4 Celebrities Who Bought Homes in Portugal

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Celebrities, with all their free-flowing cash, can buy houses anywhere in the world, but, increasingly more are buying up real estate in Portugal, therefore enhancing its reputation as a jet-setters haven. Since money flows freely for them, prices of property are irrelevant, and it is instead the Mediterranean charms of Portugal that lure them.

The ideal weather climate, delicious cuisine and a healthy lifestyle are just a few of many reasons why people move there. Then, there are beaches, beautiful beaches, and stunning landscapes. But what famous names own homes there and why do they buy?

Celebrities Who Own Property in Portugal

Madonna And Family

By far, the most talked about is Madonna, who opened her doors to Vogue Italia for an in-depth interview on her new life in Portugal. Madonna bought an 18th-century mansion in Lisbon that is nothing short of stunning. The 16,000 square foot property with four bedrooms and seven bathrooms cost 8 million USD. Rather than just use it as a part-time residence, Madonna moved her whole family there.

Lisbon is Portugal’s most important and wealthiest district and in May 2018, Forbes said it is the most popular destination for foreigners buying homes in Portugal. Other famous celebrities who own property in Lisbon include Scarlett Johansson, Eric Cantona, Michael Fassbender and John Malkovich who has invested in several businesses.

Bonnie Tyler and the Algarve

Instead of following trends, Bonnie Tyler sets them, because she first bought property in the 1970s after falling in love with the Algarve, while recording an album. Many travellers and jet-setters say the Algarve matches and even outranks other upscale destinations like Saint Tropez or Cannes, but she cites an uncomplicated way of life her reason for moving there. Bonnie lives in the Santa Eulalia resort, and in 2009 knocked down her five-bedroom villa to build a full-frontal glass home with elaborate garden water features.

Ronan Keating at Quinta Do Lago

Every year, in a discreet corner of the Algarve, Quinta do Largo hosts many celebrities including artist, singer, musician and philanthropist, Ronan Keating. The residential estate also doubles up as a golf resort and is part of the golden triangle, an area covering the Algarve’s most affluent districts.

Little is known about his property, but his like-minded neighbours include Ant and Dec. Irish billionaire Denis Obrien owns, and runs Quinta do Largo, which could explain why many Irish millionaires’ own homes there as well.

Buy Cliff Richard’s Wine Estate

Cliff Richard is another long-term celebrity resident of Portugal, and while his residence isn’t for sale, his wine estate including three on-site homes, all with their own swimming pools is. Cliff spent a lot of time in Portugal when false allegations and a scandal engulfed his world.

The wine estate has been on the market for a while now, even though Cliff slashed the price by a staggering 3 million USD, but for that, you are buying an already proven business, vineyard and all equipment to make your bottle of plonk!

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