The Ten Tallest Buildings in Dubai for Amazing Views

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When looking at the tallest buildings in Dubai, get ready to be amazed. The impressive Dubai skyscrapers hold world records for their towering and majestic status. One even counts as the tallest building in the world. Located in various areas, most skyscrapers sit in the E11 district, Dubai Marina or the Business Bay area. Collectively, they make up a memorising city of buildings capturing the world’s attention.

The construction of these skyscrapers shows what man can achieve when designing an urban habitat of Elite residences. At any given time in Dubai, someone is building a skyscraper, and skylines show no signs of letting down; hence can easily match New York for tower buildings. This list of buildings in Dubai perfectly showcases an alternative real estate market and style of living.

Tallest Buildings in Dubai

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1: Burj Khalifa Skyscraper in Downtown Dubai

Burj Khalifa, known as Burj Dubai, is the tallest building in the world, standing at 829 metres. The Burj Khalifa, which overtook the Taipei 101 skyscrapers as the world’s tallest building, attracts many tourists to downtown Dubai and observation decks for incredible views overlooking Dubai. Additionally, at 585 metres, the onsite lounge offers snacks and drinks while you look out, or you can work out in the Burj Khalifa Gym.

Architect Adrian Smith designed the Dubai tower, using the spider lily desert flower as his inspiration. 1.85 million square residential and 300,000 square feet of office space make up the tallest building. In addition, the Burj Khalifa features 85 works of art from around the world portraying Arabic culture. To achieve the tallest building in the world, interior designers and artists were commissioned from many different countries, and roughly 12,000 people were working on the Dubai tower construction at any given time.

Cladding adorns the exterior to elevate the temperature of Dubai’s hot summers, and eight escalators and 57 elevators ensure visitors get around quickly. When Dubai commissioned the Burj Khalifa, they wanted to gain international world recognition. The Burj Khalifa was the stepping stone to many tall world structures. As a result, Burj Khalifa holds many records, including the tallest free-standing structure. Indeed, Burj khalifa is the world pride of skyscrapers and downtown Dubai, and also a place to see the famous Dubai fountain.

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2: Marina 101 Skyscraper – 2nd Tallest Tower

Marina 101 skyscraper, in the Dubai marina district, is the second-tallest building in Dubai and the 32nd tallest in the world. Unfortunately, the story of Marina 101 tower differs from Burj Khalifa. Marina 101 is only 97% complete. The developer Sheffield Holdings ran out of money. In 2022, there was talk of new investors, and the Dubai land office instructed other investors of Marina 101 to pay their dues, but there is no further news yet.

If completed, the plan was for Hard Rock Hotel to occupy the first 33 floors of Marina 101 tower. This was ideal since the building sits in the Dubai marina tourist area and is an affluent place to live, with high-brand restaurants, shops and yachts docking in. The following 66 floors will be home to residential apartments, and the top will feature tower lounges and a restaurant.

3: Princess Tower – Tallest Residential Building

Princess Tower in Dubai marina stands at 413 metres and is Dubai’s third tallest building. Initially, Princess Tower held the record as the world’s tallest residential building but lost that title in 2015 when 432 Park Avenue was completed in New York. As roughly the same size as the Empire State building, the tower contains 763 homes over 107 stories and underground parking and retail premises.

Residents enjoy numerous onsite facilities like a gym, sauna, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and an observation deck on the 97th floor overlooking Dubai. Costing 216 million to build and complete in 2012, these days, as well as penthouses and duplexes, 1, 2 and 3-bedroom tower homes are highly sought after.

Quite uniquely, the upper residences have built-in wind deduction systems, which automatically lock the doors in high winds to inform residents not to go out on the balconies. The original plan was just 90 stories, but the Dubai developers then realised they were close to a record for the tallest building, adding another 11. At the north end of Dubai marina, sea views are another bonus.

4: World Records for 23 Marina Skyscraper

23 Marina covers 88 stories and stands at 392 metres. As well as being the fourth tallest building in Dubai, it holds the record for the third tallest residential building. This skyscraper features 289 residences, 57 swimming pools and 62 elevators, and owners of the duplex penthouses have their own elevators, private plunge pool, and housekeeper’s section. Completed in 2007 after six years, this building stands in Dubai Marina.

The building offers beautiful marina and Palm Jumeirah views, Dubai’s artificial city island. With 2, 3 and 4-bedroom apartment duplexes, the tower is highly sought after for long-term residence and holiday rentals. Communal features include a health club, steam and sauna, gymnasium, aerobics, landscaped gardens, jogging track, Indoor and outdoor swimming pools and children’s pool.

Named after the plot number in Dubai marina, many elevators ensure no one waits more than 45 seconds. The elevators can travel at 8 metres per second with the option to slow down, which in case people’s ears pop. Additionally, dampers at the top of the building elevate wind sway.

5: Elite Residence – Dubai’s Firth Tallest Building

Elite Residence, located in Dubai marina, overlooks the fantastic palm of Jumeirah. Standing at 380 metres and covering 91 floors, the Elite Residence is the world’s eighth tallest residential building. Seventy-six floors are dedicated to 695 apartments, and the others to communal facilities like a gym, business centre, spas and swimming pools. All apartments are serviced by 12 elevators. The city developer, Tammar, is responsible for the Princess Tower and the regal and silver towers in the Business Bay area.

Their motto for the Elite Residence was the height of luxury living in Dubai. The Elite Residence features 1- and 2-Bedroom Apartments and 3 and 4 Bedroom Penthouses. The developers say Elite Residence combines modern city life with Dubai’s dynamic buzz and the calm tranquillity of laidback living by the sea. Sitting minutes away from luxurious hotels, exclusive clubs and high-brand city shopping destinations, Elite Residence is in one of Dubai’s most envied city neighbourhoods.

6: Address Boulevard Building in Dubai City

Construction on the Address Boulevard tower in Dubai was completed in 2017 after five years. Altogether 73 floors, not including basements, feature 719 units of mixed-use, including retail, hotel, parking, and residence. With postmodern architectural styles featuring glass and concrete, the unique aspect of this Dubai skyscraper is that all units were sold on the day of release.

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One hundred and ninety-six rooms are five-star hotel premises, while 532 are private apartments, of which owners enjoy an onsite restaurant, three pools, and amazing Burj Khalifa views. The charming aspect of this Dubai building is 25 specially commissioned pieces of art from around the world. Developed by Emaar properties, they sold their share in 2018 to Abu Dhabi National hotels.

When it comes to the hotel concept, the presidential suite includes a pantry, powder room, study, guestroom, bathroom and master bedroom, as well as a lounge terrace. In addition, Address Hotels say the suite is fit for a king, with spacious luxury and exclusivity, and one-night costs 3000 GBP.

7: Almas Towers in Dubai

Almas Tower stands at 360 meters and is located in the Jumeirah Lakes Towers. Construction only took three years to complete and finished in 2008; Almas Tower once held the title of Dubai’s tallest tower, yet lost this status with later builds. Sitting on its artificial island, the tower is an office building, and the Dubai Diamond Exchange is located there. This promoted other diamond specialists, including the Dubai Gems Club and  Dubai Pearl Exchange. Certification, sale, and cut diamond procedures occur here, hence the high level of tower security.

The Atkins architectural firm located in London designed the Dubai tower, which now has prestigious status thanks to its connection with diamonds. Covering 1.7 million square feet and serviced by 35 elevators, Almas tower taps into the more extensive range of amenities by Jumeirah Lakes Towers.

Alongside the office building, the people of Dubai enjoy waterfront outdoor cafes and restaurants, retail stores, squares and gardens. Day-care centres and children’s play areas for office workers in Almas tower provide a vibrant community with family-friendly atmospheres. In addition, people enjoy gymnasiums, saunas, swimming pools, and high-speed elevators.

8: Gevora Hotel – World’s Tallest Hotel

The tallest hotel, owned by Ahmed Abdul Rahim Al Attar, Gevora hotel, is just 15 minutes from Dubai airport. Standing at 356 meters, the hotel features 529 luxury rooms and suites, five restaurants, leisure facilities, a pool deck, a health club with a swimming pool, separate women’s and men’s gyms, a sauna, and a spa. Three restaurants are currently open, with two restaurants set to open soon, and here, hotel residents and visitors to Dubai enjoy the best of fine dining.

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Opening in 2018, the original plan was to help travellers and families who didn’t like Dubai’s nightlife scenes to find alternative entertainment. Taking four years to construct, this plan came about after scrapping the original plan for the hotel to be private apartments. Located in downtown Dubai, they offer lower rates than other surrounding hotels despite holding the Guinness record as the world’s tallest.

For height, the hotel overtook the J W Marriott Marquis Dubai hotel, formerly known as Emirates Park Towers Hotel & Spa. This luxury hotel’s 10,000 square feet penthouse features five bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and 360-degree views of Dubai, the Burj Khalifa and the Arabian sea.

9: JW Marriott Marquis Dubai Towers

Formerly called the Emirates towers complex, the JW Marriott Marquis hotel, located on the Sheikh Zayed Road of the Business Bay district in Dubai, was completed in 2012 after six years. Costing 490 million USD to build, the Emirates Group owns the building, but Marriott International manage it. Covering 82 floors, the twin towers include 28 lifts and 1608 rooms.

The JW Marriott Marquis Dubai Towers held the title as the world’s second tallest hotel and was originally meant to stand at 395 feet, yet the design was reduced in later stages. Altogether there are 14 bars, a gym, a pool, a sauna and spa services. The date palm of the Middle East inspired the architectural design of the twin towers that, alongside other amenities, has stunning views of the sea, Business Bay area and Burj Khalifa.

10: II Primo Towers of Dubai Skyscrapers

II Primo tower, located next to the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall, near major roads and the metro, is prime real estate. This building between Emaar development and Construction consultancy firm WSP Middle East, will cover 77 stories and six basement levels. Like many other skyscrapers in Dubai, Primo tower will feature modern art and tasteful décor, such as marble floors.

The skyscrapers team say the tower will provide residents with an unmatched luxury lifestyle level when complete. Construction began in 2017 and will feature 116 four- and five-bedroom apartments and duplex penthouses. Again, building space appeals, with apartments taking up half or whole floors. For skyscrapers in Dubai, this building’s height is nearly the same as JW Towers.

Other Tall Buildings in Dubai

If the tallest skyscrapers interest you, other buildings to watch out for when in Dubai include Damac Heights tower, and The Emirates Towers, which connects the Emirates Office Tower with Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel via a retail complex. The Emirates office tower on Sheikh Zayed Road is considered one of the significant tower symbols of Dubai. At one stage, the Emirates Office Tower and its neighbour held the title of the tallest skyscraper.

Meanwhile, Burj Al Arab of Dubai, which belongs to the tallest hotels list, impresses everyone. The Burj al Arab stands on an artificial island, further extending the art of tower architecture for buildings. Opening in 1999, the Burj al Arab 180-metre-tall atrium impresses everyone.

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The Rose Rayhaan by Rotana might be of interest. Also called the Rose Tower, this 72-storey tower on Sheikh Zayed Road stands at 333 metres. Originally built to be 380 metres, the Rose Tower design was reduced. Construction of Rose Tower, which started in 2004, took three years and earned admiration for the two-tone tower architecture.

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Why Buy Property in Dubai: Alongside buildings, Dubai has numerous reasons that promote ideal real estate investment opportunities for anyone interested. Dubai attracts investors and homebuyers with its strategic UAE location, the standard of buildings in Dubai and well-developed infrastructure. In addition, the tallest buildings provide unparalleled living in luxury.

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