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Spain is and has been for many years, a firm favourite for holiday home buyers and property investors to search for a summer home. Property for sale in Spain is a magnet for those wanting a Mediterranean lifestyle in the sunshine and to add to the lure it is just a short flight from the UK and the rest of Europe. Spanish property offers everything from apartments and villas to luxury residences with magnificent views of the cool blue Mediterranean to mountains offering a lush green backdrop. Property in Spain is ideal for those who want to enhance their lifestyle.

Investing in Spain property for sale offers you exciting locations in the top resorts in this welcoming country. The Mediterranean climate is one draw; delicious cuisine is another and mostly the chance to buy real estate for sale in Spain where you can escape to if it’s a holiday home. There are so many wonderful areas to choose from along the southern east coast and Balearic Islands where scenic views of the Mediterranean can be admired from. Costa Blanca, Costa Calida and the Costa del Sol are all favourites along this stunning coast of Spain as well as Majorca and Ibiza as part of the Balearic Islands. Spanish life on the coasts are slow paced and laid back and are the excellent choice to invest in properties in Spain. Property here is affordable and there is something to suit most budgets whether you are looking for an apartment, townhouse or villa. If you like the idea of building your own home, then land plots are available in highly desirable areas.

Luxury real estate in Spain is on every buyer’s wish list. Are you looking for a modern or contemporary home or something that blends into the Spanish landscape or is so bold you can see it from miles away? Modern apartments with panoramic views of the Med are on offer or why not look for a chic villa in its own grounds with an infinity pool and views to die for with the ultimate in privacy. Yes, these are elite homes and not everyone can afford this luxury but if you can take the plunge and go for it, you will never want to leave it! The Spanish property market is buoyant and renewed interest these past few years has seen property for sale in Spain increase in sales. The luxury property market is flourishing as buyers are flashing their cash on these amazing homes.

What type of property are you looking for and why? Is it for a much wanted holiday home that you can take yourself off to several times a year? Think about it, if you have children you could have an early break at half term in February, spring during Easter holidays, then again at Whit, summer holidays for weeks on end and then again at half term in October and what about Christmas and New Year – you could, the possibilities are endless. Is it for an investment to purely rent out? As Spain receives in excess of 82 million tourists they all need somewhere to stay, yes many of those will stay in the all-inclusive hotels and others will opt for half board basis in resort hotels. But what about those who want more space than the average hotel room offers and those who want freedom of movement or those who yearn for privacy? This is where renting a private apartment, townhouse or villa is becoming more prominent in how holiday makers take their holidays and the number are growing in popularity. If you’re looking to buy a home for when you retire it’s a wonderful plan to make setting up home in a delightful country where the sun shines for months on end.

Real estate in Spain for sale offers a variety of beautiful homes with choices from apartments, townhouses and villas. Sea view properties or mountain views it’s whatever your heart desires and we all choose something different. Apartments can be found on large sprawling complexes or in small blocks which are ideal if you want a quiet residential area. Complexes offer communal swimming pools and landscaped gardens, the larger complexes may also offer a gym, café bar and possibly a small market, a children’s play area and sectioned off pool for the little ones. Townhouses are semi-detached and a villa can be semi-detached, detached or on a complex of villas. Semi-detached villas usually share a pool and this option is perfect to buy if you are buying with family or friends it also helps keeping the costs of running the pool down as the pool bills will be shared. A detached villa will stand alone in its own walled grounds with a private pool, landscaped gardens and sunbathing terrace areas. If you want privacy this is the option to go for. Villas on a complex may have their own private small splash pools or a large communal pool or both. They will be set in landscaped gardens and have communal areas.

If you would like to build your own villa to a specific design that is possible also and you can choose from a variety of land plots and locations. Some plots are sold with villas already designed, these may belong to complexes within a golf course for example. Investing in a detached villa or building yourself is a superb option if you decide to make a permanent move to Spain, or you intend to move in the future perhaps after retirement. The outside area of your villa can be designed to whatever you choose, maybe you don’t want a swimming pool, or you want a large pool with terrace areas and an eating area under a gazebo perhaps. Maybe you want a barbeque area, lawn areas and a garage, it’s your new home you can decide whatever you want with your Spain real estate.

Apartments usually start at studios and also offer 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms and are part of a complex with a communal pool. Townhouses offer more space with terrace areas and 3 bedrooms they are semi-detached on a complex with a communal pool and may include parking spaces. Semi-detached villas are from 3 to 4 bedrooms normally with a shared pool and detached villas could be part of a complex from 3 bedrooms upwards with a private pol or communal pool. Detached villas in their own grounds have a private pool and offer bedrooms from 3 upwards to maybe 6 or more. Investing in Spain properties changes your lifestyle for the better. 

Property for sale in Spain not only offers stylish properties it offers luxury property too and the luxury end of the property market is not only highly sought after it’s highly desirable. Here your dreams will come true with a selection of the finest properties in the very best locations along the coastline and Balearic Islands. Pretty and popular Costa Blanca is where Alicante is located and it is the main city with a large port. Malaga is a historically rich resort which sits in the Costa del Sol area and it is one of the oldest cities in the world. Costa Calida is in the province of Murcia which is known as a relaxing area for those wanting a peaceful environment and do nothing but enjoy the sandy beaches on the south east coast of Spain. Lively Ibiza and scenic Majorca are part of the Balearic Islands, both of these islands are popular holiday destinations, Ibiza attracts a young crowd who want a buzzing nightlife, although there are some truly beautiful locations on the other side of the island away from the busy nightclubs. Majorca is a well-known summer holiday island which is a hot spot for families and groups of friends alike and buyers of second homes flock there because of the affordability of property and its short haul flights. Short haul flights are superb for families with small children and that’s another reason why Spain is ideal, children can become tetchy on flights so the short haul flight is perfect. As the resorts are close to international airports the transfers are thankfully short from airport to destination meaning the little ones will soon be in the pool.

Spain and its islands are easy to reach form the UK and Europe, international flights arrive daily to the Spanish mainland and to the Balearic Islands to all the main resorts. The flight from London to the east coast of Spain is just 2 hours and 30 minutes and if you fly to the Balearics its just 2 hours and 20 minutes. Once you have landed in Spain it’s just a quick transfer to your chosen destination. The transport links in Spain are excellent and transfers to your home are less than an hour away in most cases. You can book your transfer before you leave home either a shuttle bus, car hire or private car pick up, or indeed a taxi. Another advantage to owning your own holiday home is you don’t have to keep packing suitcases and paying at the airport for luggage, you leave it at your holiday home. If you decide to rent your holiday home you can lock your belongings in lockable storage either in a wardrobe or a great buy are beds with storage underneath. These types of beds can have padlocks on them.

Property for sale in Spain in cities such as Alicante offer amazing apartments with panoramic sea views and great beaches but that’s not all. Alicante and other cities rather than beach resorts, are ideal if you enjoy sightseeing as it has an array of local attractions. A city pad is superb for those who want to do more than lie on a beach all day. These apartments are in central locations and everything is on your doorstep it gives flexibility to you especially if you plan on relocating to Spain on a full time basis. If you’re not its fabulous as a rental investment offering long weekend breaks and weekly holidays too.

Buying property along the south east coast of mainland Spain or on the Balearic Islands will bring you a good rental income and its worth thinking about. It will help to pay for the upkeep of your property and your flights back and too. If you are working you can only visit several times a year so it makes sense to rent your property out when not using it yourself. You will need to use a good rental management company who will look after bookings (if you wish) carry out meet and greet plus clean your property and handle the laundry for you. There will be a fee but it’s worth it. If you prefer you can advertise and book the rentals and you have the right to refuse any undesirables. By that I refer to hen or stag parties especially if you have a large property. In the booking you would also add a deposit for any damages or breakages, they do happen such as glasses but you simply ask any breakages to be replaced.

The rental company will carry out these checks for you and let you know, if all is well with the property you simply refund the deposit in full to the person who rented your property from you. 

Generally if they have enjoyed renting your place you will get repeat bookings and it won’t be long before you see regulars visiting several times a year and more importantly they will recommend you to friends and family.

Whatever type of property you are looking for in Spain, you will find something to match your budget in the property market or luxury one. Investing in the Spanish sun whether it’s on the mainland or on one of the Balearic Islands will enhance and enrich your lifestyle beyond your wildest dreams. Beautiful Spain has many desirable resorts and you simply need to find the perfect location for you and your family.

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