Districts of Kalkan and Where to Buy Property

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Collectively, the districts of Kalkan form one sizeable town with an esteemed reputation for upscale living. Three reasons spring to mind why people buy property there. They included its premier status on the Turkish riviera and in the sailing world, and the excellence and professionalism of rooftop restaurants, during summer.

Lastly, the real estate market garners much attention thanks to the large, luxury villas with all-encompassing Mediterranean Sea views and infinity pools. They feature some of Turkey’s best architectural styles that brings in buyers from all over the country and world. There is a healthy portfolio of homes to choose from, so the only decision left is where to buy. That is when knowing each district and why it stands out comes in handy.

The Districts of Kalkan

1: The Old Town Koyici

The old town is the beating heart. With the highest concentration of bars and restaurants, many holidaymakers head here during summer to enjoy alfresco dining with style. You know when you are in the old town because the architecture style is reminiscent of bygone days when Kalkan was a tiny fishing village. White wash houses twinned with the traditional wooden balconies and shutters line both sides of narrow-cobbled streets to present a nostalgic vibe. The most famous landmark, the white mosque was once a church, while the harbour is a hive of activity for all things maritime. Property in the old town rarely comes on the market hence most house buyers look to the outskirt areas.

Kalkan old town

2: Kiziltas

Sitting on the opposite side of the major road running at the back of the town, Kiziltas is a 15-minute walk downhill to the coastline. Given Kalkan is built on hilly land that gets higher the further inland you go, many people catch the bus or taxi back up the hill. What its elevated position means, though, the best views of the Mediterranean Sea. For house buyers, Kiziltas presents an ideal opportunity because it offers the best prices per square meter. In some places, apartments are also available, but villas lead the market, since many are available as holiday lets.

3: Kisla: Low Key and Exclusive

Kalkan is built around a small bay and at the eastern end sits Kisla, a low key, exclusive area with some stunning homes to boast about. It is a 20-minute walk from Kisla to the harbour, although, in the summer, locals mix it up by taking the local water taxi. Its position and full-frontal views give off amazing views around the bay, at night, when Kalkan is lit up. Kisla’s low key, secluded position is the perfect place for peace. There is a small splattering of shops, and when buying a property in Kisla, you have a front-row seat to the fantastic Mediterranean Sea view.

4: Komurluk: Prestigious Kalkan

If your budget stretches to the upper end of the market, Komurluk is the place to start your property search. Large homes have amazing views, ideal beachfront locations and feature stunning architecture, décor, and design. Many are designed with an outdoor theme in mind so that owners can enjoy summers but with privacy. There are a few shops and restaurants, although the town centre is just a brief walk away. Sitting next to Kisla, Komurluk is another area with fantastic sunset views to match.

5: Ortaalan Main Town

Sitting at the back of the old town, and before the D400 highway, Ortaalan is a busy hub with several supermarkets, banks shops, and the central bus station, where locals catch connecting buses to other areas, and neighbouring Kas. If views matter, Ortaalan is another district to look at when house hunting; otherwise, just the convenience of having everything on your doorstep, including the weekly market makes it a favourite spot. Ortaalan is also another area to consider if you want to buy an apartment.

6: Kalamar Bay

Known as the beach club district, Kalamar Bay does nothing fast-paced, in summer when the theme is all about sun, and sea. Several restaurants within Kalmar make a roaring trade but should you want to mix it up; the old town is a 20-minute walk away. Covering the western peninsula tip, Kalamar bay is an excellent place to spend your days by the sea. Several beach clubs offer sunbed rentals for a small entrance fee, and water sports like scuba diving, pedalo and Jet skis are available to rent.

As you can see, when house hunting, the districts of Kalkan, and their variety means you will find a neighbourhood that feels like home. If you need inspiration for your property hunt, see our listings of apartments and villas for sale in Kalkan here. Each one includes everything to know, including price, home features, location and how to arrange a viewing.

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