Property Investment in Bodrum

Bodrum is Turkey’s property investment haven

With a fantastic selection of different properties for sale in Bodrum, this beautiful city has much to offer. This explains why there are different ranges of properties in Bodrum that accommodate different budgets, giving you the opportunity to make your dream investment come true. Choose from:

Houses for sale in Bodrum

In Bodrum, there are nice and convenient houses for sale designed with a kitchen, garden, garage and many modern facilities. Whatever your taste might be, there is a house designed just for you.

property investment in bodrum

Apartments for sale in Bodrum

You will also find a huge variety of apartments in Bodrum varying greatly in size and amenities. Some are traditional Turkish-style houses, others are modern standard, while some are a combination of both.

Bungalows for sale in Bodrum

Bungalows in Bodrum offer tranquility and comfort which make them suitable for those looking to take advantage of the beautiful sandy beaches that surround the city.

Lands for sale in Bodrum

Whether you are looking for a piece of land for development or an unexploited plot to build a dream home, Bodrum is the ideal location.

Penthouses for sale in Bodrum

You also have the option of investing in a penthouse that is furnished and equipped with standard amenities such as air conditioning, heating, swimming pool, parking space and more.

Villas for sale in Bodrum

There is a large and varied collection of luxury villas in Bodrum, with the most spectacular and unobstructed views of the city, some of which come with a private pool, beautiful garden and other modern conveniences.

What affects property prices in Bodrum?

Bodrum real estate market is affordable for everyone. There are numerous residential and commercial buildings available within the region, so you have no shortage of options when weighing up your Bodrum property potential. However, property for sale in Bodrum vary in price based on different factors such as:

Type of property

The cost of property in Bodrum is affected by the type of property that you are looking for. This means that your budget will reflect what suits you best, whether it is a house, an apartment, a bungalow, a villa or a penthouse.

Size of property

The size of the property is a major factor in the overall cost of property in Bodrum. A large-sized property will generally cost more than a smaller apartment because of the additional labour and materials involved in building it.

Year of construction

The age of property also determines its cost in Bodrum. Newer properties will generally sell more than older properties because they are in better condition and have better quality fitting modern amenities such as air conditioning, heating and other appliances.

Distance from the sea

Bodrum property price depends on the location of the property whether it is close to the sea or not. The closer to the sea a property is, the higher its price. This is because the view of the sea and nice weather near the seaside are enjoyable features of the property near the sea.

Condition of the property

The condition of a property affects its price in Bodrum. Property in excellent condition is more expensive as it offers more value to the buyer. Fixings and fittings bring increases or decreases depending on their quality.

Types of Property in Bodrum

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Internet connection

Property pricing in the Bodrum real estate market, both for residential and commercial property, is drastically affected by the speed of internet connections. The faster the speed of the network connection the higher the price.


Infrastructure is one of the most important factors that affect property prices in Bodrum. The infrastructure of a town or area includes everything from the road network, to the availability of electricity, water, security, and shopping facilities etc.

Economic indicators

The historical and current property market, economic trends and macroeconomic indicators also affect property prices in Bodrum. Economic indicators include population size, unemployment rate, and economic growth of the city among others.

Market trends

Market trends determine an expensive or cheaper property. The price of a property in Bodrum is determined by market trends that indicate whether there is demand or lack of demand for a particular property.

Interest rate

Interest rate is a significant factor affecting property prices in Bodrum. The interest rate depends on several other factors such as inflation rate, central bank policy and government regulation. The higher the interest rate the higher the price of the property.

property investment in bodrum

Negotiation skills

Buyers will pay less for property in Bodrum if they negotiate a good price. The key to achieving a good price is to contact a broker with years of experience in the Bodrum real estate market who is also skilled at negotiation. Buy your dream property in Bodrum

As you can see, there are different factors to take into consideration when looking to invest in Bodrum properties. Thankfully, we are here to make things easy for you.

At Spot Blue Property, we have a wide range of property investment in Bodrum that cuts across different categories and suit different budgets.

To see what we have as property investment in Bodrum, please browse through our portfolio of property listings. Then get in touch with us when you find what you like.