Your Practical Guide to Milas-Bodrum Airport in Aegean Turkey

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First opening in 1997, Milas-Bodrum Airport on the Western Aegean coast is one of Turkey’s top three touristic airports. Sitting alongside the ranks of Dalaman Airport and Antalya Airport, million of passengers pass through the domestic and international terminals every year. Those passengers tap into hundreds of airlines to fly worldwide. Turkish Airlines has a heavy presence, but many other airlines complete the ultimate airport experience. So, what is there to know before you fly? Let’s look at the main airport facilities and also the towns and coastal holiday resorts nearby.

About Milas-Bodrum Airport in Turkey

bodrum airport in turkey

1: Where is Bodrum Airport in Turkey?

Bodrum airport sits in Turkey’s Milas region on the western coast of the Bodrum peninsula. The airport location is just 36 kilometres from Bodrum town centre. Still, it also serves many other peninsula resorts and nearby coastal resorts like Altinkum and Kusadasi. Despite sitting just 16 kilometres from Milas, most air traffic goes to the places mentioned above. Milas Airport handles roughly 3 million air domestic and international passengers annually. The airport code is BJV, and the Turkish word for airport is havalimanı.

2: International, Domestic and General Aviation Terminals

Milas Airport’s general aviation international terminal is explicitly reserved for VIP guests. Many high-profile celebrities, businesspeople and royalty visit the Bodrum peninsula on international flights, and the general aviation terminal ensures privacy. The domestic terminal shares one hall for arrivals and departures, while the mainstream international terminal has two separate halls. It is a 5-minute walk between domestic and international terminals.

3: Domestic and International Flight Schedules

British airlines with flights to and from BJV airport include TUI, Thomason Fly, JET2, and EasyJet but use international flight websites like Expedia to find cheap flights. Other well-known airlines with flights and popular routes include Turkish Airlines, Sun Express and Pegasus. British Airways does not currently operate here.

Main flight schedules cover Bodrum’s official tourism season from May to October. Outside these months, flights scale down, but if passengers can’t find their preferred flights, catch domestic flight routes to Istanbul first or use the other closest airport, Izmir, for direct (non-stop) flights. Popular flight routes include many countries like the UK, Germany, France and the Middle East.

4: Details About Airport Lounges

Many passengers enjoy airport lounges as we wait for our flights to take off. At Milas airport, domestic and international Prime Class terminals offer everything airport lounges should, including alcoholic beverages, newspapers and magazines, and open buffets. You can stay up to three hours in each lounge, and reservations can be made via the Prime Class website or while booking your flight.

5: Shop and Dine at BJV Airport

Unfortunately, Bodrum BJV airport is like many other global airports because expensive food and drink airport prices make passengers mad. Additionally, only five places serve food and drink, and some close during quiet times, so you might want to eat before you leave. For shopping before your flight, expect basic duty-free options, including perfumes, cosmetics, alcoholic drinks, cigarettes, and confectionery. ATU run Duty-free shopping experiences, and passengers can pre-order duty-free items or get assistance with shopping via their flight website.

food and drink at bodrum airport

6: Other BJV Airport Faculties

Otherwise, expect all regular international airport services like luggage wrapping machines, lost luggage desks, currency exchange shops, flight detail screens showing departure flight gate and times, international tax-free offices, and parking. The downside to the Bodrum BJV airport experience is no free internet access, except in flight lounges.

7: How do I get from Bodrum Airport to the City?

Previously, HAVAS airport bus shuttle services ran to Bodrum town in just 40 minutes; however, this is currently on hold due to legal obligations. Check out the Bodrum Bus Terminal to Milas Bodrum Airport public bus services. Still, most people book their own private or group Bodrum airport transfers. They wait outside of arrivals with people’s names on placards. Five rental car companies operate in Bodrum Airport BJV.

8: Are there two Airports in Bodrum?

No, there is just one airport in Bodrum. However, many passengers get confused because some airlines call the air travel hub Milas Airport BJV while others say BJV Bodrum Airport. The official name is Milas-Bodrum Airport. It is one of three touristic international airports serving Turkey’s Aegean and Mediterranean coasts.

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9: Popular Places Served by Milas-Bodrum Airport

Bodrum City Centre: Called Halicarnassus in antiquity, this coastal gem easily blends history and modernity. At the heart lies Bodrum Castle, also called the Castle of St. Peter, an impressive 15th-century structure. Today, the building houses Bodrum’s Museum of Underwater Archaeology, showcasing maritime artefacts and relics from shipwrecks.

Bodrum’s charming Old Town, with whitewashed buildings adorned with vibrant bougainvillaea, entices visitors with bustling markets, quaint cafes, and lively nightlife. Stroll along the marina, where luxury yachts bob in crystal-clear waters, and dine at waterfront restaurants offering delectable Aegean cuisine. The travel time from BJV airport is 36 kilometres or 40 minutes.

Bodrum castle

Gumbet: Near Bodrum Town, Gumbet beckons party enthusiasts and sun-seekers alike. By day, the beach comes alive with water sports, and as the sun sets, beach clubs and bars pulse with music and energy. Gumbet’s nightlife scenes attract many youngsters, families and groups of friends. One upside is that Bodrum town is a short bus ride away, so people get the best of both worlds. The airport travel time is 38 kilometres or 45 minutes driving.

Bitez: For more peaceful escapes, Bitez offers serene settings. This picturesque village boasts a beautiful sandy beach with calm, shallow waters, perfect for families. Surrounded by tangerine and mandarin orchards, Bitez exudes tranquillity and beckons travellers to relax and unwind. In previous years, Bitez was a well-kept secret among Turks. Still, over the last decade, more foreigners have flocked to holiday there and buy property. The travel distance to the airport is 41 kilometres or 50 minutes driving.

Ortakent Yahsi: Ortakent, 50-minute drive from the airport, seamlessly blends natural beauty with historical intrigue. The long sandy beach offers many sunbathing and water sports, and the 17th-century tower is a prominent landmark. Ortakent translates into middle town, and the coastal resort joined with the Yahsi district to become one of those charming Bodrum destinations. Ortakent is one of those peninsula towns that is going places.

Turgutreis: Turgutreis, named after renowned Ottoman admiral Turgut Reis, promotes tranquillity by the sea. The town’s waterfront promenade, lined with cafes and restaurants, offers panoramic sunset views in hues of orange and pink. Turgutreis has a large expat community and also earns fame with British holidaymakers. These days, as the Bodrum peninsula’s second largest town, locals access shops, restaurants, bars, banks, and health facilities, as well as frequent transport links around town and to other resorts with ease.

Yalikavak: Yalikavak, once a quiet fishing village, has transformed into a glamorous destination renowned for its high-end resorts, boutique shops, and world-famous marina. Yachts of rich and famous people often dock here, making Yalikavak town prominent for luxury living. Given the high-profile status, finding millionaire properties for sale here is not unusual. The distance and time to Milas airport is 53 kilometres or 55 minutes.

yalikavak bodrum turkey

Gumusluk: Tucked away on the westernmost tip, Gumusluk, 55 kilometres or 60 minutes away offers more authentic and tranquil experiences. Gumusluk village is famous for seafood restaurants set along the water’s edge. Also explore Rabbit Island (Adası), an uninhabited islet accessible by a submerged causeway, and home to scattered ruins and breathtaking views. Some properties in Gumusluk offer traditional stone cottage architecture that portrays the bygone days of the peninsula.

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Torba: A short drive from Bodrum Town, Torba presents an intimate and romantic atmosphere. This peaceful coastal village is dotted with boutique hotels, and offers more laid-back ambiences, making Torba Resort perfect for quiet escapes. Torba’s upscale reputation makes it a suitable alternative for those who can’t afford Golturkbuku. The distance and time from the airport is 32 kilometres or 30 minutes.

Golturkbuku: Known as the “Turkish Saint Tropez,” Golturkbuku exudes luxury and exclusivity. Celebrities and jet-setters flock to this charming village to enjoy its pristine beaches, upscale restaurants, and vibrant nightlife. This is where millionaires buy a property and also party the summer away. These days, while fame and glory are widespread, Golturkbuku hasn’t let fame go to its head. The Turkish resort still maintains the luxury touches and leading edge, making it a specialist travel and real estate niche in Turkey. Bodrum airport is 44 kilometres or 45 minutes away.


Gündoğan: Secluded Gündoğan village surrounded by olive groves and hills makes for quieter beachside experiences in Bodrum. Many Turks either buy holiday homes here or retire permanently. While the town has embraced modern living, touches of nostalgia in daily life and communities still exist. The travelling time to Bodrum BJV Airport is 47 kilometres or 43 minutes

Tuzla: Tuzla earns fame for the picturesque saltwater lagoon, which attracts several bird species, making the coastal resort ideal for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts. Tuzla is far behind well-developed towns, but the golf course attracts any; there is future potential, and also fantastic sea views. Tuzla is 11 kilometres or 10 minutes by road.

More about Bodrum in Turkey

Practical Area Guide: Cosmopolitan Bodrum in Turkey sits on the west coast and thrives with holidaymakers and expats looking to move and live abroad permanently. Having long promoted hedonistic lifestyles, Bodrum attracts all levels of society, from budget backpackers to world-renowned millionaires.

Famous Faces in Bodrum: When spotting famous faces in Bodrum, the peninsula’s long-established record of courting the rich and talented goes back decades. Stretching back to the 1930s, artisans flocked upon the word of Cevat Sakir Kabaagacli, the fisherman of Halicarnassus and the man who bore fruit to the fame.

Three Fun Facts: So, next to Bodrum airport in Turkey, there are many more things to know about the peninsula. Turks adore the large peninsula, which offers different lifestyles from the rest of Turkey. Many own holiday homes there and enjoy endless summers. In contrast, others want the lifestyle all year round and retire there, so this article looks at the facts about this delightful corner of Turkey.

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