Majorca Towns To Start A New Life

For many people, Majorca is the ideal holiday destination. However, some people fall in love with the island so much they decide they would like to live there. If you are at the stage in life where you are keen for a change of scenery, Majorca may have what you need. At Spot Blue, we appreciate what the island has to offer, and here are some Majorca towns to start a new life.

Sa Rapita

Sa Rapita is around 40km from Palma, but it seems like a world away from the hustle and bustle of the main Majorcan destinations. Sa Rapita is not your standard tourist destination, there is a quieter pace of life on show here.

The roads to and from the destination are not the most advanced, but on arrival, you will love what Sa Rapita has to offer.

Glorious beaches  with shallow water offer a safe and warm welcome, while there are stunning restaurants offering sea-views to enjoy. While the area offers affordable new build developments, Sa Rapita has retained a lot of its charm and elegance.

The main road plays host to many traditional bars and restaurants. You’ll find Sunday afternoons are lively, with many Majorca residents descending on the town to socialise. If you like to end the week in style, as opposed to a whimper, you’ll be happy to set up home in Sa Rapita.

Canyamel Pins

Canyamel is highly regarded as one of the leading areas in Majorca. This reputation is developed on the scenic, sporting and cultural diversity in the local area. Anyone keen to explore as many different influences and lifestyle as possible will find this to be a stunning report in Majorca.

The beach offers stunning white sand in natural surroundings. The yachting community approves of the setting, ensuring they set off and return with the finest views.

A huge attraction for many residents is Canyamel Golf, a stunning 18 hold golf course, established in 1988. With a nearby five star hotel offering spa days and a hugely popular restaurant, you can enjoy a life of luxury in Canyamel Pins.

For those keen to be close to the airport, Palma International Airport is an hours drive away from Canyamel Pins.

Cala Vinyes

Cala Vinyes may lie close to Palma Nova and Magaluf, but it seems like a world apart. There is an exquisite beach in the town, which is rarely full. If your idea of an idyllic day at the beach involves peace and quiet without worrying about others ruining your day, this is the destination for you.

As there are hotels close to the beach, there is a low-key tourist approach in the town. This is handy for those looking for some semblance of a nightlife and convenience, but who don’t want to feel overwhelmed with noise and people.

The local hotels offer dining and drinking options, while the larger towns close-by always offer a warm and pleasant welcome. However, when you want a straightforward homelife without drama or noise, Cala Vinyes is an excellent destination in Majorca.

Cala D’or

If you are keen to live in one of the prettiest areas of Majorca, Cala D’or is an ideal destination. A stylish marina in the centre of town creates a perfect setting, while cobbled streets and low-rise whitewash buildings create a traditional view of Majorca which appeals to many.

There is a pedestrian area in the Cala Gran area, and this provides you with the trappings you would expect from a tourist destination. You can also enjoy designer boutiques if you are keen to enjoy a more exclusive shopping experience. At night, the entertainment in Cala d’Or is present, but low-key. If you prefer the chance to socialise and speak, this destination is likely to appeal.

One thing that stands Cala d’Or apart from many of the smaller towns in Majorca is the range of food on offer. You can enjoy fresh seafood and the very best in Spanish cuisine, as you would expect, but there is a fantastic selection of international cuisine on offer too. Whether you prefer pizza, pub grub or fast food, you can have it all and more here.

While there are some aspects you would associate with a tourist destination, there are no built-up apartments in the area. You are therefore less likely to feel the claustrophobic sense some people in the tourist regions of Majorca.

If you enjoy shopping at local markets, a few are in easy reach of Cala d’Or. Felanitx market operates on Sunday while on Wednesday and Saturday, the Santanyi market is a fantastic option. You can also take in the Inca market on Saturday mornings.

There is no denying Cala d’Or is the perfect setting for people looking for a stylish and sophisticated destination. The region offers a chance to unwind, and it is ideal for families looking to spend quality time with each other.

At Spot Blue, we know why so many people love Majorca because we feel the same. If you’re looking to learn more about where you can set up a new life on the island, come and speak with us.

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