Districts of Antalya: The Southern Province of Turkey

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Whether you are a holidaymaker or a house hunter, this guide to the districts of Antalya aims to provide informative facts, so you can decide which area is best for you. Sitting on the southern side, Turkey’s Antalya province covers a vast area, that stretches right along the Mediterranean coast until the Fethiye region. Antalya also has many things to boast about, because in recent years, it emerged as a keen contender to take on Istanbul as the number one destination for tourism and house sales.

Hospitality is something it does well, as seen in the five-star luxury hotels scattered across the Region. Diversity is its other key strength with each neighbourhood offering something unique whether this is the golfing mecca of Belek or the upmarket luxury villas of Kalkan. If you are looking to buy a house in the Antalya region and would like to speak to a local expert, get in touch with us today. Otherwise, let’s look at the 19 official districts of Turkey’s Antalya region from east to west.

19 Districts of Antalya

1: Rural Gazipasa

A few years ago, Gazipasa opened a small airport with connecting flights to a few countries and other destinations within Turkey. However, it stays off the grid for mainstream foreign tourism and foreign house sales. Domestic tourism has increased somewhat, but it still has a long way to go, before it matches the fame and success of other districts.

2: Bustling Alanya: A District to Watch

Even though it belongs to the Antalya region, bustling Alanya is growing in popularity and now recognised as a district on its own standing. The Red castle landmark is its local symbol, but it also does a roaring trade with beach holidays, thanks to the long Cleopatra’s beach, that Trip Advisor rated as the best in Turkey.

3: Gundogmus: Outdoor Living

In terms of tourism and foreign house sale, Gundogmus is about as far off the grid as you can get. However, locals love the area for its outdoor opportunities including walking, trekking, and climbing. The old castle ruins also attract history lovers.

4: Manavgat: Home to Side Holiday Resort

Many foreigners don’t recognise the name Manavgat, but mention Side and their faces will light up. This popular holiday resort is built around the ancient ruins of the old town, and boast of an amphitheatre, agora, old bathhouse, and other historical landmarks. Its local symbol is the Apollo temple standing on the coastline.

5: Akseki: Retreat in the Taurus Mountains

Antalya does a roaring tourism trade thanks to miles of beachside coastal resorts, but Akseki’s claim to fame is as a mountain retreat sitting at 1500 metres. Plateau tourism is a growing trade in Turkey as local mountain villages look to keep their culture and traditions by spreading word to visitors. Some locals of Antalya also retreat to Akseki to escape the sweltering summer heat.

6: Ibradi: Connect with Mother Nature

As another inland mountain retreat, Ibradi attracts lovers of the great outdoors by offering the Altinbesik Cave national park. Thanks to its protected status, flora and fauna thrive in the area. A scattering of ancient ruins also attracts history lovers, otherwise Ibradi is another mountain retreat offering cooler temperatures in summer thanks to its elevated land status.

7: Serik: Home to Belek Golfing Resort

Once again, mention Serik to many foreigners, and they won’t have heard of it, but Belek, a compact town within the area, has gained worldwide fame thanks to its reputation as Turkey’s golfing capital. Also home to the Byzantine ancient ruins of Aspendos, Ucansu waterfall is a natural landmark of beauty attracting fans during summer months when it is in full flow.

8: Aksu: Attractions Galore in the City Center

Now, we approach the chief centre and the hub of the Antalya region. The Aksu district, covers a small stretch of coastline and heads inland to reach well known tourist attractions and landmarks like the archaeological ruins of Perge ancient city and the famed Kursunlu waterfalls. The famous Lara beach, nicknamed Turkey’s equivalent of Las Vegas is also in Aksu.

9: Muratpasa: The Old City

The well-preserved old town of Antalya called Kaleici sits in the Muratpasa district. Holding ancient landmarks like Hadrian’s gate, an Ottoman mosque, harbour, and the clock tower, it is a must-visit if staying in the city centre. For house buyers, Muratpasa, Aksu and other city centre neighbourhoods are desirable places to live and work. Muratpasa is also home to the International Antalya Airport.

Districts of Antalya

10: Dosemealti: Famous for Rugs

Authentic Turkish rugs are a collector’s item, and the original bonafide version can sell for thousands of pounds. In Turkey, specific areas are known for their excellence in hand-woven Turkish rugs, and Dosemealti is one of them. Otherwise, its close distance to Antalya city centre means large pockets of communities exist in the area, although its major attractions are the Termessos ruins and caves.

11: Kepez: Duden Waterfalls

Still within the main city centre boundaries, many people visit Kepez to see the famous Duden waterfalls. It is also home to Antalya zoo, and the major bus terminal where buses from all over Turkey, head to before passengers catch connecting rides to the other 18 districts.

12: Konyaalti: Antalya’s other Famous Beach

Lara is one of Antalya’s famous beaches, and Konyaalti is the other. In recent years, the local council has invested millions to upgrading and improving social facilities in the area. For real estate speculators, its central location and planned future council projects also makes it a prime investment area.

13: Korkuteli: Off the Grid

Korkuteli is off the mainstream tourism grid, yet people who want to know more about the Antalya region would do well to visit. The local delicacy of burnt ice-cream has achieved fame all over Turkey. Otherwise, it is also known as a destination for second homeowners who often buy villas in the area. Landscape scenery varies between mountain and agriculture, making this an interesting town.

14: Touristic Kemer: All-Inclusive Hotels

Sitting west of the city centre, Kemer achieves its fame as a destination for large, all-inclusive hotels fronting the Mediterranean Sea. These do a roaring trade with German and Russians holidaymakers. All along the beachfront, water sports are on offer, and the immaculate, clean town keeps holidaymakers coming back year after year.

15: Elmali: The Apple District

Sitting inland and surrounded by tall peaks, visitors to Elamli should get their cameras ready for some scenic landscape photo shoots. Breaking down into many tiny villages, and the district town centre, it is known for agriculture and goats milk ice cream.

16: Kumluca: The Sandy Resort

Sitting 90 kilometres west of Antalya city centre, Kumuca’s name means “of Sand” although the area’s claim to fame is growing watermelons. Consisting of many tiny villages, notable places of interest include Cirali, Adrasan, and Olympus. The district is also home to the Ancient ruins of Olympus and the burning flames of Cirali.

17: Finike: Oranges Galore

While other places are known for growing watermelons and apples, Finike is the home of the orange. Known as a quiet town, some Turks retire here, and it stays off the tourism grid because protected land status prevents construction of enormous buildings. However, it has a thriving marina, and its beach is the nesting ground of the Caretta turtle.

Myra in Antalya

18: Demre: Santa Claus and Myra Ruins

Many sightseeing tourists travel to Demre to see the church of Saint Nicholas. He was the original Santa Claus and bishop of the old town and laid to rest in the church; however, Italian sailors stole his remains. Also nearby are the impressive ruins of Ancient Myra, that boast of a large amphitheatre. Demre is another critical area for the breeding and nesting of the Caretta turtle.

19: Kas: Home to Kalkan

Last on our list of districts of Antalya, Kas and Kalkan both do a roaring trade with foreign holidaymakers and house buyers like Brits. Kalkan has a small, selective community of ex-pats who own luxury villas, while Kas keeps its quaint village-like ambience.

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