5 Reasons You Should Buy a Property in Murcia

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Why Should you Buy a Property in Murcia: The Views

Murcia, on the Costa Calida, is a great choice for anyone looking for Spanish property! If you’re wondering why you should buy a property in Murcia, just look at the estimated 3,000 hours of sunshine a year you can enjoy!

Murcia sits between two seas. Between the pretty Spanish City of the same name and the white sand lagoon of La Manga del Mar Menor, you’ll enjoy the beautiful scenery and a buzzing atmosphere in a unique location. Murcia is home to countless little coves and inlets where you can dive, snorkel or just enjoy swimming somewhere so atmospheric. 

The Spanish Costas are beloved by tourists everywhere for their weather, the vibrant Spanish culture, and the long, sandy beaches and attractive coastline. Murcia offers all of that, with the added benefit of being a little off the beaten track! 

We run through the top five reasons why you should buy a property in Murcia.

Spas Galore!

What’s that you say? Murcia is an entire region full of spas and wellness centres? That might not have been something you considered when you were wondering why you should buy a property in Murcia. 

It’s true though! Many of Murcia’s beaches are considered open-air spas due to the hyper-saline waters and therapeutic mud of the Mar Menor. On top of that, the region is home to a few well-known spa resorts. So, if you like to be pampered this is the place to go! If you’re looking at buying somewhere a little better known, Torrevieja is within easy day-tripping distance of one of Murcia’s best spas. 

Whether you’re swimming in the coves dotting the coast, enjoying the therapeutic mud and high-saline waters of the Mar Menor, or just laying in the sun at one of Murcia’s famous spa resorts, this is a super relaxing place to spend your off-time. 

Water Sports Hot Spot

If relaxing’s not your bag, and you’re looking for a good reason why you should buy a property in Murcia, you’ll be relieved to hear it’s not all spas. Murcia is a great spot for water sports too! The calm, shallow waters of the Mar Menor are great for water skiing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, sailing, and kayaking.

This is a great place to introduce your kids to the sports too, as they’re in a safe environment protected from the elements. If you’re looking for somewhere along the Spanish coast to buy a property where your kids will have hours of fun, and you can still unwind away from it all, this is the place for you.

In Manga del Mar Menor, you’ll find one of Spain’s most important underwater nature reserves and a great scuba diving location. Cabo de Palos is a rocky peninsula with coves and a crystal clear sea. The sea bed itself is the nature reserve, and with live corral, shipwrecks and sunken boats, it’s a hugely popular dive spot. 

Interesting Historic Sites

As with many areas of the Spanish coast, Murcia has a rich history stretching back to the Carthaginians, Romans, and Islamic conquest of Spain. This is a region with plenty of sites for history buffs, from the defensive towers of Los Caballos to the Roman Salt Preserving Museum and its’ large industrial complex. The latter includes the remains of a 4th or 5th-century salt processing plant.

The City of Murcia itself was established as the capital under the Islamic Caliphate. As you wander through the streets, you can still see the Moorish influences on the city. Stunning architecture is seen throughout the city, including notably the cathedral. You will find the architectural remains of the Alumina Real, which was the second palace of the Moorish monarchy. 

The area might not have quite as illustrious a history as nearby Andalusia, but it has more than its fair share of great historic exhibitions and sites. 

A Long Season

Warm throughout the year, and with a busy season that starts in Easter, Murcia is an excellent place to set up shop for the whole summer. Easter celebrations kick off here in a big way, and the season doesn’t stop after that. It’s a great place to buy if you want to get your tan on from April onwards. 

When it comes to the many reasons why you should buy a property in Murcia, great weather is one thing. Knowing you’ll be going out to a town that’s open and alive is quite another. This long season gives you a ton of flexibility, so you can come out during the spring and summer holidays if you’ve got kids, or avoid these weeks entirely if you don’t. 

Mercia and the Costa Calida are full of life for a full six months of the year. Although the towns here get quieter during October, the weather stays balmy through the whole of winter. This is an excellent place to relocate full time and a lively place to spend summers. 

The Golfing is Great

La Manga del Mar Menor’s La Manga Club is home to three 18-hole championship golf courses, set on 1400 acres of land. The club also has tennis courts and full-sized football pitches regularly used by top European clubs for their winter training. This is a superb sporting centre and only furthers Murcia’s reputation as a great place to live for sports lovers. 

The three championship golf courses are regularly named the best in Spain. They are home to the Spanish Open and the PGA Championships. When it comes to reasons why you should buy a property in Murcia, there’s not much a real golfing fan won’t do for a chance to play on a course this famous! 

It’s no wonder Murcia is such a popular destination amongst property hunters. Between the golfing excellence, the natural spas, attractive coastline, and the vibrant City of Murcia only a short drive away, it’s hard to resist. There’s something for everyone here, from family fun to late-night discos and long days on the golf course. 

If you’re still not sold on why you should buy a property in Murcia, take a look at our Spanish area guide or our selection of Spanish property for sale. For further information, or to make an enquiry, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts!

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