So You’re Buying Property in Spain, Which Costa Will Suit You Best?

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Property for Sale on the Spanish Coast: Costa de la Luz
Costa de la Luz

When it comes to buying property for sale on the Spanish coast, you should know that the eight Spanish Costas each have a distinct character. Although they’ve all got sunshine, beaches and classic Spanish character, some will appeal more than others.

From the Costa de la Luz, where bullfighting, flamenco, and Moorish influence rules, to the Expat favourite Costa Blanca, the Spanish coasts come in all shapes and sizes. The Mediterranean Coast of Spain covers a wide variety of Spanish culture, from the Catalan culture of the Costa Brava to the Moorish influences still felt on the Costa de la Luz.

We take a look at all eight Costas, to tell you what you can expect from your new Spanish home.

Costa Brava: The Cool Coast

The Catalonian heartland, backed by the Pyrenees, this Costa is known throughout Spain as the cool coast. With famous artists and architects like Dali and Gaudi calling this coast their homeland, this is a choice for art lovers looking for property for sale on the Spanish coast. Flights into chic Barcelona fly frequently throughout the year, making this an easy coast for weekend commuters.

The fishing villages along the coast have a pretty, authentic vibe to them, and the resorts are no longer the tacky package holiday favourites they were once upon a time. This coast is one for the urbane city dweller looking at buying property in Spain.

Costa Dorada: The One Nobody Knows About

Although buyers looking at the Costa Brava would also fly into Barcelona, the city is actually on the little known Costa Dorada. The Costa Dorada is a great option for families, as it’s home to long, safe beaches, as well as the famous Port Aventura waterpark. As with the Costa Brava, this coast does get a little colder in winter.

If you’re looking for somewhere you can get away from it all, and you’re looking at property for sale on the Spanish coast, the relatively untouched Costa Dorada is a great choice.

Property for Sale on the Spanish Coast: Costa Blanca
Costa Blanca

Costa del Azahar: The Spanish Favourite

Known as the Orange Blossom Coast, the Costa del Azahar is a little harder to get to than the other Costas along the Mediterranean. This means that many international buyers choose to overlook the area, in favour of more famous Malaga or Alicante.

If you’re looking for property for sale on the Spanish coast, and you want to buy somewhere where you’re not likely to bump into fellow Expats, this is the Costa for you. There are flights into Valencia Airport fairly regularly during the season, and the city is marked by open plazas, classic architecture and a beautiful beach. Buying property in Valencia itself is a great choice for anyone looking for both the cosmopolitan city and the beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean coast.

Costa Blanca: The International Favourite

Home to British Expats, tourists, and international beach lovers, the Costa Blanca is the classic choice if you’re looking for property for sale on the Spanish coast. The Costa Blanca is easy to get to, with flights regularly arriving at Alicante Airport, and its’ sun-drenched beaches are immensely popular across the board.

The Costa Blanca might be most famous for the beaches of Benidorm, but there are some lovely little villages and fishing towns that offer a more authentic Spanish vibe. 

Costa Calida: Outdoor Activities Hotspot

Translated, the Costa Calida is the Hot Coast. It’s known for its’ outdoor activities, water sports and hikes along pretty, clifftop paths. The Costa Calida is a favourite amongst Spanish second homeowners, so you’re unlikely to find as much of an international community on the Costa Calida as you will elsewhere.

If you’re on the hunt for the next Costa del Sol, then the Costa Calida might be the perfect area to look at property for sale on the Spanish coast. The Costa Calida is also great if you’re looking to start a new life out in Spain, with a desirable climate and stunning scenery. The Costa Calida is easily a match for the Costa del Sol in both these aspects.

Property for Sale on the Spanish Coast: Costa del Sol
Costa del Sol

Costa Almeria: The Bohemian Coast

The Costa Almeria might sometimes be called the cheap and cheerful Costa, but if that’s all you think of when you look at the Costa Almeria, you’re missing a huge part of the charm. Costa Almeria is one for the adventurous type. It’s filled with unique ‘cave homes’ built into the cliffside, the interior is a desert through summer and winter, and it’s got a stark sort of beauty that will always attract the right sort of buyer.

If you’re looking for an interesting seafront villa, in an area awash with cool young Spanish, the Costa Almeria is a great place to search for property for sale on the Spanish coast.

Costa del Sol: The Glamorous Coast

Of all the Spanish coastal regions on this list, the Costa del Sol is probably the one you’d already heard of. The beaches and marinas of Marbella and Puerto Banus are packed with Europe’s elite, and if you’re looking at property for sale on the Spanish coast, you’ve at least thought about buying here.

Don’t let the presence of so many superyachts fool you though, there’s more to the Costa del Sol than that. If you’re looking for smaller, more family-friendly towns, you can still find one or two tucked away. After all, the Costa del Sol is for everyone, not just those of us who spend our summers lounging on yachts.

Costa de la Luz: The Exotic Coast

Home of flamenco, bullfighting, and the remnants of Moorish culture that lends the whole region a more exotic feel, the Costa de la Luz is often known as the wild and windy choice. It’s a favourite amongst windsurfers, and it’s Spain’s answer to the Algarve.

From the quaint towns along the coast to a day trip to the beautiful city of Seville, this area has a unique character. Buyers looking to immerse themselves in Spanish culture might choose this region to buy property for sale on the Spanish coast. This area of the coast is also served by four airports; Gibraltar, Seville, Jerez or Faro, which makes it a much easier destination to get to and from than you might think.

Wherever you choose to look for your perfect villa or apartment, take a look at our selection of property for sale on the Spanish coast, and beyond. Contact us for more information!

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