Real estate in Antalya: Introduction Guide for Property Buyers

The Antalya province of Turkey, a marvellous collection of a bustling city centre, and smaller coastal resorts always surprises newcomers, both foreigners and Turks alike. Backed by the green Taurus mountain range and fronted by sandy beaches and the crystal blue Mediterranean Sea, it is the second most popular holiday destination in Turkey. However, real estate in Antalya also wears a gold crown as a top hotspot for property buyers and investors.

About the Antalya region

Sitting on the eastern Mediterranean coastline of Turkey, the Antalya province stretches from Alanya to Kas. Covering over 20,000 square kilometres, it is a hub of business, travel, education, food, culture and arts.

One main reason for its international success is an award-winning, ultramodern airport. Otherwise, its central position on the main D400 highway makes getting there by bus or car easy.

From April to November, many yacht owners also arrive into Antalya, a vital position of the Turkish Riviera. Such is its success, government expectations say, in 2018, Antalya will host 18 million tourists cementing its status as Mediterranean queen.

Real estate in Antalya and a Mediterranean Lifestyle

Thousands of expats living in the region, enjoy a laid-back lifestyle that far outranks, life in their home countries. Hot summers with 40-degree temperatures in July and August bring out beach lovers from all four corners of the world. While in Spring, Autumn and Winter, people with other interests take advantage of cool days, to see popular touristic attractions and tour the historical sites that Antalya is so famous for.

Antalya city centre

Other than that, it offers everything a worthy destination should. Including a vibrant nightlife and shopping scene, many touristic attractions, an excellent hospitality industry, unrivalled arts and culture opportunities, it is an all-rounder accommodating everyone regardless of nationality or social status.

It’s cosmopolitan, multi-cultural feel, is proven in the region’s diversity of spoken languages including English, Arabic, German, Russian and Turkish, and a varied, international array of international cuisines sold by restaurants.

Antalya isn’t about budget versus luxury because it accommodates all income brackets. For many retired European expats, the cost of living is lower than in their home countries. They can also tap into an effective transport network running from all districts meaning owning a car is not an essential part of life.

14 Reasons Property Buyers Like Antalya

  • Affordable yearly running costs
  • Massive buy-to-let potential because of a strong tourism industry
  • Low purchasing expenses
  • The simple buying process takes as little as a week to complete.
  • Easy to get year-round residency permits
  • Freehold ownership
  • Mass potential for appreciation
  • Ideal candidate for diversifying a capital investment portfolio
  • Excellent value per square meter
  • Choice of modern, or traditional architecture
  • A diverse portfolio of budget, middle class and luxury apartments and villas

Popular Places in Antalya to Buy Property

Central Konyaalti: In the heart of Antalya city centre, this residential neighbourhood is without a doubt, the most active sector of the property market. The 7-kilometre beach often ranks on Trip Advisor as one of the best in Turkey, and with all amenities, and a good transport network, it’s easy to understand why it is so popular with buyers.

Real estate in Antalya

Delightful Side: Those who want to live in a smaller district, would do well to look at Side. Famous for its ancient Greco-Roman ruins and the Temple of Apollo, the town keeps a discreet reputation, and the real estate market caters for middle class and luxury buyers.

Golfing in Belek: As the golfing capital of Turkey, the world-class courses have hosted famous players like Tiger Woods. Belek’s other niche of expertise is 5-star spa and wellness hotels. Despite its fame, apartment and villa prices are affordable.

Bustling Alanya: This town, on the verge of becoming a city is Turkey’s rising star. Tourism is showing massive increases in visitor figures, and investors, attracted by affordable prices, particularly like the Mahmutlar district.

Upmarket Kalkan: Sitting on the outskirts of the province, Kalkan’s reputation as an upmarket villa destination, has attracted many foreign buyers looking for an exclusive lifestyle. As part of the Turkish Riviera, it offers style, indulgence, and luxury in abundance.

Popular Q&As about Buying Property in Antalya

How long does the buying process take?

Not long at all. Before we advertise properties, we check their legal documents to make sure everything is in order, so as soon as you pay a deposit on the home you want to buy, the process can be completed in as little as a week.

Where can I view properties for sale in Antalya?

See our portfolio of Antalya property here. If any home catches your eye, just call us or use the enquiry form to receive more details. Newcomers to the market of real estate in Antalya will also enjoy a viewing trip, so you can not only see properties for yourself but also get to know neighbourhoods.

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Antalya province

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