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So, whether you are just visiting or plan to live here permanently, Dubai’s long list of leisure activities effortlessly portrays why the city is one of the world’s top global destinations. At one stage, Dubai was unheard of in the international tourism and real estate market. Yet these days, foreigners flock from around the world to discover this glamour, leisure, and pleasure destination on every corner. Some just holiday here, while others retire to enjoy leisure and pleasure attractions on their doorstep every day of the week. And Dubai does not disappoint. After all, play and fun are what Dubai excels at. So, let us look at the list of leisure places on your bucket list.

16 Leisure Activities in Dubai

1: Visit the Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is Dubai’s top tourist attraction and the world’s tallest building. Comprising Arabic and Islamic architecture, the facility covers 163 floors and naturally includes lifts to take visitors to the observation deck on the 124th floor. There are also restaurants on this floor to enjoy unique leisure at sunset and evening. Sitting in downtown Dubai, to say you visited the Burj Khalifa is a memorising experience that perfectly portrays the brilliance of man’s building skills.

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2: Ski Dubai

So, many people would not place Dubai and ski together in the same sentence when thinking about leisure activities. Yet Ski Dubai attracts many tourists and locals who want to try this sport. So naturally, this is an indoor experience with artificial snow but does not distract from the leisure experience popular with expats who want to remember winters back home in the desert heat. The best thing is Ski Dubai sits in the Emirates Mall, so you do not have far to go.

3: Mall of Emirates

Of course, shopping and Dubai twin together as leisure activities, and ideal places to enjoy splashing the cash. Let us look at the Mall of Emirates as an example. First opening in 2005, these days, the Mall features 100 restaurants and cafes, 80 luxury stores, 250 flagship stores and 630 retail outlets. Then there is the entertainment factor featuring the Ski, as mentioned above and the Dubai theatre and Arts Centre, focusing on family leisure.

4: Desert Safari Activities

This leisure activity encourages you to let your hair down and go wild. Dubai Desert Safari features dune bashing, quad biking, sand boarding, camel riding, henna painting, live shows, a BBQ buffet and belly dances. This leisure activity is particularly popular with groups of friends, and they offer discounts for large bookings. Showcasing Arabic culture, this leisure activity always appears on lists of top things to do in Dubai.

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5: Leisure at the Beach

Naturally, where there is sun, people like the sea and sand. Therefore, beach leisure activities consistently rank highly no matter where you are, and Dubai trumps for families and friends. With 12 kilometres of coastline, beach lovers can choose from the quiet and secluded to prestigious to fun and laughter, depending on your mood for the day. The best beaches in Dubai are Al Mamzar Beach Park, White Beach, Jumeirah Beach, Sunset Beach, JBR Beach, Kite Beach, Al Sufouh Black Palace Beach, and Mercato Beach. Al Mamzar Beach Park is our favourite since the area features swimming pools, children’s play areas, barbeque sites, green lawns, train rides, and picnic areas covering more than 100 hectares.

6: Atlantis Aqua Venture

When looking for water splashing fun, Atlantis Aqua Venture delivers in bucket fills and more. The waterpark has two sections; the first is 60 rides for visitors to enjoy. The second is the marina habitation centre with the sharks and sea lions so kids can learn about our oceans and seas and the mammals that inhabit them. With onsite restaurants and places to chill and relax, this leisure centre delivers everything for the perfect day in Dubai.

7: Legoland Dubai for the Family

Whether you buy day tickets or stay over in the themed hotel, the water park and leisure activity sections at Legoland Dubai always win top marks with children. As well as the onsite restaurants and stores, Legoland is all about fun, fun and more fun. Aimed for children between 2 to 12, LEGOLAND Water Park includes 60 rides, water slides, shows and LEGO building experiences.

8: Dubai Mall Aquarium

Hosting millions of visitors every year, the Dubai Mall Aquarium has pulled all the stops to highlight sea life to the masses. As home to many species, including sea lions, stingrays and sharks, visitors can see them up close in the specially designed nature centres that allow visitors to learn about them in their natural habitats. However, do not think this is an attraction that wins favour with kids either because most adults agree; the aquarium even teaches them many things.

9: Activities in Dubai Parks and Resorts

Now, this is when leisure and fun get serious. This resort features Motion Gate and Bollywood parks alongside the LEGOLAND mentioned above. Motion Gate bases itself on Hollywood with interactive rides and attractions, while Bollywood features the same themes. Also, enjoy the tall rollercoaster and more than 15 other indoor and outdoor rides.

10: Sunset Boat Cruises

Many people hop onboard cruise boats to enjoy the city’s coastline, especially for sunset cruises. Book private trips or shared trips with food and entertainment. There are many variations, so do check with the boat beforehand about their sailing route and what they put on, but this leisure activity is relaxed fun that we highly recommend.

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11: Bastakia Quarter

This visit only takes three hours. Hotspots within this attraction include Dubai’s oldest building dating from the 18th century, the Al Fahidi Fort, and Dubai Museum. This attraction resembles Dubai before all the glitz and glamour came to its shores. Therefore, cultural heritage is of utmost importance and interesting to learn about. The narrow lanes also feature numerous art galleries, cafes, and souvenir shops to wander around.

12: Leisure and Fun on Palm Islands

Palm islands, one of Dubai’s most well-known landmarks, presents Palm Deira, Jebel Ali and Jumeriah. So, naturally, these manufactured structures attract attention simply because they are stunning and great places to spend the day. If you love them that much, book into the accommodation options, including ultimate top luxury hotels. Otherwise, spend the day hanging out on the beaches, exploring the coastline, browsing through the shops, and then dining in restaurants attracting rich celebrities worldwide.

13: Activity Sports in Dubai

Dubai isn’t about always taking leisure and splashing the cash because the city also excels in leisure sports for those who like to push the boundaries. Take skydiving as an example. Other sports to participate in include sandboarding in the desert, and flying out at sea. However, if you want to go slower, Emirates golf club has earned a renowned reputation for excellence.

15: Leisure Spas

Ah, now we are talking about the chance to pamper yourself in style to rejuvenate and recharge. Spa centres in Dubai offer the best in beauty and relaxation treatment, and some of the most well-known names include Talise Ottoman Spa and ShuiQi at Atlantis. Expect the usual standard treatments and more because both excel in the industry as the best of the best.

16: Visit Museum in Dubai

Lastly, if your idea of leisure is browsing through museums, four excellent choices highlight Dubai’s history and the emirates throughout the centuries. Saruq Al Hadid museum, Etihad Museum, Al Shindagha Museum and Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood make learning about Dubai exciting and will undoubtedly open your eyes to massively misunderstood destinations.

Also About Dubai

Famous Buildings: Get ready to be surprised when learning about famous buildings in Dubai. The city used to be a small fishing village, but when they discovered oil in the 1960s, Dubai became a global metropolis. As a result, they constructed buildings with unique architecture and style found nowhere else. The bonus is that some buildings push architectural boundaries by going as tall as possible to display their newfound wealth.

Retire in Dubai: About Us: We Are Spot Blue International property, and we highlight Dubai as the perfect place to buy a property and live. We hope this list of leisure activities in Dubai explains why the city is good to retire. So if you are interested in owning Dubai property or relocating there, call us today and find out why Dubai is one of our top-selling destinations worldwide.

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