Real Estate For Sale in Mijas

Have you ever visited Mijas Costa in Spain? It is truly a beautiful place, and here at Spot Blue, we work hard to make sure that the real estate for sale in Mijas is of the highest quality. We understand that not everyone has the opportunity to travel to their holiday destination before they invest in it. Our goal is to provide you with a level of service that will make you feel confident in your purchase.

With no small amount of pride, we present to you the culmination of all we have worked towards. The elusive dream of owning a piece of real estate in Mijas Costa may now be in the palm of your hand. Here you will find a mix of properties designed to suit every taste and needs. Whatever your ideal property is, the key to finding your dream home in the costa is to start with Spot Blue today! You can begin your quest for your dream home right now!


Where is Mijas?

Mijas is a delightful town located in the region of Costa del Sol, in Andalusia, Spain. This municipality is experiencing rapid growth as more and more people adopt it as their main residential location.

It is a residential area built on hills amongst the five golf courses in the area which borders the mountains. In addition, it has breathtaking panoramic views of the Mediterranean sea.

The village is not only known as a tourist destination but also as a residential location that holds some stunning properties. The town enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate all year round.

Why choose a real estate property Mijas?

Large urbanization rate

New urbanization projects are popping up in Mijas all the time, making it a popular spot to buy Spanish property.

A large urbanization rate means a higher than average supply of urbanized properties for sale in Mijas. Competition is fierce among buyers and prices are kept high with competition leading to better deals for homebuyers in this area.

Those looking to buy a property in Spain are best advised to invest in an up-and-coming area such as Mijas, where prices are low. Over half of the population of Spain lives in the suburbs, so investing in an apartment or villa by the coast is a smart move.

Proximity to the coast

Mijas is close to the beach and a few meters from the long sandy beaches that surround it. In addition to its wide distribution of homes, Mijas offers easy access to nearby villages and towns such as Fuengirola and Puerto Banus.

Nice climate

Owning a real estate property in Mijas is the dream of many residents of the Costa del Sol, also for foreigners. Aside from its peaceful setting and excellent climate, the area is also known for its hospitality.

Wide range of outdoor activities

A wide range of outdoor activities and entertainment can be found in Mijas. These include golf courses, horseback riding centres, restaurants, discos and a variety of water sports.

Also, there are ancient villages like Mijas Pueblo or Monda, as well as Phoenician archaeological sites.


Good Return on Investment

Mijas has a very strong buyer market. Mijas in recent years has been synonymous with modernity, nature and culture. Mijas is a town that gives way to personal development, progress and well-being. Property prices are low and the level of appreciation is higher than with many other areas in southern Spain. This means that you can get a good return on your investment. Its location, accessibility, and low-interest-rate make it a great place to live and invest. For those wishing to settle in Mijas, Spot Blue offers a selection of smart real estate properties, as well as quality for sale. Consider our wide range of real estate offers (from apartments and villas). Our team will support you through the whole process of buying a property of your choice. Contact us today: +44 (0) 208 339 6036 or via mail at

Is investing in real estate in Mijas worth it?

Yes! Mijas has all the right ingredients. From historical buildings to modern facilities, urban amenities, and a tranquil rural setting. Furthermore, there are high rental yields and very low maintenance costs - properties don't need as much work as in other areas.

In addition, Mijas is now seen as a prime spot for investing in real estate in Spain. Investment in tourism real estate is increasing, while other types of property investments are also growing. And these are only some of the great reasons to invest in real estate in Mijas. Besides providing a stable income, these properties increase in value, generating wealth for their owners.

Investing in Mijas property is a safe investment, and property prices continue to rise as the demand for homes in Mijas grows. There are many cheap opportunities to buy as this is a buyer's market, with more properties on the market and fewer buyers. Get in touch today to discuss your needs.

Fun things to do in Mijas

Visit Mijas Pueblo for picturesque views

Mijas Pueblo is a converted Moorish village of whitewashed buildings. It's one of the few places in Spain that has a castle, church and mosque built in the same location. Mijas is surrounded by the wild Sierra Blanca mountains and lush vegetation. This is why the village is so popular with tourists or for people who are looking to purchase property in Mijas.

Also, Mijas Pueblo is always a lively place with a lively market and live concerts. Don't miss the Chocolate Factory and learn traditional Mijas chocolate production.


Visit beach bars in La Cala de Mijas

Sitting at a bar by the sea is a relaxation technique that should be etched into your mind. The beach bars in La Cala de Mijas are the ideal environment to wipe out any tension you might have and just leave it buried under a pile of sand.

Additionally, there are many things to do on the beach and in the water, such as snorkelling and scuba diving. You can also stroll along the beach and take pictures, go sightseeing, or swim in the sea or lie on the beach.

Go for a stroll on Mijas Costa

The coastline of Mijas Costa is stunning, serving as a prime location for swimming and sunbathing. It stretches from Cabopino to Fuengirola and is one of the most popular resorts along this stretch of coastline. On summer days, the sea can be a lively blue colour – hence the name Mijas Blue.

The entire area has been remodelled into a pedestrian walkway where you can enjoy the sun while cycling or strolling on the promenade. Indeed, Mijas Costa is a fantastic place to walk and enjoy the nice views.

Play golf in Calanova

Mijas is full of fun things to do with the family, for young and old alike. The Calanova is a golf club with 18 holes par 72 / 5.866 meters and accommodates everyone from beginners to experienced golfers.

The golf club is located in the picturesque golf valley with a great view of La Cala de Mijas, Costa del Sol. It is just five minutes away from the Sea. Aside from spectacular views and lush greens, the coastal course offers stunning holes. Each hole has a different and enchanting landscape that will allow you to enjoy every moment and relax your mind.

Go hiking in Sierra de Mijas

Let yourself be blown away by the wonderful views as you hike through natural mountains, "Sierra de Mijas". Whether you are experienced or a complete beginner, there is a route for all tastes and levels.

Day hikes or multi-day treks, amidst nature or in the nearby small villages. Hiking and exploring will be a major activity in Mijas. But even if you're not much into hiking, there are other interesting things to do. You can visit one of the countless museums or see an exhibit at the cultural centre. If you're looking to buy a property here you'll find there are properties available to suit your requirements with Spot Blue. Contact us today!

Real estate options for sale in Mijas

Mijas-Costa was officially designated as one of the most attractive places to live in Spain. Mijas offers a wide range of properties for sale with all kinds of amenities, services and public facilities. This town is particularly known for its diversity of landscapes, climate. It also has an impressive landscape created by the mountains that surround it. Check out our new range of properties today!


The elegant villas for sale in Mijas offer you a unique opportunity to live the dream of your home. Locations are: Mijas Costa, Andalusia, Mijas Pueblo, La Cala de Mijas, Las Lagunas, Calahonda, and Riviera.

This villa has large, spacious rooms, vaulted ceilings, and original wood beams that have been restored to their original charm. Our team has been selling real estate in Mijas for over 10 years. We are proud to offer you the best property deals with luxury villas for sale in Mijas.


Our apartments are perfect for those wishing to buy their own home in Mijas. We have a wide range of fully furnished apartments for sale in Mijas, each in different sizes and styles.

These apartments are located in Mijas Costa, Andalusia, Mijas Pueblo, La Cala de Mijas, Las Lagunas, Calahonda, and Riviera. They are ideal for people wanting to live in an authentic and traditional style.


Key features of our real estate properties

  • State of the art designs
  • Spacious living room
  • Fully kitted kitchen
  • Bespoke number of bedrooms
  • Garage
  • Mediterranean Sea view
  • Pool
  • Air conditioning

Can I get a mortgage in Mijas?

Several Spanish banks are available to offer you the help you need if you are thinking about getting a mortgage in Mijas. The minimum payment for a Spanish mortgage is 30% of the purchase price, with interest rates of 2%. For non-residents, the maximum mortgage is usually 70% of the property value, regardless of the value of the house.

If you are interested in buying a real estate property, Spot Blue may be able to help you obtain the best mortgage deals in Mijas. We help clients find the best price for a property, regardless of its size or type and arrange for the best mortgage to fund the purchase.

Can foreigners buy an apartment in Mijas?

Yes. Real estate in Mijas is a very popular area to buy property, not just for Spanish investors but also for foreigners. There are several foreign owners of properties in the town and there is no reason why you should not be able to do the same.

At Spot Blue, we have clients from all over the world, and we welcome people from every country. We know that in today's difficult times, finding good value for your money is very important. That is one of our main objectives when helping you buy an apartment from our listings.

With Spot Blue, your investment in real estate is based on solid foundations both financially and legally.

Why choose Spot Blue to buy real estate in Mijas?

If you are looking to buy or sell a house in Mijas and the surrounding area, then we are here to help you through every step of the way. We have been helping clients with property sales and purchase for many years.

In addition, we have a well-designed website that brings you more leads and makes the process faster. You'll get access to online property management tools and instant price updates, as well as the latest listings. For our sellers, Spot Blue provides full administration and management services that make it easier to sell your home.

Again, we offer professional real estate service to get things moving faster. Spot Blue is highly focused on buying and selling properties in Mijas. This means we really know the local market and can act fast – just what you need when buying property in Spain.

Our team will guide you through buying or selling your home, helping you get it at the best price and find the right buyer as soon as possible.

Browse a listing of our Mijas real estate

Find the right property for sale in Mijas from the extensive selection listed in Spot Blue's real estate online property portal. Search for your dream home in Mijas (Mijas Costa, Andalusia, Mijas Pueblo, La Cala de Mijas, Las Lagunas, Calahonda, and Riviera) on Spot Blue.

There are properties, estate agents and real estate offices of all kinds in Mijas, but we at Spot Blue Real Estate stand out from our colleagues. We know how to help you sell your house or buy it! For more information, call us to discuss your needs.

Ready to see a few perfect properties?

Are you looking for a home in Mijas? Spot Blue is here to assist with your real estate search. We've gathered some of the best properties on offer in Mijas so that you can compare what's out there and find the right property for you.

Take a look through our properties listing and if you see something that piques your interest. Get in touch with us today at +44 (0) 208 339 6036 or via mail at


Is Mijas a safe place to live?
Yes, Mijas is a very safe place to live with all the facilities of an active town and many other small adjoining local villages. It is a great area for families and senior sales agents alike. The town itself is very safe, yet we urge caution.

Besides, the locals are friendly and very welcoming. Mijas has a thriving community spirit with all sorts of activities including fiestas throughout the year.

Does Mijas have nice views?
Yes. There are many properties in and around Mijas that have a view of the sea. Even some offer panoramic views of the Mediterranean sea or its bluish waters.
How much is property tax in Mijas?
Spanish property taxes, also known as impuestos sobres huebles and unofficially as predial, tend to be moderate. Rates are set by the provincial government with a range of between 0.00405% and 0.01166% based on the value of the property.

A handy online calculator online has been built by Spot Blue to ease the calculation of your tax obligations on your next home purchase.

How much does it cost to buy a real estate property in Mijas?
Prices can range from €70,000 to over €1 million. The cost of purchasing a property in Mijas will depend on many factors such as property type, location, age and amenities. For example, a studio apartment in Mijas will have fewer features and will likely be cheaper than a large terraced house with a sea view.

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