Found in the northwest of England, Manchester is a welcoming city; it is also the third most visited city in the United Kingdom. It is fast becoming Europe’s most affordable city to live in, which is attracting young professionals from across the world. Manchester boasts numerous historical buildings, its rich in culture, and is overflowing with history. It’s the third best student city in the United Kingdom due to its excellent universities, considered world-class by many. The student culture is ranked as good as and possibly even better than in London.

What is Manchester in the United Kingdom like?

With its rich industrial heritage, Manchester’s welcoming nature gives both living and working a vibrant and energizing environment. What’s so good about Manchester? First of all, it is Europe’s most affordable city to live in, and it provides an exciting history of its past. Manchester played a massive role in the Industrial Revolution. Its old warehouses and textile factories are positioned proudly against the Manchester skyline.

Manchester needed to transition as the textile factories and warehouses closed down, and it did so successfully, becoming a learning hub and technology center. Manchester has expanded and grown into one of the most sought after locations in the UK.

Manchester is famous for homegrown talent in the music industry, such as Simply Red, plus The Smiths and Oasis. You can make a superb property investment purchase in Manchester, especially for those who want to live and work in this thriving urban environment.

Why are people relocating to Manchester, UK?

Manchester, United Kingdom, has the second-largest economy in the UK due to domestic and foreign investment worth billions of pounds pouring into the city by way of industry and infrastructure investment. With investments in transport, the city is expanding and rising rapidly, and the BBC’s major company has moved from the UK capital to Manchester with other large corporations joining it. Figures indicate that 292,000 individuals moved out of London in 2016, and Manchester was only one of the locations they preferred to set up residence. This is a massive clue why people are moving to major cities across the UK from London. Manchester is moving to places, the economy is prospering, and the city provides people with a healthy atmosphere to live and work. The projection is that investors can be assured that they will enter the property market when they buy property for sale in Manchester, UK. The period of growth from the start will go from strength to strength over future years. Manchester, UK, attracts young professionals, families, and property investors across the purchasing spectrum. Manchester’s current population is 2.55 million and is growing. Manchester has a lot to offer; however, it’s not all about the property market, as attractive as it is. This friendly northern city welcomes property buyers and businesses in the area.

What are the transport links in Manchester, UK like?

First of all, it’s a great central location, close to efficient and well-run transport, and just 200 miles from London. Within only 2 hours, direct high-speed trains will get you to the capital. The International Airport of Manchester is just 8.7 miles from the city centre and just 25 minutes by car. The network of motorways and railways links Manchester with other parts of the UK. The convenient Metro Shuttle Bus connects all transport networks in the city center, including railways, shopping districts, and business locations. Do you think that it can’t get better than that? This service is free and allows users to have the “hop on hop off” service wherever they need it. This free service also stops congestion on the roads and saves a lot of money each year for the people who travel on them. You can save on fuel costs, and parking fees, consider it, and is that why people are leaving London?

What is there to do in Manchester, UK?

It offers everything that any city in the world can give you. Manchester is a great place to do just that if you like to go out and mingle with friends. Music and concerts in Manchester are a popular pastime, and some famous artists hail from this city, as mentioned earlier. With that in mind, you will not be surprised to learn that there are some fantastic music venues scattered all over the city. There are many bars and music venues in the centre, whatever your choice of music is. Enjoy the theatre and musical productions and, the Palace Theatre and the Opera Hall are there too. Art Galleries in Manchester, including the famous L.S Lowry works and his famous industrial Manchester paintings, are served by the Lowry Building. Theatre productions take place by the waterside. Museums, science centers, and libraries allow you to learn more about the history of Manchester.

Manchester sports enthusiasts and football fans will already know that there are two soccer teams here, and the locals adore them. There are numerous sporting activities on offer that you can either watch or participate. A large ice skating center called the McIntyre Ski Area, where skiers and snowboarders improve their skills and an ice skating rink that offers fun for the family. Golf courses and racecourses are just outside the city. Throughout the many large parks in Manchester, walking, hiking, bike trails, and sailing are found in beautifully landscaped gardens. There are plenty of kids’ parks where they can run off their limitless energy and play on the climbing frames at the kids’ playgrounds. In Manchester, seasonal events such as the Christmas Markets are much loved, and visitors travel to attend these events. Market stalls are decorated, and they are very festive, and Christmas carols are performed by different choirs that add to the atmosphere. You can buy other homemade gifts and crafts here, plus delicious food.

What is shopping, like in Manchester, UK?

Manchester is well known for its shopping centers and arcades. You will be spoiled for choice, from markets and jazzy boutiques to top designer stores. Local shops and international brand names are in abundant supply. You’ll find all the big names in the shopping centers, including DKNY, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, House of Fraser, Louis Vuitton, Crombie, Barbour, Armani, Karen Millen, Boss, Burberry, Tommy Hilfiger, and Vivien Westwood.

The Arndale Centre is where the local’s shop is a huge shopping mall in the city center, and it’s full of shops with brand names and high street fashion. On the city’s outskirts, the Trafford Centre is a large shopping complex home to posh shops, great restaurants, and a cinema complex.

Eating out in Manchester, UK

Whether it’s a takeaway or a restaurant, any food you might think of can be found in Manchester. The most famous Asian cuisine is found in the “curry mile,” and you can imagine every kind of delicious curry here. You have access to a variety of menus from around the world.

Why should you choose Manchester, UK?

We all want to live in a safe environment, and if you’re a parent whose child is going to one of the Manchester Universities, this is paramount. You can’t choose a better place to live than in Manchester, it’s a great place to live and work, and it will enhance your city based lifestyle.