Regions of Spain & Interesting Facts About Autonomous Communities

Whether you are planning a holiday, want to buy a property, or your interest is just out of curiosity, learning about the regions of Spain is an exciting journey into a diverse and famous country. Each autonomous community shines through with individuality and collectively, their interesting quirks and facts promote Spain to an international audience. […]

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Best European Countries to Retire to

When thinking about the best European countries to retire to, official stats, figures and testimonials from people who already live overseas helps a lot. For this article, we have picked International Living who has one of the best professional reputations for anything concerned with expats and living abroad. First publishing 41 years ago, they compile […]

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The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Moving to Spain

When it comes to the biggest mistakes people have made when moving to Spain, do not assume they are rare. Nearly every customer wishes they had done something different. While some have hair-raising tales to tell, others talk about little details that interrupted a smooth move. We do not know of any expat living abroad, […]

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Where to Buy on the Costa Del Sol

Knowing where to buy on the Costa Del Sol is about doing your homework. As well as finding a place to fit in with your property budget, and cost of living, it is important to match your lifestyle preferences for a long-term move and not a swift flight. The good news is plenty of places […]

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Living in Spain: Reasons to Do It and Tips to Making the Move

For many global expats, living in Spain is the best life move they have ever made. The proof of how famous the country is for foreigners is in statistics. Although many expatriates live there, one significant community is British expats who total over 300,000. Indeed, for many, but especially retirees, moving to Spain was the […]

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The Best Place to Retire in Spain: 6 Popular Destinations

Knowing where the best place to retire in Spain boils down to two aspects. Your personal lifestyle preferences and affordability. Lifestyle aspects to consider when choosing places to live, are whether you want a coastal region, to live in one of many small towns, or to soak up art and culture in one of Spain’s […]

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10 Things Spain is Famous For

The long list of things Spain is famous for is a collection of niches forming one national identity that reaches across the globe. Indeed, every year, Spain’s tourism industry, one of the world’s best, welcomes millions of tourists who descend on the Mediterranean country to sample all things Spanish. Some things are bizarre. Others have […]

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8 Good Reasons to Buy Property in Spain

As with any significant lifestyle purchase, asking yourself what are the reasons to buy property in Spain is advisable, as is doing your homework before signing on the dotted line. Pinpointing why you want to buy and what you expect from this real estate purchase will prevent stress and heartbreak further down the line. The […]

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Where to Buy Property in Spain

For foreigners, knowing where to buy property in Spain can be a daunting task given the massive range of destinations. However, we can narrow down choices by looking at past and current trends which rank the southern and eastern regions, otherwise, the Costas fronting the Mediterranean highly on the list. The Balearic Islands like Mallorca […]

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Where Do Expats Live in Spain?

To answer the question of where expats live in Spain is not easy. According to local newspaper reports, expats make up a staggering 12% of the population and live in many of Spain’s 17 official regions. As creatures of habit, we gather in areas where we find similarities so, for example; many Americans live in […]

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