Famous Landmarks in Valencia – Spain: Sites to Visit

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The many famous landmarks in Valencia, Spain, delight every single tourist who comes upon them. Standing along the Mediterranean beaches, museums, villages, monuments, UNESCO World Heritage sites, they highlight architects’ dedication and passion throughout time. Some host hundreds of tourists every day, while others serve as icons for the Iberian Peninsula in international travel magazines. So, let us look at the awe-inspiring places to go and what to see.

5 Famous Landmarks in Valencia – Spain

1: Valencia Cathedral

This 13th-century marvel primary displays gothic architecture, although there are other styles like Baroque. Also called the gothic cathedral, it is a top tourist attraction for serene peace. Inside, marvellous 15th-century paintings impress all those with an appreciation for creativity, while others believe this is the home of the holy chalice. Climb the large tower for a fantastic panoramic view or buy an audio-guided tour to understand this building’s importance fully.

valencia cathedral

2: Basilica de la Virgen de los Desamparados

Standing right next to the cathedral, the Basilica of Our Lady Forsaken might not be as grand as its neighbour, but it is still worth popping in because the entrance is free. A separate section dedicated to the Virgin Mary often receives much praise from tourists and is accessed via a separate staircase. The Basilica opens every day from 7 am to 2 pm, then 4.30 pm to 9 pm.


3: L’Oceanografic Aquarium

The aquarium receives as much praise for its architecture as it does for the marvellous sea life range living within it. Its Avant-Garde style includes different buildings, each with a purpose to reflect the marine life within it accurately. For example, the wetlands section features a 26-metre-high sphere to reflect the American mangrove swamps and the Mediterranean marshes’ environments. This famous landmark building sits within the City of Arts and Sciences, a modern complex built over 20 years to reflect Valencia’s culture and heritage.

L’Oceanografic Aquarium

4: Landmarks of the Old Town

Most interesting landmarks like the Basilica and cathedral sit in the old town district, which is a delight to explore within itself. Holding more than 2000 years of history, various civilizations, including Muslims, Visigoths and Romans, have occupied it and left their mark. After seeing the Lonja de la Seda silk exchange, and the Church of San Nicolas, sit down in a bar terrace or little café to watch the world go by and admire the old school style of building.

old town

5: Famous Central Market

This landmark is for people who love to combine architecture with food. The central market covering 8,000 square meters features tiles and stained glass in décor, reflecting Valencia’s gardens and orchards. Combine this with the Mediterranean products sold on the stalls, and we are pretty sure you will leave feeling immensely hungry. A must-try is the live eel stall and tapas bar, but 1200 stalls feature every ingredient you can imagine.

famous landmarks in Valencia Spain

Handy tip: The official tourism board in Valencia sells various tourist cards that also include free transport and entrance to some sites. Additionally, a great way to explore the famous landmarks is to sign up for a group or private walking tour. Professional guides have more local knowledge than any guide book will tell you.

What is Valencia Famous For? The famous landmarks in Valencia, Spain, garner admiration and fame, but there is much more to the region than them. For example, did you know the original paella was invented here? In this article, we look at seven famous things that make Valencia one of Spain‘s best spots.

Regions of Spain: This article serves as a helpful guide for anyone looking to travel or live in Spain. Discussing Spanish culture and traditions like tapas bars, bullfighting, festivals, paella, and the flamenco dance, it also highlights what each region excels in. Whether it is lively nightlife, sandy beaches, major cities, gastronomy, beautiful countryside, ancient ruins, or places to visit, it will help fill your Spanish bucket list.

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