Costa Blanca: Where To Buy A Home

If you have decided it is time to try living somewhere new, you have no shortage of options. At Spot Blue, we are pleased to say we have helped many property buyers find their ideal home, often in an exotic setting. If the Costa Blanca has caught your eye, we will show you where to buy a house that helps you feel at home.

One thing that stands out in Costa Blanca is the difference between the northern and southern areas. If you are looking for an area with a warm climate and flat terrains on the cost, consider the south of Costa Blanca. Anyone looking for an area that is slightly hillier and cooler, with a lot more greenery on show, the northern region of Costa Blanca will grab your attention.

Determine what your preferences when moving to Costa Blanca

It is not to say one area is better than the other. These differences are notable, and your preference between the two regions will likely come down to personal choice. If you are looking to sunbathe and take life easy, southern Costa Blanca is ideal for you. If you would rather live in an area where you can enjoy challenging walks over varied terrains, head to the north!

Work out your budget before moving to Costa Blanca

It would be fair to say the budget is an issue for people when buying a property. While the northern region of Costa Blanca, for many people, is prettier and more spacious, the average property is more expensive than property in the south. If your budget allows it, this isn’t a problem, and you’ll enjoy a lifestyle that creates a good getaway from the stress and pressure of life in the United Kingdom.

Villajoyosa provides a different lifestyle in Alicante

While there are many areas of Alicante which provide you with a British feel, we believe many people want a more authentic taste of Spain when they move abroad. Villajoyosa stands out from the crowd, and you’ll either love or hate the rows of brightly coloured houses here.

There is a large sandy beach, and we think there is a lot of local charm and colour to this area. If you are keen to live your new life in a style more akin to the Spanish, Villajoyosa is a Costa Blanca resort you should consider.

Alicante offers a different taste of Costa Blanca life

With so much situated close to the city centre, you don’t need to have access to a vehicle to make the most out of life in Alicante. The palm tree-lined streets create a perfect setting for a working city that will welcome you with something slightly different.

If you are looking for a new Spanish home close to the beach, Alicante delivers, but there is so much more here to take your fancy. This is a thriving resort, with a working port, and there is a combination of old and new.

Whether you prefer the old town area, or you appreciate contemporary shops, bars and restaurants, everything is within easy reach. Alicante caters to a Spanish market, so if you want to immerse yourself in the culture of Spain, Alicante is a great location to set up home.

Benidorm will always be available for those looking for a taste of home, but we know many would prefer to leave that lifestyle as an occasional treat or diversion, as opposed to a daily occurrence. There is plenty of nightlife attractions in Alicante, with Thursday, Friday and Saturday being particularly busy, but there is less focus on the ex-pat market.

In summer, Alicante welcomes Spanish holidaymakers from the capital and other inland towns so that the beaches will be busy. However, spring, autumn and winter provide more space to breathe, and take in the beauty which surrounds you.

Gran Alicant and Guardamar also offer a chance to relax and make the most of a new life in an idyllic setting.

No matter what represents your ideal life in Costa Blanca, there is a perfect setting for you. If you’d like to know more about what Costa Blanca has to offer, and what is right for you, get in touch with Spot Blue.

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