Spain’s Abandoned Villages: The Debate about Rural Living

Spain’s Abandoned Villages: The Debate about Rural Living

Last Christmas, real estate interest in Spain’s abandoned villages for sale peaked when the actress, Gwyneth Paltrow suggested they would be an ideal gift. Estimations show 3000 ghost towns as locals call them, sit dormant across the country. Starting prices are the same as a luxury car, making this a tempting idea for many. However, […]

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Ryanair Targets Alicante with Increased Flight Schedules

From July to September 2019, Ryanair is targeting Brits looking for a sunny getaway with increased flights schedules to Alicante. Sitting in the Costa Blanca region of Spain, Alicante is a famous getaway destination for British holidaymakers, and Ryanair wants to tap into its popularity and high demand by selling more seats. Flights from Birmingham […]

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The Best Places to Buy Property in Spain

Anyone looking at the best places to buy property in Spain will be overwhelmed with the choice. Having been a firm holiday and second home destination for Brits and other nationalities over many decades, the towns, cities and small coastal resorts all over Spain bring something unique to the international property market. So deciding where […]

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Greece, Spain and Turkey’s Tourism Industries Close the Year on a High

Official government stats from Greece, Turkey and Spain report 2018 as an excellent year for their tourism industries with either an increase in visitors and/or expenditure. The bounce back following previous years when the travel market across the globe slumped because of terrorism fears is fuelling optimism for 2019. Turkish Tourism Bounces Back One country […]

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4 Luxury Homes in Alicante That Ooze Elegance and Style

Alicante dominates the Costa Blanca coastline, not only for tourism but also for foreign property sales and expat living. Anyone who has cash to indulge in the upscale sector of the Spanish real estate market can be assured that luxury homes in Alicante deliver elegance and style in abundance. Architects understand upmarket buyers want the […]

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Costa Del Sol - The Hotspot for British Property Buyers

So far, 2018 is proving to be a record year for British property buyers on the Spanish southern coast of the Costa Del Sol. Some say the upturn is because of a looming Brexit deadline, but other possibilities include expectations for Spanish property to rise 5% in 2018 and a lucrative and stable exchange rate […]

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Where to Buy Property in Costa Blanca?

Many people but especially first-time buyers often wonder where to buy property in Costa Blanca. As home to Spain’s largest community of British retirees, the trendy destination also ranks Brits as being the top foreign nationality making real estate investments. Your budget is a major factor in deciding where to buy, because some places are […]

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Buying in Spain – The All Important Financial Factors

Whether you are looking for a budget property below 100K, or leaning towards a high end villa costing over 500,000K buying in Spain, or indeed in any other country, it is nothing short of a huge decision, and therefore not an issue to take lightly. Before taking any steps towards buying a property, it is […]

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Alicante Property Market Forges Ahead with British Interest

A report by Place in the Sun has revealed the Alicante property market is rebounding in style and Brits are playing a large part in the revival that is also being seen in other coastal resorts of Spain. From January to March 2018, property sales in Alicante rose roughly 40% for each month year-on-year. This […]

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Outlook for the Spanish Property Market Looks Bright

An increase in real estate sales shows the outlook for the Spanish property market turned a corner in 2017, as the country’s Land Register Office reported a rise in domestic and foreign purchases in most districts. Insiders are welcoming the news showing the housing sector has recovered after a disastrous 9 years in which property […]

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