Properties for sale in Wales, United Kingdom

Wales (Cymru in Welsh) is one of the gems in the crown of the United Kingdom. Mountains, rolling hillsides, valleys, lakes, streams and beaches are in abundance. It’s a country in its own right which is located in the south west of Great Britain and is known for its Celtic culture, Welsh language, and is one of the most breathtaking locations in the UK. Property for sale in Wales, UK is highly desirable.

What is Wales in the United Kingdom like?

What’s not to love about Wales? Rugged coastlines which span more than 2,205 km, its national parks and numerous medieval castles. It’s a haven for walkers and lovers of nature, it’s simply beautiful. The Irish Sea lies on its west coast and the Bristol Channel to its south coastline. The capital is Cardiff which is a bustling city with lively nightlife. In the north west of Wales sits Snowdonia National Park in Gwynedd, which is famous for climbers and hikers to climb to the peak of Snowdon. Snowdon is the highest mountain in Wales, it’s a beauty spot that attracts visitors from around the globe who wish to climb its summit. The views are incredible and is the perfect place to take a picture.
Wales is a tourist hot spot, its history is fascinating and over one million people visit for a holiday and many of those decide to invest in a property for sale in Wales, UK for a second home. Its transport links are excellent with its main road network being the M4 and there are 14 airports. Cardiff International Airports is its main airport with links to many countries. The Welsh Dragon of Wales – is its symbol and adorns the national flag. Aberffraw was a Welsh King and used the dragon as a symbol of his strength and power in the fifth century. It became a symbol to ward off other invaders, after the Romans withdrew from Britain. During the seventh century it was renamed the Red Dragon of Cadwaladr, King of Gwynedd. The dragon is close to the Welsh communities hearts.

What are the popular locations in Wales, United Kingdom?

Wales has many wonderful locations and resorts to visit. Walkers, hikers and climbers take advantage of the stunning countryside. Many who visit enjoy camping and there are many sites all over the Welsh countryside. Beach resorts are popular such as the island of Anglesey which lies off the west coast.
Aberystwyth, Pwllheli, Saundersfoot and Tenby are all magnets for families who want a beach holiday. In saying that one of the most desired locations to visit is Cardiff. It’s here that real estate for sale in Wales, United Kingdom is most sought after.

Why should you buy a property in Wales, United Kingdom?

Cardiff is a busy town that attracts students from far and wide to attend its universities. There are four main universities in the city along with other institutions for learning. Student accommodation for sale in Cardiff, UK is positively thriving, with the ever growing demand for housing. We are seeing many apartment blocks that offer safe and secure homes for our young people, as they take the next step of their lives in university education. It’s a lucrative and solid investment to make for your child or, a pure investment. This prime location in Cardiff has been chosen and will increase rental returns.

What is the property like in Wales, United Kingdom?

There are many property types to choose from, studios, apartments, semi detached houses, detached homes, townhouses, cottages, farm houses, log cabins, static homes and a castle or mansion if you have the funds. In saying that, buyers want to put their money in an investment and what better investment than student property for sale in Wales, United Kingdom.
Properties for sale in Wales, United Kingdom often start from studio or one bedroom up to three bedroom apartments or more. They have an open plan design, this maximizes the space and offers bright and airy rooms. The kitchen is compact with modern appliances, there is a work station for studying and built in wardrobe space. The bathroom is modern in design with a shower unit, sink and toilet. These properties are modern, functional and cosy.

Where are these properties in Wales, United Kingdom?

These purpose built homes are close to universities allowing students to walk, rather than use public transport. The prime location setting means you are within 5 minutes walking distance, to the heart of Cardiff city centre, its fabulous shopping and city landmarks. Overseas property for sale in Wales, United Kingdom is a lure for foreign investors, as a holiday home, full time residence or for letting out.

What is there to do in Wales, United Kingdom?

Keen history buffs can visit more than 600 castles in Wales if they want too. Some have been habitable for thousands of year’s whist others are now ruins. They tend to be in the most beautiful of locations as one would imagine, surrounded by moats and landscaped gardens. Wales has more castles per square mile than anywhere else in the world. Listed buildings and stalely homes allow us to delve into the past to see how our ancestors once lived and worked. Become a Roman for the day or take part in a battle.
Walk under the breathtaking waterfalls at Brecon Beacons National Park. Golden beaches offer delightful days with the little ones enjoying the beach. Coastal walks and bike rides in lovely locations serving up incredible sea views.
Live music venues are popular and concert halls with a wide variety of music genres on offer. There are numerous theatres, art galleries and museums, plus cultural festivals celebrating Welsh culture. All this and more can be yours once you invest in real estate for sale in Wales, UK.

What sports are there in Wales, United Kingdom?

Sports fans have plenty of options of sporting facilities especially if you like rugby which is the national game. Paddle board and kayaking, ride the rapids, canoeing and sailing. Golfing and tennis, football and cricket are just a handful you can take part in. Adrenalin junkies can zip wire over a quarry, skydive, take part in rally racing and surf in an island lagoon. Take part in coasteering which is a mix of rock-hopping, shore-scrambling, swell-riding, cave-exploring and cliff-jumping.
Wales has it all, beautiful scenery, countryside, national parks, flora and fauna, picturesque beaches, family resorts and bustling city life. This is a delightful part of the world to live in and once visited, you won’t want to leave. The beauty of it is, you don’t have to. Are you planning your retirement? If so, take a step back from your busy life and enjoy a serene lifestyle in Wales.
Maybe you’re a parent with a child who is planning to go to university, this is an investment of a lifetime. Once your offspring has graduated, let it out time and time again and take advantage of the rental potential and boost your savings
This lovely country is easy to visit from the UK and from abroad. Some buyers of property opt to stay within their own country and prefer a little place they can visit at weekends. Owning a property in Wales, United Kingdom, does just that, long weekends, summer holidays, Christmas and New Year breaks are all available to change your lifestyle for the better. What pretty Welsh location are you looking for? Beach, countryside, rural or in the hub of a bustling city?

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