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The United Kingdom maybe a small country compared too many others, however it is brimming with culture and history and it is respected the world over. London is its capital and this vibrant city is visited by millions every year. The Royal Family is much admired and state occasions bring foreign tourists pouring in from all corners of the globe. The United Kingdom is a mix of leafy suburbs and traditional quaint villages to upbeat cities such as London and Manchester and tourists enjoy the warm welcome they receive. The Lake District and The Peak District in particular, are firm favourites with locals and tourists.
Over 40 million foreign tourists visit the United Kingdom every year and the UK is the world’s 6th biggest tourist destination. London is the most popular tourist destination in the world welcoming 30 million foreign visitors annually. Why do foreigners come to the UK to visit? The UK basically has it all! Rich in history, amazing architecture, the British Monarchy and Buckingham Palace, nature reserves and parks, cathedrals, Stately Homes, castles and lively cities. Our literary geniuses include William Shakespeare and his birthplace of Stratford-upon –Avon is where lovers of the written word flock to see his home. Charles Dickens, Jane Austin, Thomas Hardy, the list is endless. Poets and artists have fared well from the UK and why wouldn’t they? They have so much inspiration from the beautiful British countryside, the UK has produced many well-known and admired, men and women over time and they are still revered today.
The English countryside once seen can never be forgotten, quaint villages with thatched roof cottages offer chocolate box style homes on the fringes of a city. You could be forgiven into thinking you are miles away from anyone of the modern cites, pretty suburbs are a lure for city workers who want to escape the rat race at weekends. Excellent transportation links makes getting around the UK easy. Fast speed trains means getting from the north of England to London can be achieved in around 2 hours. Commuting isn’t ideal for anyone, but if you have to do it, the network or motorways and good roads make it bearable.
London’s history dates back to Roman times and its evident wherever you go in the capital. Sightseeing attractions include, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, The London Eye, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament are just a few of the must see iconic landmarks. One of the most exclusive UK post codes is found in upmarket Chelsea. In this part of London you have to have money and plenty of it, who lives here? The wealthy, Chelsea is the place to be seen it’s an affluent location full of designer boutiques and only the best restaurants. Here you can also find the Saatchi Gallery, the Royal Court Theatre and nearby, the Kings Road. Close to every British persons heart are the Chelsea Pensioners who are retired soldiers, they live at the Royal Hospital Chelsea by the Thames. One of the best reasons to buy property for sale in Chelsea, is its close proximity to the city centre of London, just 4 miles (6 km). This, for any high flying executive is a godsend, along with the five major airports that surround the city. , London Heathrow, London Gatwick, London City, London Luton and London Stansted.
What is there to do in London during the evening? There is a whole host of entertainment on offer, from theatre, opera, ballet, cinema, live music events, comedy stores and dance events. Piano bars, jazz bars and upmarket cocktail bars. Whatever your preferred genre of music, you will find it. Fine dining or restaurants that offer international menus. London is culturally diverse with around 40% of its population being of foreign descent. This means music events, festivals and fetes are in plentiful supply during the summer months in particular.
The United Kingdom is a magnet for foreign students to study at University. Worldwide it’s commonly known that the British education system is one to be admired and respected. Therefore, we see many foreign students attending university in the UK and we see their parents investing in property whether that’s in London, Birmingham of Manchester. Student property is always a superb investment with many buyers keeping their student apartments long after their offspring have finished their studies. A good income can be made and they enjoy the seeing their investment grow. On average we will see a yield of 6% capital appreciation.
In contrast to London, Birmingham and Manchester are wonderful cities in their own rights. Lively and with plenty to do, they attract students who need a little R&R away from their studies. Living in both Birmingham and Manchester is also more affordable away from the capital, you will see this in most capitals around the world.
Many buyers are from the Middle East and generally, their children will attend a university in London. The London market is buoyant and these buyers can afford to spend a lot more on a swanky London property for sale. It’s a place for their children to stay in whilst at university and owning a property in the capital of the UK is prestigious with many benefits.
We are now seeing a trend of young professionals moving away from London and putting their roots down further north, why? In a nutshell, it’s easier for them to get onto the first rung of the property ladder. Historically, north of London the property prices have always been more affordable. We are also seeing some of the leading names in business moving north too as costs in London spike. Operating costs are more affordable and they can usually rent larger premises, this is good news for the north of the UK and the locals who have better job prospects.
Manchester is a favourite for London companies to move to. Figures show that once a student has graduated from any one of the Manchester universities, around 70% of them opt to stay in Manchester to seek work and reside there. The knock-on effect is that the city can provide a skilled workforce, ready to take those jobs on offer by the leading London companies. Young professionals usually want to live in the hub of the city centre of Manchester as everything is on their doorstep. We are seeing the same for Birmingham with high profile companies moving their offices there from London and their existing staff opting to relocate with them.
The United Kingdom may be a small island but it has plenty to offer the discerning property buyer. The UK is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland it totals 242,495 sq km (93,628 sq mi). The UK population is around 65.7 million and is surrounded by four seas: The English Channel lies to the south, the North Sea is to the east and the north and the Irish Sea and the Atlantic Ocean are to the west. The UK has 40 commercial airports dotted throughout the land and as one would expect, many ports. There are some 120 commercial ports in the UK with ports in London and Liverpool being the major ones. Dover is a ferry port with Felixstowe being a container port and many smaller ports transporting coal, oil and other bulk traffic. The UK is a key player and has been noted as one of the best countries to live in for a better quality of life.

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