About the Palm Islands in Dubai and Waterfront Living

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When looking at artificial islands, nothing grabs the world’s attention as much as the palm islands in Dubai. Including three palm islands named Jumeirah, Jebel Ali, and palm Deira islands, these artificial islands wow everyone. Highlighting the coast of Dubai’s waterfront, one is home to luxury hotels, villas, and apartments, and plans are in place for the other two. In case you hadn’t guessed, the enormous project ever undertaken by Dubai reflects island living at its best. To complete the high-flying island lifestyle in Dubai, think of private beaches, numerous shopping malls, and stunning aerial views of the man-made islands that have graced the front pages of many real estate and travel magazines.

About the Palm islands in Dubai

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1: Palm Jumeirah Artificial Island

The Palm Jumeirah is the most famous artificial island in Dubai, and like its name, the aerial view is of a palm tree. Two Dutch companies undertook the palm construction, and residents of Palm Jumeriah Island use the monorail to get about and to Dubai mainland. Stretching for 5 kilometres, the monorail was the first in the UAE.

Taking five years for the man-made, ambitious project to complete, the first luxury villas were sold in 2006, and since then, Palm Jumeirah has become one of Dubai’s and the world’s most prestigious island real estate areas. Notable luxury hotels in Palm Jumeirah include the Atlantis, Kempinski, Rixos, and Waldorf. At the same time, popular places for shopping and dining out include Nakheel Mall, Pointe, Palm Views, Boardwalk, Club Vista Mare and Golden Mile Galleria.

Naturally, leisure is at the forefront of life on Palm Jumeirah Island, and sailing in yachts is popular, as is signing up for skydiving lessons. Palm Jumeirah is also home to the dancing and massive Palm fountain, while dining out in many island restaurants offers fantastic views of the Burj Al Arab, built on its little man-made island.

If you can’t afford luxury resort stays in five-star hotels or buy your luxury villa, don’t worry because Palm Jumeirah island is open to the public, like any other Dubai neighbourhood. Regarding island sand and beaches along the coast, expect the best while admiring fantastic views of the Persian Gulf. However, if you are looking for island property in Dubai, Palm Jumeirah is an ideal man-made place to live to access the finer things in life.

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2: Palm Jebel Ali and Dubai Waterfront Living

Unfortunately, this Dubai Island palm has not seen the same success as its counterpart, Palm Jumeirah. The Palm Jebel Ali construction began in 2002 but was put on hold in 2008 during the global financial crisis. Since then, there has been no news until September of 2022, when Time Out reported that Dubai developer Nakheel said the Palm Jebel Ali project is to be relaunched and rebranded.

The original Palm Jebel Ali, which is 50% larger than Palm Jumeirah, was proposed to consist of luxury homes built on stilts above the water and house more than 250,000 people in the process. However, the new palm island construction process will increase the prospect of waterfront living since Dubai is seeing demand from house buyers in the United Arab Emirates for properties along the coast.

3: Deira islands

The partially developed project also removes the former branding of the palm Deira islands to group all five islands into one brand under Dubai islands. The palm islands cover 17 square kilometres, eventually home to more than 80 hotels and resorts. Collectively, the new project to finish Dubai’s artificial islands will also offer top-notch golf courses and 20 kilometres of sand and beaches to lengthen the coast of Dubai. In addition, two square kilometres are also dedicated to green spaces.

All this is part of new rebranding for the artificial islands by the developer to restart the former stalled project. The project coincides with the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan to reinforce the UAE’s position as a global destination for residents, visitors and investors. The rebranding and construction project will create an additional 80,000 jobs across the artificial islands. Prominent leisure facilities will include Souk Al Marfa, Dubai’s largest night market, mall, numerous hotels and beach resort with waterpark, restaurants, and spa and fitness centres. This project will also have significant impacts on the concept of living on manmade islands.

 Also visit Bluewater Artificial Island

Sitting across from Dubai marina, Bluewater Island is another small hub that functions as a town of the Persian gulf in its own right. The island is home to many residential properties, leisure facilities, hotels, and retail and entertainment outlets. It also earns fame as home to the Ain Dubai observation wheel. Indeed, collectively, the man-made islands show that Dubai’s waterfront is always one step ahead.

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