5 Reasons Why Expats Like Living in Kusadasi

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For hundreds of expats living in Kusadasi, life is exactly how they imagined it should be. Enjoying a laidback, beachside ambience, they also tap into glorious weather and embrace the Turkish dream. Belonging to Aegean Turkey, Kusadasi is one of the lesser talked about expat resorts, yet it keeps a hard-core fan base, of which many have lived there for decades.

Just after 2003, when the expat lifestyle bore fruit in Turkey, many foreigners living in Kusadasi were Irish, having been long-term holidaymakers in the area. Its other strong point was as a cruise ship destination, hosting large cruise liners bringing in thousands of passengers to see the ancient Ephesus city ruins, a UNESCO World Heritage site and top visited attraction of Turkey.

Yet these days, Kusadasi appeals to a broader range of nationalities and has diversified its cruise ship reputation, therefore prompting the resort to become more multicultural than ever before. In recent years, German Turks have shown keen interest in returning to their roots, and Turkey overall is attracting much attention from Middle Eastern nationalities.

So, what is about Kusadasi that attracts expats?

5 Reasons Why Expats Like Living in Kusadasi

1: Diversity and Choice of Neighbourhoods

Potential homeowners in Kusadasi have a large choice of neighbourhoods to choose from, each with distinct characteristics. As well as the main town centre, Kusadasi stretches to the outskirt resorts of Davutlar and Guzelcamli, and in the other direction, to Bayraklidede Mahallesi, just before the Seljuk province in Izmir.

Retiring Turks from big cities particularly love the laidback lifestyle in Davutlar and Guzelcamli, while Ladies Beach, that is like a mini holiday resort attracts those who love the beachside life with bars, restaurants and water sports facilities fronting the main promenade.

Meanwhile in the city centre, and the heart of the town, other expats choose Cumhuriyet and Dag neighbourhoods, where everything is on their doorstep including banks, local transport networks, medical facilities and of course, bars, restaurants and shops. (Contact us here, if you are buying property in Kusadasi and would like a viewing trip to the region.)

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2: Leisure Choices and Activities

When it comes to leisure activities and enjoying the expat dream in Kusadasi, there is also copious amounts of things to do. Nature lovers, trekkers, photographers and families adore Dilek national park with its scenic landscapes, dramatic coastline and flora and fauna.

Likewise, nearby Sevgi Plaj (lover beach) becomes a BBQ haven on those sweltering summer days, or for peace and quiet, many quiet sandy spots sit along the coastline. For that summer fun of splashing around in water, two of Turkey’s best waterparks, Ada Land and Aqua Fantasy provide lots of family fun or expats simply stroll down to the harbour and board a daily boat cruise sailing around the coastline.

Seljuk and its historical and cultural attractions like Ephesus, the Virgin Mary’s house and Sirince village are just a bus ride away, or more avid explorers, enjoy traditional Turkish villages like Kirazli. Known for its delicious cherries, it promotes a slower paced lifestyle. The list goes on, and nobody can ever complain about a lack of things to do, either free or paid.

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3: Getting There and Getting Around is Easy

Holidaymakers and expats use Izmir airport that is just one hour away during summer and winter. Alternatively, Bodrum airport, two hours drive away has more flights in summer with a broader choice of departing destinations. Both mean that getting to Kusadasi from home countries is easy to do.

Many expats also own a car or small electric bikes to get about independently, but it is not a necessity. Small local buses, departing from the centre connect all districts to each other. Otherwise, buses run to many other places in Turkey from the larger bus station (otogar) on the outskirts. Including taxis and ferry services across to Samos, expats have an impressive transport network to tap into.


4: New and Modern Versus Old and Traditional

Many expats living in Kusadasi like a traditional Turkish lifestyle but they also want their home comforts close by. This is where Kusadasi and its cosmopolitan vibes delivers. Depending on how you feel on any given day, you will find what you want whether it is authentic Turkish village breakfast or an English fry-up with bacon and sausages.

Third wave coffee shops near the cruise port sell every brand and type of coffee you can imagine, or traditional Turkish tea garden sell the national beverage with a more rural atmosphere. Shop at local markets and enjoy banter with Turkish stall holders or go mad in modern shopping malls with international brand names shops.

McDonalds and Burger King offer western fast food or small kebab shops sell traditional street food which is still healthy. Buy a luxury home with all modern cons or live in a more typical Turkish style villa reflecting nostalgic eras gone by. In Kusadasi, choosing between lifestyle preferences is pointless because every day offers an entirely unique way of living.

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5: Affordable Property Prices

Despite a bustling city centre, Kusadasi has a lot of vacant land on the outskirts, and this along with a considerable diversity of neighbourhoods has kept property prices low. Head over to luxury Kalkan in Mediterranean Turkey, and you need to drop quite a few grand on the table for a villa, yet the exact same style of home in Kusadasi costs a lot less because land prices are lower.

This is turn gives mass potential for capital growth and thanks to Kusadasi’s domestic and international reputation, should you want to covert your bricks and mortar asset into cash, you have a global audience to sell to.

See prices and types of property for sale in Kusadasi here, or alternatively, contact us today by phone if you want to speak to a sales representative about buying a home in Turkey.

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