Apartments for sale in Istanbul, Marmara, Turkey

Are you searching for that perfect apartment? The place that you can go to when work becomes a bit too stressful, and you just need some time out. Have you considered buying an apartment for sale in Istanbul, Marmara, Turkey? If you haven’t why not? Istanbul is one of the most desirable cities to invest in, with huge investment transforming the city in to a cosmopolitan location. Affordable Turkish apartments for sale offer modern homes in the heart of the city and also in the suburbs. They offer a mix of traditional apartment blocks and ultra-modern complexes serving up a gamut of amenities in the best locations with desirable views.

    Istanbul is a bustling city with lots of local attractions that tell its story from a far off era. The Sultans of Turkey lived and ruled from here and local history at the many museums narrates it very well. Exotic Istanbul with its palaces, mosques, museums and bazaars entice tourists and buyers alike and mostly, their preferred type of investment is an apartment in Istanbul, Marmara, Turkey for sale. Who buys apartments for sale in Istanbul, Marmara, Turkey? These apartments are ideal for holiday home buyers, investors and for those who work and prefer to live within a city, thus making their work and home life in close proximity.

    Istanbul, Marmara, Turkey apartments for sale offer singletons and couples the chance to get on the first rung of the property ladder. Apartments in Istanbul, Marmara, Turkey start from one bedroom, which are ideal for sole buyers or couples as a starter home. Two and three bedroom apartments offer spacious properties, which is what, the average family will look for to accommodate their growing family. Duplex and penthouse apartments serve up huge living spaces for large families or for those who just prefer more room. Apartments for sale in Istanbul, Marmara, Turkey are conveniently close to shops, schools, hospitals and airports, all the services you need, are own your doorstep.

    Apartments in Istanbul, Marmara, Turkey for sale are found in either blocks with a few amenities such as a communal gym, sauna and a café, to large sprawling complexes that offer the full works. Contemporary designed homes are located in large complexes with some having swimming pools both outdoor and indoor, a gym, and sauna, Turkish bath, wellness centre, communal gardens, children’s play areas and a café. On site security offering a 24 hour service, plus reception staff in lobby areas are there, to help you whenever you need it. There are private garages and allocated parking spaces which are much needed in city centres. These homes are in buildings which are similar to all the amenities that a top class hotel would offer. This is another reason as to why they are highly sought after by local and foreign buyers alike. The apartments in Istanbul, Marmara, Turkey for sale are striking both in design and the services that they offer. These homes serve up an advantageous lifestyle and it’s a lifestyle to be envied, investors of these apartments are indeed lucky and if the apartments are spiking your interest, read on.

    If you think those apartments are the cream of the crop you haven’t seen anything yet. I haven’t even touched on the wonderful range of luxury apartments that are currently for sale. Luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul, Marmara, Turkey offer palatial homes in the most beautiful surroundings. These apartments offer luxurious fixtures and fittings, with only the very best materials used throughout these amazing homes. Luxury kitchens with modern units and appliances, offer a chic feel to the apartments. Sleek stylish bathrooms with clean lines and the latest design in furniture and tiles are contemporary and modern. Large living spaces are bright and welcoming and bedrooms start from two bedrooms plus.

    The range of facilities on luxury complexes are second to none, including outdoor and indoor swimming pools, a gym, fitness centres, a cinema, gaming areas, a children’s playground with a range of swings and climbing frames. There could be a social club on site where you can socialise with your family and friends and a sports field offering a whole host of different sports. There are delightful communal gardens and terrace areas with seating areas, where one can read a good book and enjoy the peaceful environment. There are garages with allocated parking spaces and a reception area with concierge and management services. There is Wi-Fi in all the public areas, plus rest rooms and meeting rooms.

    These apartments for sale in Istanbul, Marmara, Turkey, serve up an enriched lifestyle with a plethora of amenities. On site there will also be shops, banking facilities, cafes, bars and restaurants that adds to your lifestyle. Every service on these complexes has been well thought out and meet all needs. Permanent home buyers, holiday home buyers and investors will make a solid investment when purchasing these homes.

    Buyers of apartments for sale Istanbul, Marmara, Turkey buy for different reasons. City workers often want to be in the hub of the city, close to work and all the facilities on their doorstep. Usually they are single or a couple and want the best of both worlds to work in the city and enjoy their free time with friends there too. This method of living makes their lifestyle easier, they possibly don’t want to be in the suburbs where life is at a relaxed pace, they want the excitement of the city 24/7.

    Other city workers, especially with families, may prefer to be in the suburbs on the outskirts of the city. These buyers want to work in the centre and enjoy their home life in peaceful surroundings and they are able to achieve this with these properties. Evenings and weekends are relaxing as families can partake in a range of wonderful amenities available to them. Often they are close to the sea or marinas serving up magnificent views and offering a feeling of wellbeing. At weekends, families can take advantage of being by the coast with brisk sea walks in the winter to shake the cobwebs off or indeed during the summer grabbing an al fresco lunch. Whatever the season, the facilities are amazing and are there to be used often.

    Holiday home buyers want the city experience with some relaxing time when they need it. If they decide to buy around 30 minutes from the city it’s almost like a two centre holiday destination, offering the best of both worlds. Owners can spend days in the city visiting the tourist attractions, of which there are many, and early evening return home to a more serene environment for dinner. For those times a lively night out is needed, a quick car or bus journey (30 minutes) into the city centre where owners can enjoy dinner and dancing at upbeat venues.

    Investors of apartments in Istanbul, Marmara, Turkey for sale are investing in a solid property investment. Istanbul is a growing holiday destination with weekend tourists wanting to sample a different culture. They have visited all the cities in Europe and want to try a touch of the east. Istanbul is a sightseer’s delight with so many wonderful places to see and attractions to visit. Everything about Istanbul is culturally different to western cities. Although, life can be modern it is also very traditional and tourists are flocking there. Some will stay in one of the many excellent hotels, however, increasingly visitors are opting to stay in private apartments as they offer more space, privacy and freedom of movement. This in turn, will provide a lucrative income for the owners of these apartments throughout the whole year. Yes, people visit all through the summer months but as Turkey enjoys a Mediterranean climate, the summers are dry and hot are the winters are mild with a little rain.

    Outside of the peak summer season, this is an ideal time to explore Istanbul without having to sightsee in soaring temperatures. What investors will see is that tourists will come and go staying for a few days here and there in the city and then wanting to spend time by the coast on the fringes of the city. As already said, the apartments on these complexes are incredibly popular because they offer such fabulous facilities. They offer both a city and coastal location mixing both worlds successfully.

    Istanbul is indeed a lively city, there are many local attractions from museums to bazaars to sitting by the Bosphorus Strait for a drink. The Bosphorus divides the city into two areas defining the European side from the Asian side. The old city depicts the historic culture of Istanbul and here is where you can visit some of the magnificent buildings which are the true essence of this wonderful city. The Ottoman Empire was a driving force that ruled most of the world centuries ago and the history behind it is fascinating. If you visit the Sultanhmet area you can see the remains of the Egyptian Obelisks and the Hippodrome from the Roman era, this was where the locals of the time would come to watch chariot racing. The Hagia Sophia from the Byzantine era, features its distinctive 6th century dome and its original mosaics which feature strangely enough, Christian themes.

    The Topkapi Palace was home to the Sultans during the 15th – 19th centuries and if walls could talk they would reveal some colourful stories I am sure. Today it is a museum filled with interesting treasures showing how rich these people were and their extravagant lifestyle befitting to a Sultan. Here is where you can really get a feel for what life was like during that time. The Bosphorus Strait is a major thoroughfare in Istanbul, it joins the Sea of Marmara with the Black Sea. Nowadays, it’s used mainly for local Turks as a way of commuting, tourists for sightseeing, containers ships, tankers and fishing vessels for trade purposes. Majestic mansions flank both sides on the European and Asian sides and the wealthy have always lived in these amazing homes. However, the history of the Bosphorus is a lengthy one and can tell many interesting tales.

    International Airports in Istanbul means foreign owners of Istanbul apartments, can fly in to Istanbul at any time of the year. You can also fly to virtually anywhere in Turkey from Istanbul to other international airports within Turkey and the domestic airports too. Istanbul is no longer the capital of Turkey, since 1923 the title has been held by Ankara, however Istanbul is the largest city and is still classed by many as the main city. It’s the financial district and is the leading business hub of Turkey.

    Apartments in Istanbul are great investments, whatever the reason is you decide to buy for. The prices are affordable and this is another reason as to why Istanbul is the hot spot for business and property, and has been for several years now. Ongoing investment in to the city brings the investor in particular, back time and time again. They add to their property portfolio, investing in both the city centre and on the outskirts. In turn they can offer apartments for lease, short term or long term in locations that cater for every need.

    Istanbul is a bustling city serving up a traditional old centre filled with beautiful mosques that you can visit and marvel at the ornate decorations. Its Grand Bazaar is awash with brightly coloured prints, lights and materials, plus local crafts and art works. Palaces, museums and boat tours along the Bosphorus Strait make a super day out, where you can learn and understand the culture of Istanbul and Turkey as a whole. The smells, sights and sounds of Istanbul will be one you will never forget. This city lures you in to its heart and it’s why people return and buy their own apartment for sale in Istanbul, Marmara, Turkey. Whether you invest in the city centre or on the coast, this enchanting city will captivate you.