo on the event in the hope of attracting a huge number of foreign visitors and tourists to part with their cash.

Along with highlighted events, and recommended places to shop, organisers, are offering attractive discounts for those who want to shop till they drop in Turkey’s busiest city that is to the country what Milan is to Italy.

Shopping Malls of Istanbul Join the Fun

Istanbul shopping fest

Joining in the agenda of events, and competitions are some of Istanbul’s most prominent shopping malls. Akasya in the Uskudar district covers 80,000 square metres including more than 270 shops. However, the spotlight is bound to be on Forum Istanbul that at 495,000 square metres is Europe’s biggest shopping mall.

To make for a family friendly environment, it combines the enjoyable concept of shopping with a sea life aquarium, making it an ideal family day out. Other brand name shopping malls include Istinye Park, Kanyon, Palladium, and Zorlu Centre.

Emphasis is not only about modern places to shop however because the festival also pays tribute to ancient bazaars that during the Ottoman era were a focal feature of the old silk road, running from Asia to Europe. Mentioning Arasta, the copperware, the organic, second-hand books, and women’s market, organisers are keen to point out how shopping in Istanbul has evolved throughout the decades.

For first time visitors to Istanbul, the shopping fest will highlight all niches of products for sale and evoke an enjoyable experience of shopping where the locals do. In a press conference, the president of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce said, since the festival began in 2011, it has become a global concept introducing Istanbul as a city to match other prominent metropolises in the world.

In addition to shopping, he promises collaborations with artisans, making art and design events a focal point of the agenda of 2017. Turkish fashion designers will also join in, and distinguished names such as Arzu Kaprol will prove that when it comes to global fashion trends, Turks can influence the market just as much as other nationalities.

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