8 Property Shows on TV for House Hunting and Home Improvement Inspiration

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Few of us can resist urges to binge-watch property shows on TV, whether featuring overseas or home destinations. From couples who house hunt abroad to teams who buy run-down homes to renovate and flip them, we get addicted to the high and lows and, of course, peeping behind closed doors. Here at Spot Blue, our team regularly tunes in for home improvement ideas, inspirations and to see regional property markets of other global destinations.

Whether it is an American or British television shows, we highly rate some programs and give a massive thumbs down to others. In addition, some programmes have finished filming but are still available to binge-watch on Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Bravo or other channels. So, the following programs are perfect for inspiration and ideas for your property investments.

8 Excellent Property Shows on TV

1: Location, Location, Location

In 2020, this program celebrated its 20th anniversary. Although filming stopped for COVID, its age proves it did an excellent job entertaining house hunters looking for UK property. Presenters Phil and Kirstie are known for their sense of humour, which lightens up the home buying process, which is stressful for many. With each episode lasting 60 minutes, themes include luxury, millionaire homes, first-time house hunters, and seasonal trends. The only requirement to appear on the show is that you are not in a chain.

location property show

2: Grand Designs Show

With a focus on grand designs, presenter Kevin McCloud follows creative homeowners with their endeavours to beautify their properties. They specialise in new residential builds, home conversions and restorations of historic houses. To be featured, your project must be unique in location, construction, materials, or design, and you must live in the property. Previous episodes include a giant sculpture in south Devon, a single-story glass pavilion, a new house in West Sussex, and a plan to convert a swamp into a biodiverse, natural swimming pond.

grand designs show

3: Escape to the Country

This show helps dream buyers find their ideal countryside home, which appeals to many city dwellers swapping urban landscapes for green pastures and Mother Nature. Each program introduces buyers and discovers their reasons for returning to country living and which part of the UK they are looking at. Presenters then carefully pick selected properties within their budget that fit their criteria.

escape to the country

4: DIY SOS Show on TV

Who does not like DIY projects for a good call? In this program, host Nick recruits friends, family, and local trades to help turn and transform homes across Britain. They did a massive drive in getting behind projects for children in need, such as transforming wasteland into a purpose-built campsite. Trade suppliers or construction companies, looking to support charities and good causes should contact them.

diy sos property show

5: Place in the Sun Property Show

Ah, one of our favourites that often features our specialities of Spain, France, and Portugal. This program gets behind property buyers who want to live abroad or buy a holiday home for summer use. Featuring popular areas with British house hunters like the Costa Blanca, Benidorm, and the Algarve, presenters, also give great insight into local real estate markets abroad and destination information. From French cottages to penthouse marina homes, this delightful program is addictive.

place in the sun

6: Homes Under the Hammer

We love this program, and we are not the only ones. The renovation and auction TV show, which has been running for many years since 2003, is one of the BBC channel’s most successful shows, pulling in roughly 1.5 million viewers per episode. Each program follows several properties up for auction that requires renovation and building work or a full-blown over hall. As well as discussing property values and expected selling prices, presenters cover what improvements are needed and then returns to film the property after completion. In most cases, expect amazing transformations.

homes under the hammer

7: Tiny House Nation

Filmed in America, this show follows the popular trend of tiny houses. If you have not heard of it, tiny houses minimise costs through downsizing but keep all modern trends with no compromise on comfort. The result is some marvellous space saving ideas, décor, and design. Houses are no more than 500 square feet which are 46 square meters. Running for five seasons, the expert series is still on Netflix, and the topic themes are just unique.

tiny house nation property show

8: World’s Most Extraordinary Homes

Also, on Netflix, this series lasted for three seasons but is still up, and once you see the homes, your idea of international real estate will completely transform. Netflix Says, “Award-winning architect Piers Taylor and actress/property enthusiast Caroline Quentin travel the world touring beautifully unconventional homes.” Specific properties include a Spanish farmhouse, a home with a floating pool, a fortress, a tea plantation in India, a family cottage in Norway and a family estate in Israel.

world’s most extraordinary homes

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