Valencia Mediterranean Sea

valencia mediterranean sea

Enjoy a Mediterranean lifestyle with friendly locals, great weather, optimal security, and a traditional and modern mixture when you come to Valencia for holiday or to stay permanently.

Valencia’s welcoming atmosphere and mild climate create a place that welcomes people from all over the world. With its long seafaring history and a location along the Mediterranean Sea, Valencia is a seaside haven for lovers of fine art, athletes, and food enthusiasts.

Valencia is the perfect destination for your next real estate investment as it captures the bright, lively boat views you’ve come to expect from a Mediterranean style city.

Located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, the possibilities are endless here.

Experience the Mediterranean Cuisine

The Mediterranean Sea is one of the most beautiful areas of Valencia, both to visit and to have lunch or dinner. Make the most of your stay at Valencia Marina by enjoying delicious food by the sea. Tons of restaurants offer Mediterranean dishes with a local twist accompanied by fresh fish.

The restaurants have a pleasant and relaxed setting with an incredible sea view, and they are very close to the beach so you can go for a stroll on the sand afterwards.

Dine at Marina Nightlife

Experience the nightlife of this lively Mediterranean city when you spend some time on the Marina. The marina is the epicentre for Valencia’s nightlife, where you can enjoy all types of activities depending on your mood. It’s a great place to mingle with Valencia locals year-round.

Dine on the water at one of the many coastal restaurants, or party all night long at some of the best bars and clubs in the city. There are numerous bars and restaurants in the marina. The Spanish love to socialize at close quarters, and this makes the Marina a lively area.

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Enjoy Superb Boat trips and Regattas

If you fancy boating, the Mediterranean Sea is the place to be. The lovely people here can help you get on the water and into your boat. Escape the hustle and bustle of Valencia, and discover the spectacular Mediterranean coast on a boat trip. For the love of all things nautical, get yourself on board for a gorgeous boat trip around the Mediterranean sea and indulge in unbelievably romantic sunsets.

This is the perfect way to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea. Come for a day, come for a week to enjoy the romance of sailing, eating delicious food by the sea, sunsets and dances under the stars.

Enjoy a Friendly Temperature

Valencia is known for its great weather all year round. You will be proud and happy to live in this region with its ever-pleasant weather which is sublime for your health and wellbeing.

Valencia temperature is friendly because of its long, hot, dry and humid weather which gives it a distinctly Mediterranean feel. Here you can enjoy any season free from extremes temperature, making it a year-round destination.

This region is known to have a constant moderate temperature that is also quite predictable making it a great choice for travelling. You’ll enjoy every season in Valencia discovering things you’ve never seen before.

valencia mediterranean sea

Live with History at The Ciutat Vella

Valencia’s city centre is home to many fantastic places to eat and drink, not to mention a great shopping scene. Its old-world charm makes Valencia a destination for both tourists and locals alike. The historic centre, the Ciutat Vella, is a city within a city filled with warm sunshine, proud locals, and picturesque streets.

Valencia’s city centre is ancient and modern at the same time. The city’s pale stone buildings and Mediterranean architecture are refreshing to the eye when stacked against the busy streets lined with shops and restaurants.

Unusual Safe-Care

Apart from being a favourite spot for activities such as strolling along the beach and dining with unparalleled views of the Mediterranean, Valencia has long been known for its health benefits.

Come here to get in touch with your body, mind, and soul. You can practice yoga or start to paddleboard. You can do this while staying safe with a certified instructor. From jet skis and parasailing to wakeboarding and water-skiing, there’s plenty here to explore.

Terraces at Night

At Valencia, there are plenty of terraces that provide a place to unwind at the end of the day. When the sun goes down and you want to chill, take a stroll along the beach or visit one of the many terraces to listen to live music and enjoy the Mediterranean vibe. Quiet at night, the beach area near the marina has plenty of terraces with some well-known for playing music.

As you can see, there are tons of things to experience in Valencia, all of which you can enjoy either as a visitor or a property owner. If you are interested in owning property in this Mediterranean haven, you are on the right page. Browse through our listings of property for sale in Valencia on our website here at Spot Blue property. Get in touch with us for more info when you find what you like.