Architecture in Bodrum

Bodrum is a charming coastal city in Turkey, surrounded by the beautiful Aegean Sea. Nestled on the Aegean coast, the town has a rich history and is one of Turkey’s favourite vacation spots. Its name is synonymous with aqua-blue waters, white houses and pine forests.

Architecture in Bodrum betrays a unique identity, stemming in part from its location on the Aegean Coast. Related to its distinct setting is the white marble (Kurudere) houses that line the Aegean side of this peninsula and are characterized by the typical fragmented floor plan.

Of all the many Bodrum houses, the white stone one dominates. The main structure is built of local hard, white stones. These are hand-cut and hand-laid in courses to build up solid masonry walls throughout the building.The beauty of this material is its enduring quality; there is nothing finer than a beautifully textured well-built wall of masonry.

Also, it can be crafted into different shapes to match the design requirements. As you will see in our portfolio there are many variations possible when using these great materials to construct your homes.

architecture in bodrum

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Common Architectural Styles in Bodrum

Modern architectural styles of Bodrum are inspired by the Mediterranean Seaside tradition, and the new styles emerged as the meeting point between the traditional techniques of construction and modern design principles.

The modern architectural styles of Bodrum provide stunning backdrops to some amazing holiday photographs. Beach houses, concrete and cinderblock ones are among the most photographed buildings in Bodrum. Stone houses are more popular choices for permanent residences, while wooden houses can be quickly built in some areas.

Whether you’ve come for the history, the pristine beaches, or the sparkling waters, there’s no denying that Bodrum has left its mark on history. Creating empires from its ruins and treasure troves of architecture, Bodrum has changed the world, yet it remains a city untouched by time.

Here are three common modern architectural styles in Bodrum.

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Clean cut and minimalist living

Each house sits on an acre of land, ensuring privacy and maximising views. The designs feature include cube-shaped exterior walls and a belt of glazing around the perimeter with generous amounts of skylights incorporated throughout.

This architectural style makes the most out of natural light, while also shielding the property from the summer sun. The simplicity of the buildings is balanced by the ornate exterior and interior design. With focused attention to materials and layout, his architectural designs are distinctive yet functional.

Contemporary, waterfront dwellings

The contemporary, waterfront dwelling architectural style in Bodrum ensures the property stays beautiful and peaceful while providing all the modern conveniences you would expect in a luxury home, including an indoor pool, Turkish bath, basement parking and much more.

Every villa is designed according to the topography of the natural landscape with large windows and terraces to give breathtaking views of the sea and nature.

The concept behind the design of this architectural style is that the exterior panels open to surrounding spaces. This unifies the exterior and interior space. By utilising stone, wood and marble, the building is presented as a unique design.

Blending modern lifestyles with traditional themes

The most popular style of property on the Turkish luxury real estate market blends traditional stone-built Bodrum architecture with contemporary finishing, providing luxurious spaces.

Offering comfort and a touch of history, this Bodrum architectural style is built to last and exude quality and personality. The latest trend is to honour bygone days with the spacious comfort of modern Turkish homes.

architecture in bodrum

Ready to Buy a Property in Bodrum?

The Bodrum peninsula is the centre of Turkish tourism with white-washed villages dotting both the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts. The peninsula’s structural history dates back to the Hittite era, with the Ancient Greek period city-states following. Today, Bodrum remains a popular tourist destination point, offering an array of architectural styles that include Baroque, Regency/Victorian, Modernist villas and resort architecture.

Looking for a place on the Aegean coast? With its modern architecture and beautiful coastlines along the peninsula, there are many options to find a magnificent property in Bodrum.

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