Beaches in Bodrum

Looking for real estate investment opportunities in a beach holiday location?

Bodrum, Turkey is just the perfect spot for you! Take in spectacular views of the Aegean Sea from your balcony, or soak up some sun on a private sandy beach during your time away.

Bodrum is a city of many beautiful beaches, bays and lovely coves. Being a holiday destination for thousands of visitors from all over Europe, the beaches in Bodrum are one of the most popular sights to go and visit in Turkey. Most tourists come here to enjoy themselves on the sandy shores and clear waters during both summer and winter.

The location could not be better, with the protected natural harbour of Bodrum Bay and secluded coves on its doorstep, it is a real magnet for lovers of sea and sand.

Whether it’s a nest-egg for your retirement or a second home that you can rent out for parts of the year, such as holiday apartments and villas, our expert team can find the right property for you. These amazing properties are just a few minutes from some of the best beaches, nightlife, and restaurants in Turkey.

beaches in bodrum

Where is Bodrum?

The Bodrum peninsula, located in southwest Turkey, on the coast of the Aegean Sea, is renowned for its white sandy beaches and subtropical climate. The area offers a great variety of holiday villas, apartments with pool views and beachfront properties.

The city, once called Halicarnassus of Caria, was renowned for playing host to the Mausoleum of Mausolus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. It was the site of the ancient Carian civilization and has several impressive archaeological sites, such as the Castle of St. Peter or Bodrum Castle which was built by Knights Hospitaller, Turgutreis (an ancient site on the Bodrum Peninsula), Turkish Baths, and ancient tombs.

In recent years, Bodrum has become an increasingly fashionable summer destination among Turkey’s wealthy elite as well as being home to some of Turkey’s leading artisans and designers. It is also a favourable real estate investment destination for ex-pats from different countries. Overall, Bodrum is a modern resort town that still retains hints of the medieval ages and its roots in Greek history.

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Where are the Best Beaches in Bodrum?

Bodrum peninsula’s pale sand and the sparkling turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea around it have been luring holidaymakers to its shores for more than a century.

The best beaches in the Bodrum peninsula range from sandy beaches to children’s beaches and private beaches that come complete with pools. There’s a beach for everyone here, whether you are looking for heart-racing watersports, kid-friendly coves with clear waters, or for those looking for a chill day by the pool. Here are some top picks:

Bitez Beach

In the Bitez area of ​​Bodrum, you’ll find one of the most popular and sought after beaches in Turkey. The sands of Bitez stretch along a beautiful coastline, lined with numerous restaurants that line up to make your holiday experience complete.

Fener Beach

Fener is the most popular and easily accessible beach. A unique wind system creates the perfect conditions for kitesurfers, windsurfers, and watersport enthusiasts alike. It is a family-friendly beach, with calm waters and very little waves it is also popular for its shallow water.

Fener beach is popular amongst families as well as clubbers since it has enough facilities for both and is a perfect spot for having a good time in the sun. The sand here is not as fine or powdery as it is in other parts of the peninsula (like Karaincir or Gümbet), but it still makes a very pleasant setting to chill out.


Gümüşlük is a private beach open only during the summer season. It is long, sandy and lies on the peninsula of the same name and has stunning views of the ancient city of Myndros.

Sandy, clear waters with a vibrant atmosphere – that’s what Bodrum is all about. The beaches in this enchanting Turkish town are famed for their abundance of amenities including cocktail bars, restaurants, water sports and beach-side pools.

beaches in bodrum

Why Invest in Real Estate in Bodrum?

Bodrum on the peninsula separating the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas has long been a favourite destination for those in search of an all-seasons vacation spot. Its sandy beaches and secluded coves attract tourists who are looking for a quiet retreat, and some of the most spectacular views in the region can be found here. Bodrum has a long history that dates back thousands of years, so history buffs will find plenty of interesting attractions to explore.

With easy transport connections to major cities like Istanbul, Bodrum is also a prime choice for retirement. Properties tend to hold their value better than most places, especially in the more coveted areas like Yalikavak and Gümüşlük.

For the property owner looking for a beach-side property to stay in during their visits, there are numerous options available.

Property for sale in Bodrum

Bodrum offers a variety of luxury water-side, beach and coastal properties for sale. If you’re interested in purchasing an investment property or looking for the perfect vacation home, you’ll find exactly what you need in Bodrum.

With the benefits of mountains and seaside beaches, an affordable real estate market, and a variety of resorts and amenities popping up each month, Bodrum continues to grow as a premier property market.

You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to your next Bodrum property purchase: many different regions, each with unique features. Yalikavak and Gumugluk are conveniently close to Bodrum’s best beaches, its most convenient restaurants, and some of the finest properties in all of Bodrum.

Rub shoulders with traditional Turkish culture every day in a district that offers ample entertainment for the whole family.

Ready to buy your dream home?

The enchanting landscapes and coastlines boasting sandy beaches, shorelines and tunnels, water sports facilities, and boat rentals as well as delicious local dishes await you in Bodrum, one of the most popular resort areas on Turkey’s Aegean coastline.

If you are looking for a luxury residence, private holiday home or investment property, we can show you the best opportunities for your budget and requirements.

Browse through our Bodrum property listings here on our website at Spot Blue Properties and get in touch if you see something you like.

beaches in bodrum