Best Places to Buy Property in Portugal

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If you are looking at the best places to buy property in Portugal, take pride in multiple choices that promote something unique alongside life in the sun. Some towns encourage nightlife while others like Lisbon enjoy cultural heritage or the Algarve with its upmarket standards. Most destinations are ideal options for foreigners buying houses, and Portugal’s real estate market offers many apartments and villas to call your home from home.

With well-established local property markets and freehold house deeds, Portugal is also ripe for a real estate investment and the golden visa program, despite being often overlooked by Spain. The country promotes various lifestyles, a welcoming attitude to foreign ex-pats, low taxes, affordable living, excellent value for money with property prices, and a strategic position that makes getting to Portugal from other countries easy. Need we say more! So, let us look at where to buy a property and why they rank as the best in Portugal.

Guide to the Best Places to Buy Property in Portugal

1: Buy in Lisbon – Capital of Portugal

Capital cities always appear on the list for real estate, and in Portugal’s case, this is beautiful Lisbon. Lisbon ranks well for investment house hunters, but budget buyers might want to look elsewhere since prices per square meter for buying houses have already peaked. In terms of attractions, Lisbon offers everything and anything well planned out urban landscapes in Portugal should.

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From an impressive transport network to arts and music scenes to food delights and shopping. If you choose buy a house in Lisbon, consider the merits of individual areas and districts like Alfama, Lapa, Campo De Ourique, Chiado, Principe real, Estrela, Belem, Parque Das Nacoes.

2: See the best of Portugal in Porto

Porto consistently ranks, mainly for ex-pats retiring in Portugal. One luring aspect, high liquidity, keeps the domestic and foreign house markets going with high demand. Additionally, Porto offers everything Lisbon does but just on a smaller scale. The attractions and various things to do are perfect for retirees in Portugal with much time on their hands.


Throughout Porto, expect to find great modern and old architecture, as well as cultural heritage, on all corners. Given its northern position, residents in this area of the country compromise on yearly sunshine compared to the south. Yet places like Vila do Conde, Douro Valley, and Vila Nova de Gaia perfectly highlight the lure and attraction.

3: Areas in the Algarve of Portugal

Anyone buying property to rent it out for the summer holidays should head to the Algarve region of Portugal. The Algarve region gives impressive rental yields, but research local markets and prices carefully because there are already great apartments and villas to rent, so competition is stiff. Otherwise, daily life is top-notch with an impressive bus system around the Algarve and tooutside towns.


Lagos, one popular place in the Algarve, has risen in popularity over ten years and still tends to be the commonplace people look at in the Algarve. Lagos is in the western Algarve, but popular eastern places include Alcoutim, Tavira, and Pedrogo. Whereas Loule, Albufeira, and Vilamoura are popular central areas. Lastly, Algarve is definitely for golfing fans.

4: Coastline Luxury in Cascais

Sitting just west of Lisbon, Cascais, famed for gorgeous sandy havens and an expensive marina, presents another worthy choice for prices. Homebuyers pay higher prices for coastal properties with fantastic sea views, but local real estate markets do luxury homes with style and finesse. Non-drivers can use the reliable bus network system, and given its touristic appeal, there are many things to do. Naturally, a laid-back, stress-free life lure retirees, hence large international communities already living there. Cascais is within an hour’s drive from Lisbon, so ideal for those who want all benefits of city living but don’t want to be in the heart. Overall, Cascais offers an upmarket lifestyle, investor potential, rich historical timeline, blend of village living, but with all the benefits of a city, wealth of international schools for families, excellent range of restaurants, vibrant market, and numerous gorgeous stretches of sand.

5: The Charm of Coimbra in central Portugal

Dating from Roman times, the aqueduct is just one example of fine architectural gems this region offers. Sitting between Lisbon and Porto, Coimbra boasts of Europe’s oldest university, which is also UNESCO listed. Additionally, the old town part on the Rio Modego banks, with colourful properties, is a travel delight to explore.

best places to buy property in portugal

Don’t think Coimbra is all about visiting history, though, because it blends traditional with new with excellence, style and finesse. Coimbra offers stylish eateries, bars, and shopping malls for ultimate cash spending experiences. Impressive transport networks eliminate the need to drive, while beach getaways in Portugal are within a couple of hours.

6: Best of Property in the Silver Coast

Stretching from Lisbon to Nazare, the Silver Coast is an ideal alternative to the Algarve thanks to lower property prices but still offers coastal living in Europe. The region has a typical sun, sea and sand lifestyle yet is a short drive to major cities and airports. For somewhere, with an established community of foreigners, look at property in Caldas da Rainha. The Silver Coast, a surfing hotspot, mixes it up with various community events, cultural attractions, and leisure pastimes throughout the year. Popular areas to buy property are Aveiro, Figueira da Foz, Nazare, Caldas da Rainha, and Peniche.

7: Best Places for property Investment in Alentejo

Alentejo, a place associated with fine Portuguese wine, promotes culinary excellence in local oils, meats, and cheeses. Separating into the upper and lower regions of Alto and Baixo, Alentejo is another seaside property destination in Portugal. However, fantastic landscape views lead to inland locations with abundant property opportunities.


For beaches, look at Vila Nova de Milfontes, or for quieter days, consider Mertola, which promotes peace in abundance during the off-season. In addition, Evora offers up medieval vibes, and locally grown produce attracts food lovers from throughout Portugal. Other places to consider for real estate are Portalegre and Marvao.

8: Buying Real Estate in Braga

Belonging to the Minho region, Braga is another destination in Portugal with a rich, colourful history. Well known for its student population because of the university, Braga promotes local cuisine through numerous restaurants, cafes, and eateries. Budget house hunters and buy to let property landlords like Braga. The market has some well-priced apartments and houses for sale. To mix it up, beaches are half an hour away or enjoy Portugal’s extensive Geres mountain range 15 minutes drive away. Alternatively, arrive in Spain within 40 minutes. With around 2,500 hours of sunshine annually, Braga is a worthy contender for property for sale.

Property Buying Process in Portugal

  • Find your dream home in Portugal by searching our portfolio of apartments and villas for sale. Each listing includes everything to know like purchase price, location, home features and contact details to find out more via email or arrange a viewing.
  • You need to source a solicitor in Portugal and a currency specialist of your choice. The latter will arrange euro exchange rates and transfer fees, and they offer better rates than banks.
  • Pay a deposit, and sign a promissory note in front of the lawyer. Get the notary office in Portugal to oversee the agreement. Arrange a building survey.
  • Pay all necessary taxes and fees for a sale in Portugal, which is roughly 8 to 10 per cent, then pay the remainder of the purchase price, sign for your deeds, and take the keys to become the proud owner.
  • Don’t forget new connection or change of name of utilities
  • Read more on how to buy property in Portugal as a foreigner

Helpful Tips and Advice for Purchasing in Portugal

  • Know your exact reason for buying property, whether an investment, business, retirement in Portugal, all-year-round living, or holiday home. This will largely dictate where to buy in Portugal
  • Have an average checklist of what you want in areas and property like the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, pool, garden, distance to social amenities. Also, consider the property type. For example, rural, coastal, apartment or city living.
  • Know your exact budget and factor in closing costs like taxes.
  • Know what you do not want. For example, buying a six-bedroom house if the kids come across for holidays in Portugal isn’t cost-effective overall.

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Golden Visa: Out of average investment programs worldwide, the Golden Visa Portugal scheme is one of the most popular. Launched in 2012, thousands of non-EU nationalities worldwide have used it to invest and central residency rights for themselves and their family. This guide talks about it more in-depth.

Our Service for Your Property Purchase in Portugal

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