Your Guide to Beach Property in Turkey: Buying Power for Apartments and Villas

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When buying beach property in Turkey, it helps to have the market knowledge to make a wise investment. Whether you are looking at apartments or villas for sale, individual districts fair better than others for amenities, prices per square meter and those fantastic sea views.

Beach properties in Turkey are a popular real estate niche, and no wonder why. There is nothing better than waking up, walking out your front door and heading for an early morning swim. Many of Turkey’s beaches also boast of fantastic sunsets.

As real estate agents specialising in all niches of Turkish real estate, we are on hand to answer questions but read on to know more about prime locations to buy a beachfront home, tips to make your money stretch further, and what to know about the purchasing process.

Buying Beach Property in Turkey

Turkey offers oodles of beachside locations, and this is no wonder, given the Aegean, Mediterranean, Black and Marmara seas border it. These masses of coastline also make it one of the world’s top tourism destinations. However, for the best places to buy, the Aegean and Mediterranean easily win. The black sea covers the northern coast, and most destinations revolve around culture or inland exploration rather than tourism.

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Likewise, the Marmara region, which includes places like Istanbul, has beaches, but any holidaymaker or ex-pat who knows their stuff will say head to the med or Aegean for the best sand and sea conditions. They are also home to some of Turkey’s most beautiful beaches in terms of popularity and Trip Advisor reviews. Covering the south and west coast, notable destinations to look at for property include….

Lara Beach in Antalya: Sitting East of Antalya city centre, Lara offers several kilometres of part pebble and part sand. Local vendors make a roaring trade by renting out sunbeds, umbrellas, and water sports like jet skis. This section, nicknamed Turkey’s version of Las Vegas, because of large themed all-inclusive hotels close by, is one of the most desirable places to live. (Find out more about official neighbourhoods of the Antalya region.)

Konyaalti Beach in Antalya: Also sitting near Antalya city centre, Konyaalti often competes with Lara for the first position as the best beach in the district. Offering just the same amenities and those stunning Mediterranean sea views, in recent years, the local council has invested thousands into upgrading the promenade and social features like parks and children’s playgrounds.


Cleopatra’s beach in Alanya: Often ranked as Turkey’s top beach, Alanya sits at the eastern Mediterranean. Urban legends say it is where Cleopatra had a secret rendezvous with Marc Anthony, hence the name. Still, we admire it for its stunning beauty and refreshing waters that make swimming in the Mediterranean a dream. (Guide to buying a property in Alanya.)

Calis Beach in Fethiye: This small town, originally built to cope with an overflow of tourism from Fethiye major town centre, stands in blazing glory as a desirable place to holiday and live. Brits make up a large proportion of the vast expat population of which many live there all year round. Calis offers oodles of daytime delights of sand, sea, and sun but at night, is the perfect seat for a fantastic sunset view. Calis belongs to the Fethiye region, which is one of the most scenic areas to buy property, and this article talks more about desirable neighbourhoods, prices and needs to know.

Yalikavak in Bodrum: This destination has taken off with property buyers for two reasons. First, it has become a significant sailing hub, and second, it has a gorgeous main centre beach and many surrounding little coves. While the above destinations sit on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, Yalikavak is part of the Aegean coast’s Bodrum peninsula. Read more about Yalikavak and why it is an Aegean gem.

Altinkum for Budget Buyers: Did you know that the name Altinkum translates into golden sands? This aptly reflects the town’s three main beaches. For budget buyers, this ideal town has masses of properties for sale, and abundance of land for building which keeps prices down, yet most neighbourhoods are within a 5 to 15-minute walk of a beach.

Tips for Choosing Your Beachfront Property

1: Stick to Your Budget: Normally the closer to the coast property is, the higher price per square meter it commands. Some buyers go over budget by trying to get as close to the beach as possible. Yet in many towns, affordable properties for sale are within 15 minutes’ walk, and this enables budget buyers to live out their dream of being near the sea.

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2: Extra Buying Costs: Besides your house budget, also remember extra purchasing costs like land registry fees, translators, lawyers, stamp duty and taxes. Depending on the services needed and the property you buy, factor in roughly 10 percent of the purchase cost.

3: Duplex Apartments for Sea Views: Some buyers want a sea view, but their budget won’t stretch to a beachfront villa. If that is your case, look at duplex apartments. In most towns, they restrict building heights inline with the land level; hence the top of most apartment buildings boasts of a gorgeous sea view to wake up to.

4: Summer Versus Winter: If you plan to use your new property just for summers, expect a full range of social amenities. However, if you want to live here all year round, many holiday coastal resorts go quiet after October because the tourism season has finished. For a destination is on full steam all year round, choose Antalya, Fethiye or Bodrum town centres.

5: Weather Climate: Turkey’s vast size as the world’s 37th largest country means it has several climate zones. The hottest summers and coolest winters happen in the Antalya Mediterranean region, so pick that area if you want to swim in the sea at Christmas.

Beach Hotel Residences

For a holiday home or the ideal rental property, consider looking at the beach hotel residences that are a common theme in many areas of Turkey. These apartments in Yalikavak Bodrum are perfect examples. They boast of fantastic sea views and a wide range of on-site facilities. The management team takes care of everything, hence offering the ultimate in a luxury lifestyle.

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Whether you want to use the private beach, get the concierge to make dinner reservations, enjoy the gym, and sauna, they make the ideal home for summer and will easily attract renters. Priced from 675,000 euros, they are the ultimate luxury. (Call us quoting BOD353 for more information via email.)

The Property Buying Process in Turkey

The first step is to find the home of your dreams. To receive a selection of beachfront homes for sale in Turkey, call or email us, and we will send through a portfolio of homes on the market. If you are already in Turkey, call us to arrange a viewing of properties for the town you plan to visit. Also browse through our listings of apartments and villas for sale. Each listing includes everything to know include price, home features and a map to see how close that property is to the beach.

Once you have chosen your home, the deposit and contracts come next. Although Turkish law doesn’t require the use of a solicitor, we recommend you use one. For a legal process such as the notary office, an official translator is needed, but we arrange that. If all finances are in place, you can sign the title deeds for your beachfront home in Turkey and move in within three to six weeks. See a full guideline of the buying process here.

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