Why Luxury Real Estate in Bodrum is Really About a Lifestyle

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Speak to locals about luxury real estate in Bodrum and most will probably say, it is all about price. “You get what you pay for” is an age old saying. Yet in this current property market, the word “luxury” covers a wide range of features, from smart home technology to most sought-after destinations to en-suite bathrooms and fitted wardrobes.

Buyers of luxury property in Turkey should also consider differences in regional markets. What is considered luxury in the small, holiday resort of Altinkum would often be called middle-of-the-range in cosmopolitan Bodrum, a district highly favoured by wealthy and influential people from around the world.

More importantly, in this current day and age, “luxury” has been overused in all markets including travel, food, clothing and real estate. It has become so cliché and the prestigious status it once carried has diminished.

So how do Bodrum property buyers shift through extensive portfolios to figure out what makes a luxurious home and if it is worth investing in.

Defining Luxury Real Estate in Bodrum

Buyers should have their own checklist of what they are looking for in a property, but It is no longer about price and location. The crucial factors as to whether your dream home, really is luxury real estate, are unique features and access to a personalised lifestyle. It is all about details and how any buyer can incorporate their own personal idea of a luxurious lifestyle within that property.

Example One: The Best of Turkish Architecture

These waterfront, contemporary villas are perfect examples of luxurious Turkish homes. They sit in the heart of Bodrum town centre and are just a few minutes from the marina, often frequented by wealthy international yacht owners. Yet two key factors make them stand out from other luxurious properties in Bodrum.

Luxury real estate in Bodrum

Firstly, the unique architecture using wood, stone and marble utilises a “spaces without borders” concept. This is done by retractable glass panels that when drawn back, make the exterior and interior spaces merge together as one.

The brains behind this concept of living is the esteemed Turkish architect Emre Aralot, who has won many awards and worked on prestigious commercial and residential projects around the world. The architecture also focuses on all year round living with heated and cooling air systems as well as the ability to heat up the outdoor pool.

Bodrum villa

Buyers can personalise their new home by choosing one of seven different layouts and floorplans. Including facilities like onsite, café, bar, and gym, personalisation is taken one step further with your own home concierge who will arrange cleans, shopping and other household jobs at your request. These uniquely designed villas are a shining example and set the bar for what luxury homes in Bodrum should look like.

Example Two: Luxury Real Estate in Yalikavak

Heading around the coastline of the Bodrum peninsula, we arrive in Yalikavak that in recent years has boosted itself to superstardom because of the megayacht Palmarina famously accommodating some of the largest, private sailing vessels in the world.

The addition of a luxury place to hang out, wine and dine naturally influenced the sleepy, expat town and it became one of the most prestigious locations on the Turkish Riviera. This affected the real estate market in more ways than anyone could imagine. Constructors had to up their games because buyers naturally wanted more, and a perfect example are these Zen-inspired apartments and villas, the result of an international competition.

Turkish villas

The architecture of these homes is based on a fold style concept allowing you to take away or add rooms whenever you wish. Regarding uniqueness, it is the only housing project in Turkey using this style of architecture, but it kills two birds with one stone because it also allows personalisation of the highest form.

Continuing the personal theme, the humongous range of on-site facilities allows you to efficiently plan your day ahead because everything is on your doorstep. Tennis court, basketball courts, cinemas, music studio, bars, rental services and let’s not forget the all-important concierge host to add the finishing touches.

Example Three: Sea-view Villa in the Heart of Bodrum

If privacy is your idea of a personalised lifestyle, these 6-bedroom luxury villas can step up to the mark as an ideal contender. Facilities incorporated within the house include a gym with all work-out machines, cinema, sauna, Turkish bath and an elevator between floors.

6 bedroom villa Bodrum

The unique selling point, however, is the modern and timeless architecture combined with minimalistic trends to give the villa ample of space throughout. Materials used to construct the large house include solid wood, steel, aluminium, marble and natural stone that is reflective of the traditional, age-old building styles of the Bodrum peninsula.

This is indeed, a property to be reckoned with because it ticks all the boxes including unique selling points, personalisation and most important, the homely feel that makes a buyer feel like they are sitting in their own little castle.

Further Information

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