10 Turkish Words to Know When Buying Property

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The process of buying property in Turkey may seem daunting because the country speaks another language, yet foreign property buyers will find it straightforward and simple.

In many of the coastal areas and large city of Istanbul where most foreign buyers are found, English is widely spoken. During the actual process, the law also says you must employ the services of a translator, so you can be sure of the process and financial commitment you are making. All Spot Blue staff are also fluent in English.

However, most of our customers also like to learn certain Turkish words that they will often use or come across. This is especially true for the customers that intend to move to turkey_national_football_team”>Turkey as an expat. So, we’ve put together a quick bullet point list of the ten most frequent words used when buying property in Turkey.

Helpful Words to Know When Buying Turkish Property

Turkish words for foreign property buyers


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