Why is Turkey so Popular with Tourists?

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Now that most countries have lifted COVID restrictions, more people are asking why is Turkey so popular with the aim of spending summer holidays here. In addition, we often receive enquiries from ex-pats who want to buy overseas and live in another country. Well, Turkey has much to deliver aside from Istanbul for tourism and expat sectors.

The world’s 37th largest country is diverse and intriguing. Most holidaymakers who have not been before stereotype Turkey yet don’t because every region has a unique ambience: history, food, or modern delights of life like shopping and nightlife. So, let us look at why people notice Turkey for holidays and expat living.

Why is Turkey So Popular With Tourists?

1: Weather and Climate

Like any other holiday destination, Turkey ranks for hot summers and mild winters. Expect roughly 300 days of sunshine a year while holidaymakers enjoy the perfect weather for sunbathing, swimming, and al fresco dining from May to October. Remember that Turkey has several regional climates, so head to Aegean or Mediterranean destinations for ideal summer temperatures.

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2: Experience the Friendly Hospitality

One area Turkey excels in, whereas other countries fail, is the local hospitality, help and welcoming nature of Turks. This is why people come back year after year. Foreigners quickly settle in and make friends. At the same time, holidaymakers are never short of banter and polite day to day interactions. The offer of welcoming hospitality is engrained into Turkish culture and will be handed down through generations cementing Turkey’s reputation as a friendly nation in the holiday industry. So whatever you need, the Turks will help.

3: Choice of Destinations in Turkey

Many towns, cities, and villages put themselves forward for foreigners to visit exciting destinations in Turkey. Holidaymakers who want culture head to Istanbul, Cappadocia, or the Black Sea region. While those who want seaside vibes gather around Aegean and Mediterranean Turkey, of which three areas present themselves for holidays and expat living. The Aegean Bodrum peninsula promotes exclusivity, while the Fethiye region is all about places of natural beauty. Then, the Antalya region is an all-rounder, with great historical sites, sporting and cultural activities and the best shopping and nightlife scenes.

Read more about places in Turkey: Whether for a weekend break or a day-trip excursion, visit these unique places like Istanbul to learn more about each region’s culture and heritage.

4: The Best Beaches in Turkey

Foreigners who want long stretches of sand and clear waters for swimming will find Turkey delivers in abundance. The Antalya region is the best place for gorgeous sand, which features hotspots like Cleopatras, Konyaalti, Lara and Kaputas. However, we enjoy the Fethiye region and Oludeniz beach, with the famous blue lagoon that appears on picture postcards for Turkey. A short water taxi ride takes you to the beautiful Butterfly Valley. It is a shingle beach, but the view and backing green canyon is to die for.


5: Getting to Turkey and Travel

Over the last decade, Turkey has invested billions into air travel. They transformed worn out airports into award-winning air travel hubs that welcome people from all around the world. That makes getting to Turkey easy. The top three touristic airports, Antalya, Dalaman and Bodrum, serve all Med and Aegean holiday destinations. At the same time, the new Istanbul airport welcomes flights from over 300 destinations and is often used as a transit base for other routes. In addition. Turkey modernised its highways and built bridges, so getting here and travelling is easy.

6: Value for Money

Even though Turkey’s currency is facing a daunting time now, the country provides value for money when booking accommodation, eating out, and leisure activities. Every tourist exchanging their currency gets reasonable rates, and in addition, prices fair better than in their home country. Families, who book all-inclusive accommodation in Turkey, save much money.

7: Choice of Accommodation

This is another area where Turkey excels. From your basic room, only hotels to large and rich, all-inclusive luxury hotels, every tourist will find what they want. One tip we have, is for exclusivity, look at Turkey’s boutique hotels. They excel in modern touches and provide a personalised service to ensure your holiday in Turkey goes smoothly.

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8: Tourist Things to Do

Regardless of where you go, there are always many tourist things to do for the young and old. The Antalya region of Turkey excels in sports like rafting, canyoning and golfing. Antalya is also the start of the famous Lycian Way, a world-renowned trekking route covering 500 kilometres with several historical sites. Kids and teenagers always enjoy boat trips and water sports, while waterparks also fair well. Also, look into themed holidays if you want to participate in painting or photography on a visit to Turkey.

9: Turkish Food and Culture

Turkish culture makes for exciting learning and tasting your way around their national cuisine packs pounds around the waistline. The culture, traditions, and food draw influences from various empires and civilisations over Turkey’s history, like the Greeks, Persians, and grand Ottomans. This makes Turkey unique and diverse. An excellent way to learn about local culture in Turkey is by visiting historical sites and museums, chatting to locals, and then heading to your nearest Turkish restaurants to sample delicious Turkish cuisine.

10: Tourism on The Turkish Riviera

This stretch of coastline in Turkey from the northern Aegean to the eastern Med, sometimes called the turquoise coast, attracts boats worldwide. Significant marinas along the route also host international mega and millionaire yachts. In addition, some people sign up for day tours on harbour boats, while others board Blue Voyage cruises from destinations like Antalya, Bodrum, Marmaris, Kalkan, Kusadasi, and Fethiye.

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11: Attractions and Places of Interest in Turkey

From old mosques to famous ancient cities to bazaars and markets like the Grand Bazaar, Turkey’s vast number of historical places attracts tourists worldwide. Places like the ancient city of Ephesus in Aegean, Turkey, see more than 2,500,000 visitors annually who want to see the Roman terrace houses, Celsus library, and grand theatre. But, of course, the Sultanahmet district of Istanbul also ranks highly since this was the ruling capital centre of both the Ottoman and Byzantine empires and includes landmarks like the Blue Mosque. Also, check out Cappadocia in central Turkey and the UNESCO Goreme Open-air Museum, with many ancient cave churches and monasteries.

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Famous Things in Turkey: Including history, science, production, exports, traditions, and more, these industries highlight why this country deserves praise and recognition. Put aside the typical stereotype of kebabs to discover the other aspects that puts Turkey on the map as a global destination to be reckoned with.

Buying a Holiday Home in Turkey: Every year, foreigners purchase roughly 40,000 to 50,000 houses, which quickly backs up why Turkey is so popular. Given that on an average year, when COVID was not about, Turkey was one of the top ten holiday destinations globally, the country now ranks alongside Spain and Greece.

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