Property Investment in Valencia

Over the last 25 years Valencia has become an attractive option for many foreign investors as the city offers excellent weather conditions, favourable economic climate and high quality of life. Property investment in Valencia has become very popular over the past few years, as investors have realised that buying property is a more reliable and profitable way of making money than stock markets.

We are specialists in selling properties with modern-style architecture built by top developers. The property market is booming due to an influx of expatriates, plus people wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

Properties for sale in Valencia are high quality, with many located on the coast line, or with golf courses and other local amenities.

property investment in valencia

Spotblue offers a way for you to invest in property in Valencia, the third largest city in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona. The Spanish government has made it easier for international investors to purchase a property in Spain, and the best part is there is no need to speak Spanish!

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Top Reasons to Invest in Valencia

An economically vibrant city and cultural centre of Spain, Valencia is a historically and geographically important city. It’s a bustling coastal metropolis full of life and culture home to numerous famous landmarks in Spain, including the iconic City of Arts and Sciences. It boasts beautiful architecture, fantastic weather, an attractive lifestyle and good infrastructure. According to the 2014 Mercer Livability Ranking, it is one of the most liveable cities in the world.

The city is convenient for ordinary commuters and travellers because it is easy to get around by foot, taxi or public transport. Accommodation is varied, including hotel options, hostel alternatives and apartments to acquire through investment in property in Valencia. Here are other important reasons why you should seriously consider a property investment in Valencia.

It is the third largest and most populous metropolitan area in Spain

Valencia is the third largest and most populous metropolitan area in Spain, after Madrid and Barcelona, and its territory is largely contiguous with the province of Castellón.

It is located on the Mediterranean coast on the east side of the Iberian peninsula and borders the provinces of Castellón, Albacete, and Murcia. Valencia is integrated into an industrial area on the Rio Turia as well as into the conduit of the Mediterranean Sea, home to the city’s fishing and history.

Buzzing and dynamic economy

Valencia is experiencing a boom in housing demand. This can be explained by its increasingly dynamic economy, the transparency of the legal regulations, and the high quality of life enjoyed by people living in the region. These premises combine to create an environment that is highly attractive to property investors who wish to buy property in Valencia.

Valencia is also experiencing a surge of infrastructural development, with improvements to its metro system and the expansion of its port that will allow it to become one of Europe’s largest ports in the next decade. Spotblue can give you a professional insight into investing in this exciting European city.

Strategic position

Valencia is located in the South of Spain and is considered as a strategic point between Europe, America and Africa. Its geographic location means that it is well connected by air, road and rail to all major centres of business and trade .

Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Valencia is an essential stop along Spain’s Mediterranean coast. It is an hour from Barcelona and about a three-hour drive to Madrid, as well as the borders of France and Andorra.

property investment in valencia

Business tourism

Venture to Valencia and watch your investment grow. It’s a vibrant, culturally rich city that’s only 40km south of Barcelona, with excellent transport links and warm weather all year round. These factors make it incredibly attractive to tourists, who often decide to stay on for longer and relocate permanently.

Valencia is rapidly becoming a magnet for expats from all over the world, who come to enjoy its Mediterranean charms and excellent business location. Property prices continue to climb year on year and investments are guaranteed.

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Don’t Wait to Invest in Valencia Modern-Style Homes

It is very important for everyone to find a place their heart loves. And Valencia may be even more than just a place, it might become part of your soul with its amazing charm and unique beauty.

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