Luxury Property In Turkey

Luxury property in Turkey means more now than it did in 2002, and so much more than it did before the boom, during the boom and after the boom as well for that matter.

Turkey is a place where you can go on an affordable holiday and where you can buy even more affordable property, but until recently that was all it was. In the last couple of years, a growing luxury segment has emerged within Turkey, luxury hotels and luxury resorts to take luxury holidays too, luxury marinas to sail into on luxurious ships and yachts and luxury property for sale in Istanbul and the popular coastal resorts across Turkey’s vast country.

The reasons for this are not difficult to put one’s finger on. For a start, the government has made a determined effort to bring about this very end; to reduce the dominance of low-cost all-inclusive tourists by increasing the number of more affluent tourists who take cruises and yachting holidays. This is why we have seen so many new marinas and renovation work on existing ones. But at the same time demand for luxury in Turkey increased; as it became one of the fastest growing economies in the world, it began to attract the attention of international businesses, and at the same time also became known as a stable safe-haven against the financial volatility of Europe and elsewhere. And it is the latter reason that has propelled a new arm to the Turkish luxury property market. Even in the last few years, luxury property in Turkey was plush spacious 4-8 bedroom villas with private pools and costing 300-700k Euros. But since Turkey became known as one of the world’s financial safe havens, many large-scale investors and super-rich individuals have been putting their cash into prime and super-prime properties in Turkey. Sotheby’s released a report into this growing segment in Istanbul, revealing a flurry of purchases of well over a million Euros in the city, however its now not only Istanbul that sees beautiful homes sell for a million Euros plus the favourite resorts dotted along the coastline in prime locations offer unbelievable luxurious properties for sale.

Turkey‘s coast spans 8000km of glorious picturesque coastline full of caves and coves, blue flag award winning beaches and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The luxury property found here offer amazing views form truly amazing properties built to the highest standard of workmanship and fitted with the best quality materials one can buy. Every possible whim that the buyers can afford has been built into these homes and they are a fraction of the price one would expect to pay in the European countries of Italy, Spain and France for example. These exceptional homes are found in the most desired areas of BodrumKalkanAntalyaFethiye, Istanbul, AlanyaSide and Belek amongst other areas.

These properties offer the ultimate in luxury with maybe 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms and even an infinity pool with panoramic views from these beautiful homes. However it’s important to add that luxury property doesn’t have to break the bank and this is why home buyers and investors buy in Turkey because apartments and duplexes also offer luxury living at great prices. Buyers choose Turkey for a variety of reasons 300 days of sunshine each and every year and mild winters make owning a home in Turkey a great destination whether it be in the summer or winter months. Another advantage is the flights from the UK for example to Turkey are around 4 hours which means no long haul flights making frequent visits to Turkey easily accessible for numerous holidays and even long weekend breaks.

Palm-fringed beaches and blue lagoons with breathtaking views can be seen from a luxury property set in only the best-loved locations. Luxury is paramount and often these types of properties are close to Marinas as buyers of these homes often own a boat too making it ideal to have it close by. Beautifully designed homes by award-winning architects are now gracing these waterfronts and amongst the buyers are the rich and famous who want a piece of their own Turkish delight for themselves. It is no secret that Royalty and VIPs have also visited these areas and if it’s good enough for them, then why not you? If you want the ultimate in luxury in a city then look no further than Istanbul, here you can combine the vibrancy of city life without giving up wonderful views of the Marmara Sea. You have all the convenience of everything on your doorstep, Art, museums, restaurants and an upbeat nightlife plus panoramic views of the sea where you can sit on your terrace and relax.

Investors increasingly add more Turkish property to their portfolios because it offers a lucrative investment. We are seeing visitors and tourists opting to rent a private villa rather than stay in a hotel and renting one of these luxury villas will be everyone’s dream and owners make healthy rentalreturns via good rentals. Tourists choose Turkey because they are guaranteed excellent weather during the season and several families can rent a luxury villa splitting the cost making it a luxury holiday at an affordable price. Renting a private villa offers tons more space, freedom of movement and most of all privacy so you can truly rest and relax at a time you most need it and with Turkeyreceiving up to 42 million tourists per year this makes owning a property very attractive indeed.

The leading locations for luxury property are:

Bodrum – Yalikavak is an upmarket village with its own marina and has the most stunning luxury properties giving extensive views of the marina and the Aegean. The centre of Bodrum is just a short journey away with designer upmarket boutiques, historical sites and let’s not forget its very own castle and a rather beautiful marina.
Kalkan – is the jewel in Turkey’s crown it is one of the most beautiful scenic areas in Turkey.

This picturesque historic town is found on the Mediterranean Coastline overlooking a stunning bay and is world-renowned for its amazing scenic views. This popular upmarket town has enchanting narrow streets which lead down to the bay and the luxury property here is at its very finest.

Antalya – is a bustling cosmopolitan city with plenty to do, trendy shops, beaches galore and an exciting nightlife.

Fethiye – is always a firm favourite and many buyers make their permanent homes here, wonderful scenery, an array of villages offering everything from sea views to countryside settings, it’s a winner.

Istanbul – this exciting city has it all, as much culture as you can stand, traditional bazaars, restaurants and cafes, dance, theatre and music festivals to name just a few of its many attractions.

Alanya – the hub is its marina and picturesque beaches, great shopping and cultural activities its castle stands proudly overlooking the bay.
Side – a family friendly resort quieter than most other resorts with sweeping beaches, ancient ruins and the cascading waterfalls at nearby Manavgat.
Belek – is an avid golfer’s paradise with championship golf courses and super beaches with a good array of water sports and excellent shopping.

Luxury properties are springing up all over Turkey due to the demand from investors with higher budgets, They are choosing Turkey for a wide variety of reasons but also because of the great activities you can partake in for example horse riding is a popular pastime with some excellent ranches across Turkey in or near the popular resorts of Bodrum, Izmir, Antalya, and Istanbul. If you’re a fan of water sports then you can’t go wrong, up and down the coastline of Turkey just about every water sport imaginable is available, windsurfing, jet skiing, white water rafting, canoeing, sea kayaking, kiteboarding, scuba diving and diving the list is endless. Yacht and sailing clubs are dotted all across the coastline from the Aegean to the Mediterranean and there is nothing better than spending the day cruising soaking up the rays. If you love to ski then you can stay in Turkey for that too, its premier ski resort is Uluda? in Bursa it has been the most popular ski resort in Turkey for the last 50 years. Here skiers can ski, snowboard and ice skate for around four months of the year it’s an ideal location just 40km from the centre of Bursa and it is the closest ski resort to Istanbul. The Saklikent ski resort is located in the Mediterranean just 50km from the centre of Antalya and is open from December to early April, this is ideal for all those living in Antalya throughout the year.

Turkey offers everything one could possibly wish for and much more, abundant sunshine, spectacular luxury property, a medium haul flight, beaches galore, vibrant city life, culture, history, architecture, art galleries, museums, music festivals, Mediterranean cuisine, superb facilities and amenities and warm friendly people. When you think of ultimate in luxury think of Turkey what else could you possibly want?