The Best Places to Buy Property in Turkey

From the east to the west, Turkey is an incredibly large country covering 81 provinces and eight geographical regions. First-time buyers eager to know the best places to buy property in Turkey may be overwhelmed at the vast amount of destinations open to them, from the leading cities to small villages.

Before we talk about the places, where sales of homes to foreigners are higher than others, it is worth knowing that three areas top the list; the Mediterranean coast, the Aegean coast and Istanbul. Reasons for this are plenty.

For many years, the south and west coasts have been favourite tourist destinations. Therefore communities are more multicultural, less conservative and of course, seaside living is many people’s dream.

Otherwise, Istanbul, naturally as Turkey’s biggest city offers everything and anything but working expats and international property investors are especially interested in the current modernisation plans taking place across the metropolis.

So, where are the best places to buy property in Turkey?

Luxury Property in Kalkan

Kalkan, a small coastal village on the Mediterranean coast markets itself towards luxury living. Hence property prices are higher. There are a few apartments for sale, but luxury villas form the main bulk of real estate listings, and in some cases, world renowned architects were contracted to design award winning homes making the most of the fantastic Mediterranean Sea view while incorporating the latest in home design and technology.  (Kalkan property listings.)


Altinkum: Golden Sands of the Aegean

The large British expat community has earned Altinkum, the nickname of Little Britain and it offers some of the lowest property prices in the country. With the average price of a two-bedroom apartment starting at £40,000, the variety of homes on sale in Altinkum are suitable for all year round living or as a holiday home.

Its name translates into golden sands, and this is an apt reflection of the three largest beaches. Turks often call Altinkum, Didim but this refers to the heart of the town slightly set back from the beach with many shopping, transport and health opportunities. Anyone who likes this region but would prefer a more Turkish destination should look at nearby Akbuk, of which many properties have gorgeous sea views. (See homes in the Aydin Region.)

Best places to buy property in Turkey

Alanya : Apartments and Villas for Attractive Prices

At the eastern tip of the Mediterranean, Alanya also offers attractive prices for its real estate market including apartments close to the beach. Potential buyers will find prices are particularly attractive for first-time buyers in Turkey. The touristic town attracts many nationalities of holidaymakers and expats including Russians, East Europeans and Brits. All adore the wide range of things to do as well as bars, restaurants and shopping opportunities. (Alanya homes and houses.)


Antalya City Centre : The Best of Everything

Don’t let the status of a city, put you off the main heart of the Antalya region because this district is incredibly scenic and offers two large beach communities, distracting from the hustle and bustle. Naturally, as the hub of the area, everything and anything is on your doorstep including close access to the airport, the second busiest in Turkey that has an extensive all year-round flight schedule.

The city centre also offers the best of both worlds right on your doorstep, from budget street food to some of the finest cuisine by world famous chefs. Shopping is as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be, while the fast-paced nightlife is easily slowed down a notch by heading harbourside. (More about Antalya Property)


Yalikavak: From Small Fishing Village to Mega Yacht Hub

Yalikavak is one of the rising stars of the Bodrum peninsula, an area of western Turkey that embraced hedonism in the last century and to this day, firmly adheres to pleasure and relaxation as the core of society. The transformation of Yalikavak over the last 15 years is by no means a small feat. It now holds the title as the mega yacht haven in Turkey following the construction of the Palmarina that sees billionaires and millionaires crossing its doorstep.

Despite this fame and wealth, the price of Yalikavak property is still reasonable given the gorgeous landscapes and seaside community vibes that it offers. However, if cash is no obstacle, Yalikavak is also home to millionaire villas with the latest clean-cut architecture and modern trends. (See property for sale on the Bodrum Peninsula of Turkey.)


Fethiye: The Dream of Property Owners

Fethiye slowly lured its expat community and foreign property owners with gorgeous landscapes backed by green mountains and the cool blue Mediterranean Sea. Scenic places proving the intense power of Mother Nature include Butterfly Valley, Saklikent Gorge, Gemiler island, Kayakoy Ghost Village, the sandy beach of Oludeniz and the world famous Blue Lagoon.

As a major hub of the Turkish Riviera, its vibes and atmosphere heavily lend weight to every retiree’s dream of living in the sun. Potential home owners tend to gravitate to one of three regions that are Hisaronu, Ovacik and Calis Beach although the town centre also offers attractive apartments and villas for sale at affordable prices. The small mountain retreat of Uzumlu has also attracted villa owners, despite its location away from the seaside. (Property for sale in Fethiye.)


Istanbul : The Heart of the Turkish Property Market

Lastly, Istanbul is the focus and heart of the Turkish real estate industry, attracting foreign property investors of all nationalities. Many are eager to tap into the mass construction on the outskirts of the city. Focusing on modern living with the latest in architecture trends, the neighbourhood culture focuses on onsite amenities and facilities such as the gym, swimming pools, parks and shops.

Despite, Istanbul’s status as Turkey’s largest city, there is much potential, and current infrastructure projects and the modernisation of transport hubs as well as Istanbul third airport is attracting professional workers, and buy to let investors. (Istanbul Real Estate Listings)

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