Best Areas to Live in Antalya: Places for Property Buyers

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Overseas property buyers deciding where the best areas to live in Antalya, have many choices. Whether it is in the city centre, or a surrounding coastal resort, the Antalya region offers a vast array of destinations for house hunters from low-key, quiet, and secluded to fast-paced hubs with quick access to local amenities.

Each area’s unique characteristics ensure a wealth of things to do, from hitting Belek’s world championships golf courses, exploring local ruins, helping charities, or just soaking up Mediterranean sun rays on long, sandy beaches that count themselves as some of Turkey’s best.

If you are unsure of exactly where to head to, this article looks at neighbourhoods leading the way in the region’s housing market.

Which areas stand out as the most desirable?

Which resorts attract large numbers of buyers looking to settle there?

More importantly, which places have a robust portfolio of apartments and villas?

3 of the Best Areas to Live in Antalya

1: Side: Laid Back and Family Friendly

Historical Side, with a laid-back, family-friendly style sits 45 minutes from Antalya Airport making it easy to get there all year round, from a variety of destinations around the world. Emerging from a small fishing village to popular holiday resort, every year a variety of nationalities descend on it to enjoy summer holidays, although its garnered immense favour with Germans, Russians, and Brits the most.

best areas to live in Side

The resort’s vast range of local amenities provides everything for day-to-day living, but to step it up a notch, locals head to larger Manavgat, a Turkish working town, home to the river of the same name, that is a favourite daytime trip.

Like many of Turkey’s coastal resorts, social life revolves around the harbour and beach fronts, of which there are two, and a small centre cove. Side makes a roaring trade from all-inclusive hotels, while visitors also arrive from other resorts to see it landmark Temple of Apollo.

If you want a slow daily pace, and a substantial choice of bars, restaurants and shops, Side is worth looking considering. Another bonus is that it offers low prices per square meter. (Apartments and villas for sale in Side.)

2: Mahmutlar in Alanya

Ten years ago, hardly anyone mentioned Mahmutlar but these days, as a popular seaside destination, it’s home to many Turkish and foreign buyers, who saw the potential for capital appreciation and the neighbourhood’s future vision.


Now an official town, the population more than triples during summer, as locals descend to enjoy Mediterranean Sea vibes. Council officials have kept up with the influx of residents and made great efforts to modernise the roads and install top-notch infrastructure, while the focus, a long 5-kilometre beach, with a stunning mountain backdrop is the go-to-point for summer days.

Should locals want to step up the pace, Alanya sits 10 kilometres away and is accessible via a frequent and cheap bus service. Mahmutlar separates into the old and new parts, that blend to present a desirable place to buy a house, whether you want to live there all year round or use it as a summer home. (Seean example of apartments in Mahmutlar.)

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3: Antalya City Centre: Lara Beach and Konyaalti

Lara beach, part of Antalya’s central city, earned worldwide fame for its long sandy beaches and the all-inclusive hotels backing it that are nicknamed the Turkish Las Vegas.

While prices per square meter are higher than other neighbourhoods, residents are happy to pay this for the proximity to one of Turkey‘s best beaches, because that is what Lara is all about; a beach-side lifestyle.


Likewise, Konyaalti on the city’s other side has stunning scenery combined with a long stretch part sand/part stone beach. When it comes to these two neighbourhoods, despite being part of a city, don’t think you are investing in an urban lifestyle because the local atmosphere and vibes are totally different.

Beachfront properties sell for high prices but heading away from the coastline, many residential complexes offer modern housing at affordable prices and within walking distances. But aside from the beaches, what else do Konyaalti and Lara Beach offer? Only the best shopping, transport, and nightlife scenes in Mediterranean Turkey. (Real estate in Antalya city centre.)

Other Areas of Antalya To Consider

The above three destinations lead the Turkish housing industry as the best areas to live in Antalya, but many others are also climbing the ladder for specialised niches.

Belek, the golfing capital, attracts fans and buy-to-let investors seeing potential in its future, while further west, exclusive Kalkan is known for high end, luxury villas featuring the latest in architectural trends and styles.

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If you are in Antalya and would like to view properties or neighbourhoods, contact us to arrange a date and time for viewing. Alternatively, call or email to speak with an experienced sales agent who can answer all your questions about buying a home in Turkey.

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