What Does an International Real Estate Agent Do?

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If you are looking for an international real estate agent, we can put our services forward. But before searching for property, it is essential to know what a real estate agent can do for you and what to expect. Overseas property is a wonderful addition to your real estate portfolio, especially for diversification. Additionally, if buyers choose wisely, they can tap into the massive potential for capital growth in countries where the housing market is still in its infancy. So whether you want a wise investment, a buy-to-let, or a holiday home, let us look at what an agent can do for you and how to choose one.

What Does an International Real Estate Agent Do?

1: Local Knowledge of the Agent

Having an awareness of the property market of a particular country is not enough. In all cases, the real estate agent needs local awareness since trends and potential investment vary from town to town. Often, when a local council has a clear vision for the future and constantly reinvests in their infrastructure, this knocks onto the housing market, driving property values up. It is a real estate agent’s job to know what is happening at the ground level regarding local projects and developments.

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2: Property Buying Process

Every real estate market operates differently. In some cases, like Turkey, property buyers receive their title deeds in as little as a week. In other countries, the home buying process is long, drawn up, consists of numerous red tapes, and it can be six months before homebuyers put the key in the door.

Your overseas agent is responsible for walking buyers through the process, step by step. In addition, they should let you know before signing on the dotted line what the extra purchasing costs are, and what needs to be paid and when. We give all our clients a payment plan with a timeline, so they are fully knowledgeable from the get-go.

3: Rental Demand and Real Estate Laws

In some cases, real estate buyers want to let out the property for additional income. Any good overseas agent has a good idea of which markets provide the best yields for a maximum return on investment. This involves good knowledge of that town’s tourism industry. For example, in the case of Turkey, this would be Kalkan on the Mediterranean coast. This small town is known for its large, luxury villas. Many owners market their villas as holiday rentals attracting renters from all over the world.

In Spain, rental property buyers head to places like the Costa del Sol rather than the north because the tourism market is more robust. An excellent international agent is informative about that country’s laws regarding short- and long-term rentals, income taxes, and advising their home buyers on how to market their property.

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4:  International Luxury Real Estate Market

Buying a luxury property in an average town does not make for a wise investment. Traditionally, the luxury property comes with the lifestyle; an upmarket dining scene branded luxury shops. In countries like Spain, Turkey, France, and Portugal, luxury homes are in towns with high-end marinas, attracting the sailing crowd. Any international real estate agent selling luxury homes should also have local knowledge to ensure you are not buying an overpriced property.

5: Liaising with Sellers

In most countries, putting an offer in on a property is culturally acceptable. Your real estate agent is responsible for liaising with the seller. In addition, if buying a resale, fully furnished home, your property agent should clarify with the seller exactly what is included in the sale and what is not. In our case, we do a complete inventory to ensure no mistaken communication.

How to Find a Good Property Agent

Business Essentials: In some countries, people operate just as commission agents. They do not have an office, a website, or a licence, and they rarely have your best interests at heart. Only work with a real estate agent with business premises, a website with property listings and branded pages on social media like Facebook.

Track Record: Your ideal overseas property agent should already have a good record of accomplishment. Look at Google reviews, Facebook testimonials, and LinkedIn profiles to determine their standing in the real estate industry. Any good international agent will also put you in touch with previous property buyers to speak to.

Communication: At every step of the buying process, your international agent needs to be openly transparent about what is happening and answer your questions. A good indication is how long they take to answer emails. We’ve all heard about the Spanish manana, but you do not want to be chasing an agent down in this case.

Commitment: Before employing any estate agent, find out precisely what they will do. When a client views property with us, we do not just show them the house. We also help them get to know the area by pointing out banks, shops, and transport networks. Likewise, we assist with utility connection in new builds or change of name for resales. We also stick around after to answer any day-to-day questions home buyers have. Some agents only deal with the property buying process, and that is it. Know from the start precisely what their services will be.

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Start your overseas property search by browsing our portfolio of apartments and villas for sale in many different countries. Each listing contains everything to know, including price, location features and property details. Just use the enquiry button to find out more via email or telephone or make an appointment for viewing.

Alternatively, we hope we have given you lots of information on what an international real estate agent does, but if you have any more questions, call us. Also, browse our international property blog, which talks about many different real estate markets of the world and how homebuyers can make a wise investment and find their dream property at the same time.

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