villas for sale in Istanbul, Marmara, Turkey

When we think about property for sale in Istanbul, Marmara, Turkey, we generally think these types of properties are apartments, but you may be surprised to know that villas for sale in Istanbul, Marmara, Turkey are incredibly popular.

Set is beautiful locations, villas in Istanbul, Marmara, Turkey for sale offer amazing large living spaces, charming views, plus a safe environment one can live with their family.

Homes for sale in Istanbul, Marmara, Turkey are close to a range of shops, amenities, schools, hospitals and airports and are suitable to live in, on a permanent basis or to use as a holiday home. Investors will buy these houses in Istanbul, Marmara, Turkey for sale to increase their portfolio of properties in one of the most sought after cities in the world. Istanbul is rich in culture and is magnificent for sightseeing, it’s often said it where “east meets west” and it’s true. Istanbul is the gateway from Europe to Asia and it’s an important city in its own right. Last year saw 13.4 million foreign visitors arrive in Istanbul alone, some came to visit for a holiday, others for a long weekend to go sightseeing whilst some came to invest in villas for sale in Istanbul, Marmara, Turkey specifically.

Who invests in Turkey villas in Istanbul, Marmara? People who enjoy city life, being in the hub of a city that doesn’t sleep. Holiday home hunters who want escapism from where they normally reside, and investors who are looking for excellent, overseas property opportunities. Turkish villas for sale in Istanbul, offer competitive prices, especially compared to property of similar value in other European cities. Why buy houses for sale in Istanbul, Marmara, Turkey? Why not? It’s an amazing opportunity to invest in a bustling city which will add a touch of excitement to your life.

Istanbul is sultry, it’s a fusion of exotic spice and colour, its locals are passionate about their birthplace and so they should be. Istanbul was formally known as Constantinople, and in 1923 it became Istanbul. There are many loved, Turkish songs written about this amazing location. It was also in 1923 that Ankara became the capital of Turkey taking the coveted crown from Istanbul. However, Istanbul remains the largest city in Turkey with Ankara coming in second place. But, to many Turks, Istanbul will always be the first city in Turkey.

If you want to invest in a city location take a look at Istanbul. Villas in Istanbul, Marmara, Turkey for sale are found in the central areas, close to the Bosphorus and just on the fringes of the city less than a 30 minute drive away. The Bosphorus splits the city into two locations, one called the European side and the other the Asian side, on either side of the Bosphorus, houses for sale in Istanbul, Marmara, Turkey are highly sought after and certainly are on the property investor’s radar. When Turkey first allowed foreigners to buy Turkish property for sale, investors flocked to Istanbul to snap up whatever property they could. Today, after massive ongoing investment to the region, people from across the globe invest in new homes in Istanbul, Marmara, Turkey.

This increasingly popular city is culturally diverse bringing different communities together, and they rub alongside each other quite nicely. If you enjoy learning about a cities culture and its ancient history, you could spend years in Istanbul and still continue to learn and be amazed at its past especially its Ottoman era between the 14th and early 20th centuries. The Museums and Art Galleries depict life in Istanbul in days gone by, and so does the music scene with its music and lyrics of how life was lived then and now.

For those of you who prefer a spot of shopping to Museum hopping, you will be delighted at the bustling markets all across the city, but more so at the Grand Bazaar. Here you can buy basically anything, haggling is a must, to get some great deals to furnish your new villa in Istanbul, Marmara, Turkey. Other places of interest is possibly the most famous Mosque in the world, The Sultan Ahmed Mosque it’s utterly beautiful inside and out with its exquisite decorations. Although it’s safe to say, Istanbul is not all about sightseeing and shopping, there is a vast array of bars, restaurants and nightclubs with all types of cuisine on offer and all music genres are catered for. If you still need convincing, there are also several beaches on its Sea of Marmara coast and on the Black Sea. This means when you need at day at the beach you can visit whenever you like to soak up some rays.

What types of houses for sale in Istanbul, Marmara, Turkey are there? Your budget defines what size of property you want of course, but villas for sale in Istanbul, Marmara, Turkey generally start from 3 bedrooms up to 6 or possibly more. These villas are large and spacious plus have a generous amount of private garden areas. Often they are close to the coast serving up impressive sea views and fresh air is in abundance. If your budget allows, why not take a look at villas for sale in Istanbul, Marmara, Turkey with private pool. This type of property allows complete privacy for you and your family. Not everyone likes to swim in the sea or go to the beach, this way all your family fun is within your own property grounds.

These homes have large living spaces, with plenty of light flooding in to large windows that allows the outside in. Huge terrace areas are great for sitting in the shade whilst enjoying lunch and here you can take in the spectacular views. Large garden areas and private parking make these homes very attractive indeed for families who work within the city but want to live just on the outskirts. Often these villas are close to a marina plus shops and upmarket bars and restaurants to make your life that little bit easier. Some are even just a 15 minute drive to the nearest international airport, ideal for the business man or woman or the holiday home owner.

If you are searching for a luxury villa in Istanbul, Marmara, Turkey for sale, these magnificent homes will simply blow your mind. All the luxury you can handle are found in these properties, they have been well designed using only the best materials with high quality finishes. Sleek kitchens and bathrooms with the latest mod cons are striking and opulence springs to mind. These homes are exclusive and offer the buyer a certain lifestyle that we all aspire to. If you like to sail, often a marina is just a few minutes from homes such as these where you can dock your own boat. If you travel by helicopter there could be a heli pad in the vicinity too. No expense is spared for amenities close to these villas, they offer an enhanced lifestyle on beautiful developments where you can live with like-minded people.

Ideal for city workers who want to get away from the hustle and bustle and spend quality time at home. Perfect for the holiday home owner with the possibility of living there at some point on a permanent basis. For the investor, this is a lucrative investment as they can recoup excellent monetary fees for properties of this superior standard. If you are looking for a villa for sale in Istanbul, Marmara, Turkey to give the wow factor, it’s here in luxury homes in Istanbul, Marmara, Turkey for sale.

Owning a villa or house in Turkey provides you with multiple holidays and long weekend breaks and you can let your family and friends holiday there too. If you want to earn an income via your property, why not consider letting your home out when not using it yourself. This way the upkeep is paid for and the rest of the money you earn can go towards other holidays for yourself or for your Turkish flights and holiday expenses. You can easily earn a 6% to 9% profitable yield as the tourism market in Turkey is thriving. Foreign tourists to Istanbul alone topped 13.4 million last year and that’s not even taking into account the number of domestic visitors to Istanbul. Make a shrewd investment this year and search houses for sale in Istanbul, Marmara, Turkey and buy one of the amazing villas currently for sale.

Istanbul is the financial hub in Turkey and there are many buyers who work in the city but don’t want to live there with their families. The advantage of living within 30 minutes from the city centre allows quality time away from the lively centre in the suburbs. Family life in Turkey is important and here in locations on the fringe of the city, gives an ideal balance of life. The family, being able to live in a pretty and safe environment is paramount and these properties offer just that.

As far as the holiday home hunter goes, investing in this type of villa offers a desirable location, close to the thrills and excitement of vibrant Istanbul. It has all the trappings of the perfect destination for those who take frequent holidays throughout the year. It’s almost like having a two centre holiday home, you can dip in and out of the city when you need a culture fix and then have the quiet and relaxing location on the coast where your beautiful villa is. This property will offer panoramic views of the sea and usually a harbour. The transportation links are superb for getting in and out of the city. There will be a range of amenities such as sport centres, shopping malls, a tourist excursion centre and green parks and recreation areas where you can stroll in the sunshine and relax in the calm atmosphere. Fabulous cafes, bars and restaurants are on hand to serve you culinary delights, it’s where you can meet with family and friends and partake in a delicious lunch, and life doesn’t get much better than that.

The property investors have already been rubbing their hands in glee as they have been investing for many years in Turkey. Nevertheless, with ongoing developments they are still flocking to Istanbul to see the latest villas on offer. These homes are exclusive and for those who do not have the means to buy now, they can always lease one. Lucrative property income will give you a good return on your investment on a short or long term basis. There will also be many tourists who would rather stay outside of bustling Istanbul and would be happy to pay the going fees to stay in a beautiful property such as these. Private landscaped gardens and swimming pools ensure privacy and offers space and freedom of movement for one to do as one pleases without any restrictions.

Istanbul is one of the most affordable cities to live in across the globe. It serves up a cosmopolitan lifestyle that has something to offer everyone. If you like to visit the beach you can or if you enjoy skiing you can do that too. You can catch the ferry in Istanbul and in under two hours’ time you will find yourself in Uluda? just outside Bursa. Uluda? Mountain (Great Mountain) is where the skiers head to for their winter recreation of skiing. At an elevation of 2,543 m you can catch the cable car to take you to the top of this delightful spot. It’s one of the oldest ski areas in Turkey and the locals hold it dear to their hearts.

What does owning a villa in Istanbul, Marmara, Turkey offer you? A city location, beaches on its Black Sea and on the Sea of Marmara. Shopping, whether it’s at bazaars or designer boutiques, a range of sports, including skiing, watersports and sailing. Museums, art galleries and ancient monuments and beautiful homes in upmarket locations, throughout Istanbul that will enhance your lifestyle.