6 Reasons to Buy Property in Bodrum

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Bodrum in western Turkey is a hot spot for foreign property buyers. Among other select places on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, it attracts many nationalities looking for either holiday homes or an abode for permanent relocation to the country.

The reasons why are plenty, and whether buyers have unlimited cash, or a set budget is regardless because the real estate market moves at a fast pace and house hunters looking to buy property in Bodrum will most definitely find what they are looking for regardless of taste, budget or requirements.

But what attributes does it have to make potential buyers choose it over other locations?

How can anyone looking to buy property in Turkey have confidence that their long-term real estate investment has potential?

Excellent Reasons to Buy Property in Bodrum

1: Distinct Architecture Styles

Bodrum is at the forefront of a revolution in the architectural styles of Turkey. With some of the best architects in the country designing homes, business and leisure facilities, homes are no longer just practical, but also cosy, geared up with technology and designed to fit in with the landscapes to maximise sea views.

This villa in the Yalikavak district is a perfect example. Using the Zen concept as its architectural inspiration, it is based on the fold home building style, and social community facilities are also a prominent feature.

beautiful bodrum, turkey

Otherwise, in days gone by, the architectural style of property in Bodrum traditionally used wood and stone, and this type of home has an iconic status within Turkey, which buyers sometimes hamper after.

Occasionally, traditional resale homes like this come on the market, and this five-bedroom, four bathroom villa in the Gundogan region is a perfect example. However, some of the new build homes are incorporating the old architectural styles, and buyers get the best of both worlds because they include all modern cons.

2: Excellent Transport Network

Most buyers want easy access to transport networks, and this is where the Bodrum peninsula steps up to the mark. Bodrum airport services the whole of the region with just an hour transfer time to the main centre or two hours to the surrounding coastal resorts on the outskirts. With frequent flights during summer, property owners also use Izmir airport during winter.

The central bus station within the town centre also offers cheap and frequent schedules to most other places within Turkey. Access to international and domestic transport is right on the doorstep of any property owner in Bodrum.

3: Pleasure-Seeking Vibes

The countrywide reputation of Bodrum as the birthplace of a hedonistic lifestyle attracts artists, writers, spiritualists and celebrities in their droves. For many decades, Bodrum has encouraged individuality with pleasure and fun at the forefront of a life worth living.

The fisherman of Halicarnassus, aka Cevat Sakir Kabaagacli, is credited with giving birth to this bohemian vibe in 1925 and this also partly explains Bodrum’s reputation as one of the top holiday destinations in the country for both international tourists and Turks. Bodrum has never followed trends. Instead, it sets them, and boredom will never be part of your vocabulary again.

As a significant hub of the Turkish Riviera, it attracts sailors and yachting enthusiasts from around the world. Anyone who does not like to get their feet wet will still find plenty of things to do from art and photography courses to exploring historical sites and natural landmarks.

Look at any tour excursion providers, and there are enough activities to keep anyone occupied for days to come, and this not only appeals to expats with times on their hand but also potential real estate investors looking for a buy-to-let income.

aerial view of sunny bodrum with resorts and beachfront villas

4: Established Community of Foreign Property Owners

Bodrum is not only one of the top holiday destinations in the country but also for foreign property owners, some of which have formed established expats community. Locals speak a wide range of languages, especially English.

Foreigners are frequent visitors everywhere including hospitals, the tax office, legal departments and even the man in the corner shop market, so the mishmash of nationalities evokes a multi-cultural feel. It is easy to settle into the Bodrum peninsula as a foreigner, and you will find it easy to access help and advice when needed.

5: Wide Range of Coastal Resorts

AS well as the main town centre, the Bodrum peninsula includes many smaller coastal resorts all of which have their own characteristics appealing to diverse levels of society. Each connects to the other via a local transport network system so wherever you choose to buy property, there is easy access to the vast peninsula.

Favorite places include Yalikavak, a former small fishing village and popular expat resort turned sophisticated hub for yachting clients of the billionaire Palmarina. While, the traditional feel of Gundogan attracts many Turkish retirees, and Gumbet is especially popular with British expats. Read more about the individual coastal resorts in our Bodrum area guide.

6: Everything on Your Doorstep

To round off a lifestyle with everything on your doorstep, property buyers in Bodrum will always have a wide range of shopping and nightlife venues at their disposal. From the large venue parties of the town centre to alfresco dining seaside in Gumusluk. From the local Wednesday market to the modern shopping malls with international branded labels for sale. You need never want for anything.

For more in-depth information about the region and smaller coastal resorts or to receive a portfolio of property for sale in Bodrum, use the live chat feature at the bottom of the screen to instantly speak to a sales representative, or contact us today via email, telephone or by visiting our London office headquarters.

view of bodrum harbor and castle of st. peter

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