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If there were ever a city that took the world’s international real estate market by storm, it would have to be Dubai city. Covering the southeast Persian Gulf coast, this populous city boasts architectural wonders like the Dubai fountain, Palm Jumeirah, Burj al Arab, Dubai mall, and the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa. Granted, it is an expensive city, and cultural rules must be followed.

Still, looking at the lifestyle and impressive landscape buildings, it is easy to understand why the city is a United Arab Emirates hub. However, given that Dubai city is still massively misunderstood, we get many questions from investors and people looking to retire there. Hence, we collected them all into one easy-to-understand article.

What to Know About Dubai City

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1: Is Dubai a Country or a City?

This commonly asked question about Dubai needs more understanding of geography in the larger UAE, which stands for the United Arab Emirates. The country is a constitutional federation of seven emirates, of which Dubai is one. The others are Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah. The term Emirate refers to a territory. So Dubai is not a country but a territory within the larger United Arab Emirates.

2:  Why is Dubai so Rich?

Historically, Dubai is the wealthiest city in the Middle East and the 23rd richest in the world. However, the UAE is the world’s third most prosperous country. Many assume Dubai is rich because of oil production in the Persian Gulf. In 1966, oil was discovered in territorial waters off the coast. But this only accounts for a small amount of wealth. Infrastructure and property development have played a part in recent times. However, the main driving force behind wealth is trade. Therefore, Dubai city offers good incentives for global businesses.

The finance and banking laws also attract western financial institutions, who deposit their money in this emirate. Lastly, Dubai international airport and port attract much traffic from around the Persian Gulf and the world, with people looking to transport goods and travel. Dubai is rich because of strategic planning and forward-thinking, not only for Middle East importance but throughout the world.

3: Why is Dubai so Famous?

There are many reasons, but the two central UAE fame claims are architecture and luxury living on the Persian Gulf coast. Of all the seven Emirates of the country, Dubai is king for these two lifestyle factors in the Middle East and Arabian Peninsula. They have built artificial islands, are known for more than one luxury hotel, and the city’s tallest tower, the Burj Khalifa, is an unbelievable achievement of humanity.

They built Ski Dubai so the local population could mix sun and artificial snow. Dubai Marina is home to four of the world’s tallest buildings, while the Dubai fountain on the Burj Khalifa Lake is the world’s tallest water structure. We don’t even need to mention the lifestyle, either. Everyone has seen pictures of flash cars and luxury properties. Undoubtedly, Dubai city doesn’t shy away from perfection and likes to excel as the Middle East’s forward thinker.

4: What is the Population of Dubai?

The total population of Dubai city is 3,008,000, but over 200 foreign nationalities live there. According to the official United Arab Emirates website, foreigners outnumber the local population of Emirati people, and this is true of the Dubai emirate. Many Europeans work and live there alongside Indians, Africans, and Asian nationalities, making this a populous city. In addition, foreigners head here because of work for international companies.

If ever there was a global hub to be admired, it would be Dubai and the larger United Arab Emirates. The government-run Retire in Dubai scheme also gained more attention over the last two years as the trend of foreigners enjoying their retirement abroad becomes the new norm. In recent polls by Veolar, Dubai ranks as the world’s 14th-best city for retirees. As a result, the visit Dubai slogan now attracts people wishing to live here.

5: Is Dubai the Most Visited City in the World?

According to the latest tourism stats, Dubai is the world’s fourth most visited city. Bangkok took first place, followed by Paris and London. However, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Dubai city first on that list one day, as more and more people flock to discover the luxury lifestyle and impressive landscape buildings for themselves. Additionally, Dubai is seeing increasing interest from real estate investors worldwide, with foreigners looking to own property there.

6: Why is Dubai Important to the Middle East?

Summing up the importance of Dubai city in one paragraph is impossible. As you can see from the list above, the city excels in architecture, real estate investment, and luxurious lifestyles, but it still hasn’t achieved full potential. Its primary function is to disprove the typical Middle Eastern stereotypes. They combine various cultures, as proven in large immigrant populations.

Remember, Dubai belongs to the larger United Arab Emirates, which is making more efforts to get women involved in science, politics, technology, engineering and maths. The economy of Dubai diversifies itself between tourism, real estate, free trade and global business, hence lesser risk. In more ways than one, Dubai is not just important in the Persian Gulf and Middle east but an essential destination with much inspiration for other cities to excel in modern and global living.

7: Is Dubai Marina a Good Place to Stay?

Single and couple working professionals love the marina area as a place to stay and live, mainly for spectacular views and buzzing nightlife. Typically, many stay in high-rise apartments, but they bring incredible rooftop views. The one downside is the lack of pet-friendly facilities and establishments.


8: Is Dubai Mall the Biggest in the Persian Gulf?

Dubai Mall is the second largest mall in the world, considering the total land area. Hosting roughly 55 million visitors annually, the mall is a hub of shopping, entertainment and leisure, home to the Dubai Aquarium, underwater zoo, and ice rink. Additionally, the 22 screen cinema seats 2800 people. Also, expect more than 200 dining options.

9: What is Palm Jumeirah Famous For?

The Palm Jumeirah is famous as an artificial island in the Persian Gulf, of which the aerial view is of a palm tree. Residents of Palm Jumeriah Island use the monorail, the first in the UAE. Taking five years to build, Palm Jumeirah is a prestigious island real estate. So naturally, leisure is at the forefront of life on Palm Jumeirah Island, and sailing in yachts is popular, as is signing up for skydiving lessons. In addition, palm Jumeirah is home to a massive Palm fountain, while restaurants offer fantastic Burj Al Arab views. If you can’t afford luxury resort stays in five-star hotels or buy your luxury villa, don’t worry because Palm Jumeirah Island is open to the public.

10: What Are Popular Beaches in Dubai?

Popular beaches in Dubai include White Beach, Sunset, JBR open beach, Kite, Al Sufouh Black Palace beach, Mercato and La Mer. However, Jumeirah beach achieves much fame because it stretches for several kilometres along the Arabian Peninsula and holds some famous tourist attractions like the Burj Al Arab. Another place for daytime entertainment is Royal Island Beach Club on the World’s island development.

The Royal Island beach club has beaches, bars, a restaurant, a pool and a lounge. Remember, the Persian Gulf surrounds Dubai, so expect nothing but the best. Many people like Kite beach with various water sports activities, including kite surfing. Umm Suqeim beach near the Burj Al Arab is popular for amazing Arabian Peninsula sunsets. Al Mamzar beach park also has beach cabins to rent and picnic and BBQ areas.

11: What is Downtown Dubai Known for?

Downtown Dubai is the busy city tourism hub and home to the famous Burj Khalifa tower, from which people buy tickets to the observation deck to see amazing views over the Downtown area and further afield. People also head to the fountain, the mall mentioned above, and the opera building.

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12: Where is Dubai International Financial Centre?

Dubai International Financial Centre sits between new and old districts. The trade centre is on Sheikh Zayed Rd with easy access to Dubai International airport. The DIFC is a financial hub for the Persian Gulf, African and South Asian businesses from 72 countries. People working here typically look for accommodation in the nearby Business Bay area.

13: How Different is Dubai from Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi is the UAE capital and the most influential political city. In Abu Dhabi, visitors can expect more conservative social lifestyles, whereas Dubai is known for splashing cash, entertainment and leisure. The other significant difference is that Dubai diversifies trade and business as a global city, leading to an economy with various income sources.

In contrast, Abu Dhabi holds most of the United Arab Emirates oil reserves. In addition, many say Abu Dhabi has better beaches and is more peaceful. All the past and present UAE presidents come from Abu Dhabi, which boosts political influence in the Middle East. Additionally, Abu Dhabi covers much of the UAE. Having said this, Dubai is the most populous city.

14: Where is Dubai Creek Park?

Dubai Creek Park sits on the edge of the larger creek with the same name, a natural inlet separating two central city districts. Without a doubt, tourists should visit both. Dubai creek offers much in terms of Middle Eastern historical importance. While many flock to see the modern-day Burj Al Arab, this district is home to old-style markets and traditional Middle East buildings.

15: Fun Facts About the United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates Muslim country comprises of seven emirates, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain. Sheikhs govern each Emirate, and together they make up the supreme council. One serves as the United Arab Emirates president.

Approximately 10 million people live in the United Arab Emirates. The official language is Arabic. Dubai shares borders with Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, while the United Arab Emirates shares borders with Oman and Saudi Arabia. The United Arab Emirates currency is the UAE Dirham. The UAE and Dubai’s time zone is +4 GMT.

Also About Dubai

Palm Islands: When looking at artificial islands, nothing grabs the world’s attention as much as the palm islands. Including three palm islands named Jumeirah, Jebel Ali, and palm Deira islands, these artificial UAE islands wow everyone. Highlighting the coast of Dubai’s waterfront, one is home to luxury hotels, villas, and apartments. The enormous project reflects island living at its best. To complete the high-flying island lifestyle, think of private beaches, numerous shopping malls, and stunning aerial views of the man-made islands.

Living in Dubai: Despite being typically stereotyped by foreign nationalities, over the last ten years, Dubai city reached massive popularity for real estate and living standards. Working professionals and couples move here to further their careers and enjoy a culturally rich lifestyle but with the benefits of modern living in apartments or villas. Dubai city is more modern than other global destinations that count as international cities. If you are considering moving here, this article looks at the advantages and disadvantages.

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